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Flagged Content, Reported Posts, & Warning Points

AlexAlex Posts: 7,288Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Staff Posts: 7,288Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Staff
As a community you have the ability to flag content that violates our Community Guidelines.


3 Different types of Flags and How to Use Them:

Spam: Use this flag to report BOT style spam. If its a non-sense post with a link or one account posting a flood of oh say posts about an astrology hotline, then please use this flag to report it. 5 flags will automatically move that content into the spam queue to be reviewed by our moderators. Items in the spam queue are hidden until they are either approved by a moderator as not being spam or are deleted by a moderator after being verified as spam. If a person is advertising (i.e. buy my great new product), please use the Reported Posts flag.

Abuse: Use this flag to report extreme abuse of our guidelines; such as posting of pornographic images or hate speech. 5 flags will automatically move that content into the abuse queue to be reviewed by our moderators. Items in the abuse queue are hidden until they are either approved by a moderator as not being abuse or are deleted by a moderator after being verified as abuse. Items marked for abuse should be both severe and urgent. If it does not meet this criteria it will be approved by a moderator and returned to the community without further action.

*Reported Posts*: Use this flag to let us know about posts that violate our Community Guidelines or to ask us to delete your own post. Every post that is reported goes into a Reported Posts queue that is reviewed by a staff or volunteer moderator. This content is not hidden while its in review.


Warnings and Point System for Reported Posts:
  • Notice = 0 Warning Points: This type of warning is used to let a member know they have violated a guideline and request they review our guidelines to avoid future warnings. This type of warning is appropriate for new members and for notifying members of posts removed that don’t warrant disciplinary action.
  • Minor Warning = 2 Warning Points: This type of warning is to let a member know they have violated a guideline and have received 2 points. Minor warnings remain in place for 1 week.* This type of warning is appropriate for members who have received previous notifications to review our guidelines.
  • Major Warning = 3 Warning Points: This type of warning is to let a member know they have significantly violated a guideline and have received 3 points. Examples include hate speech, blatant personal attacks, or posting images containing nudity; as well as repeated violations of the same guidelines. Major warnings remain in place for 2 weeks.*
  • Banning = 5 Warning Points: A member who accumulates a total of 5 active points will be banned and lose posting privileges.

*When a user’s warnings expire, their warning level will be reset to zero and the user will no longer have any active warning points. If we warn a user who has already been warned, then the points from the new warning will be added to their warning level and their warning’s expiry will be extended. When a user reaches certain warning levels they will have forum restrictions placed on their account.

*We feel strongly that posts or actions disregarding these guidelines jeopardize the supportive atmosphere of MyFitnessPal. Such posts may lead to consequences including warning, suspension of posting privileges, or, in extreme cases, removal of a user from the site. As a general practice, anyone who receives 10 warnings in a calendar year for any of the above reasons, will be permanently banned from all of the Main Forums and Groups.

Important Notes:
  • If your posts are flagged for spam, abuse, or reported posts; the only points that count are warning points given by a staff or volunteer moderator after the actual content has been reviewed. If your content is reported and its not a problem, then the report won't have any impact on your account. If it is a problem, you will get a notification with additional details including which guideline was violated, whether its a notice, minor, or major warning, and whether the content was removed.
  • We are testing out new approaches to flagged content and warning users. We have made these changes based on a great deal of member feedback, but are in a process of experimentation and encourage folks to both keep an open mind and let us know your thoughts. We are monitoring a bunch of discussion on forum feedback and in the next few weeks will re-introduce the forum survey to continue gathering feedback on a large scale about the forum experience.
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  • AlexAlex Posts: 7,288Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Staff Posts: 7,288Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Staff
    Let's Review: There are three ways to send a post for review by the moderators:

    Spam - When a post is flagged 5 times as Spam, it is hidden from the board and sent for moderation. The point of this feature is to allow users to report spam to mods and remove it from the boards, so users don't have to sift through three pages of spam each day to get to actual forum posts.

    What is Spam: This is for bots only - your garcinia cambogia, miracle skin treatments, babaji love specialists, etc. Please flag these items as Spam, do not report them as Advertising.

