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A new month always feels like a clean slate for me--a chance to make a new beginning. I hope you'll join me in this adventure.

If you made any goals or resolutions for January, how did you do?

If you've made any goals or resolutions for February, please share them with us.

If you have a loved one who wants to give you a meaningful gift for Valentine's Day, consider making a list that includes such non-food items as leggings, yoga pants, exercise DVD's, dumbbells, or ankle weights.

This journey is more fun and more satisfying when done with like minded companions. You'll find lots of us on this thread.

Don't forget to bookmark this thread so you can find it again.

winter-cold-smiley-emoticon.gif Barbie from chilly NW Washington

Resolutions for January: (with end of the month comments)
*assemble the necessary papers and numbers to prepare 2016 income tax return (only one document missing)
*meditate daily, increasing time gradually (yes)
*do physical therapy exercises daily (twice a week, not nearly good enough)
*act the way I want to feel (yes)

February Resolutions:
*mail income tax documents to the accountant
*meditate daily
*do physical therapy exercises twice a week
*act the way I want to feel

My word for 2017 is "balance".
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    Thanks, Barbie, for leading us forward. We appreciate your leadership and dedication, and above all your inspiration to keep moving foward in a positive manner.

    DJ of course you can do this sweetie. One step at a time. You've got this. Big (((hugs))). <3

    Janetr okc
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    choklityum - good for you refusing to go with those gals. Actually, the apple is probably more filling anyway.

    Betty - I had a real deep fear of horses, that's probably because one time the horse bucked while I was on it and almost threw me off. I was pretty young at the time. Then about 20 years ago I took some horseback riding lessons. The first lesson the instructor had to keep reminding me to breathe! I was so scared. They had me on a horse that was lame, had something wrong with his foot so it was all bandaged up. There is no way he could go any faster than walking. But I was still scared to death. Today, I'm not as scared of a horse. I remember a lady at the Y telling me about one person she was teaching, how afraid of the water they were. Most instructors are very sympathetic to a person with a fear of the water and will work even one-on-one. I totally agree with others, there is so much c*** that I have to bring to the Y for when I go to the water aerobics class it isn't even funny. I used to laugh at these ladies who used to bring their things in a small suitcase -- now I know why.

    jolenec - take care, my friend

    I love pomegranite juice, too. But you're right, it IS so expensive. I could drink it all day if I could, but I don't think we could manage that.

    Sharon - I usually pack my pierogi in packs of 10. Well, the last time I made them I made 53. Hmmmm.....somehow, and I don't know how this happened (smile) those 3 somehow found their way into my stomach. Well, I couldn't make a package of only 3, now could I????

    Joyce - good for you no scooter!

    Chris - I never thought of checking Amazon for the leggins. I've check other places and they don't have the bright green, maybe Amazon does

    Michele in NC
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    drkatiebug wrote: »
    Well, I cleaned and organized for an hour in my study. Broke my rolling cart trying to get the handle down. Threw the thing in the trash, got on Amazon and ordered an assortment of bungee.cords. I'm going to try attaching my purple milk crate to small hand trucks (which I already have) instead of the rolling cart, since I've gone through three of those things. I need something to haul my books, projector, etc when I do workshops and programs. I think I'll go work another hour since I got my retail therapy on Amazon.

    My net loss for January was 5 lbs. I'll take it!


    I got my leggings today. Love, love them. You may be on to something with this 12 step thing :)

    Janetr okc
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    Awashin2 - welcome and join right in. Tell us a bit about yourself. You've found a great group of supportive, encouraging ladies. :)

    Janetr OKC
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    Happy February, everyone.

    Sarah - I hit the reset button and feel I am back on track after the licorice debacle.
    We have a bit of work to do but the trailer is great.

    Kelly - Having a colonoscopy saved my life. I lost some of my intestines but kept my life. Good trade , I would say. I am down to every 2nd year now. For whatever reason I crave McDonald's cheese burgers when I am done. What's that all about? I'm glad you had yours.

    Cheri - Sounds like you are on the right track

    lacruiser - Great weight loss. I definitely like the finish in the photo. Have fun with your projects.

    Paula - Keep holding fast

    Grace - Glad to hear that your daughter's surgery went well. Hopefully this brings an end to her physical problems.

    Paula Y - Thank you. I feel I am back on track. Tomorrow I have my special dessert for the month. Looking forward to that. It will be delicious cake made for the Special, Spectacular, Sassy Girl who is turning Seven.

    Work started with problems this morning. I was ready to go home by the time the rest of the crew came in.
    Printers wouldn't work, registers wouldn't work, people had lots of concerns about the reno at the front of the store. Started at 8, roaring headache by 9:45 a.m. At least I was able to solve most of it without calling our HELP desk. The wait