    What is not Spam: Anything that is not a spam bot. Often users will report advertisements from actual users, multiple posts from actual users, or users expressing an opinion they disagree with or believe to be misinformation as Spam - those should be sent as Reports.

    Abuse - When a post is flagged 5 times as Abuse, it is hidden from the board and sent for moderation. The point of this feature is to get offensive or upsetting content reported to the mods and removed from the boards to reduce the number of people who have to see it.

    What is Abuse: Pornography, graphic or disturbing images, hate speech, etc. Basically, if you wouldn't want your children or your boss standing behind you when you open the post, or if having it on your computer would get you fired from your job, you can consider it Abuse. This is for severe, urgent violations.

    What is not Abuse: General community guideline violations, posts you disagree with, posts by people you are arguing with in a forum, and anything else that does not meet the criteria above.

    If a post is neither Spam nor Abuse, it should be sent to the moderators via Report.

    Report - This is the good old report feature we know and love. Click it, choose the reason, enter your grievance, and it goes straight to the mods. Here are the choices and some examples:

    Advertising: This is for your MLM salespeople, join my Facebook group, follow my blog/instagram, contact me for awesome training/weight loss advice posts.

    Attacking/insulting other members: This is for attacks, insults, general nastiness. Remember that reciprocation is also prohibited, so if you report another user and then attack them in retaliation, you will also be in violation of the community guidelines.

    Trolling: For actual troll posts which try to start an uproar in the community, or posts attempting to derail the thread or start an argument between users.

    Derogatory/Offensive: Derogatory remarks about a group (sex, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, etc), includes words and images

    Violates copyright/trademark: For posts where the user plagiarizes or uses images they do not have permission to use; mostly for when users include someone else's content in their response without crediting the original source.

    Sexually explicit/Vulgar: Foul language, explicit language, include words and images.

    This is my post and I want to delete it: Self-explanatory.

    Other: Use this category for violations that don't seem to fit anywhere else, or if you're not sure if it is a violation.
    • Underage users or eating disorder/VLCD promotion
    • Multiple posts of the same topic by a real user (not a bot)
    • Spam by real users (not bots), such as giving the same reply to every topic (i.e. A certain book you should read or link you should read/watch)
    • Requesting edits to posts (change in title or content after your edit time has expired)
    • Excessive and/or inappropriate flagging of posts in a thread
    • Posts in languages other than English
    • Posts that include personal or private contact information
    • References to religion or political topics

    What happens when a post enters moderation

    Once a post enters moderation, we determine whether there is an actual violation and of which guideline, then determine the warning that will be given based on the severity of the violation and the frequency of violations by that user.

    We do attempt to work with users when it is clear that there are issues between that person and another user or group of users, rather than just handing out warnings. If there is a problem, please come to one of us with the issue without reciprocating or responding to the user or users and escalating the situation.

    What happens when a user abuses the flag feature

    Users who flag content which does not meet the criteria for a flag will be subject to warnings and points. This includes users who are flagging content due to past events gone sour, a dislike of the user, and those who are trying to incite drama, flame-bait, or are flagging to attack another user in a thread due to disagreement.

    How to use reactions such as "Like", "Awesome" and "Insightful"
    We hope everyone has been enjoying the addition of our three new positive reactions “Like”, “Awesome" and "Insightful". They should be used when you like, love or think a post is insightful.

    What does the woo reaction mean? Woo is a term for pseudoscientific explanations that share certain common characteristics, often being too good to be true (aside from being unscientific). Woo is understood specifically as dressing itself in the trappings of science (but not the substance) while involving unscientific concepts, such as anecdotal evidence and sciencey-sounding words.

    We wanted to provide some additional clarity to the use of these new reactions. They were enabled with the intent to provide an additional positive element to the forums and should be used in a manner that supports our Community Guidelines.

    With that said, any “Like”, “Awesome” or "Insightful" reaction that is used on a post that breaks our guidelines will be subjected to removal and/or a warning. It is not ok to promote posts that break the guidelines and users that do so will be held accountable as well as the original poster.

    ***Giant Thanks to @kgeyser for writing up this fantastic explanation.
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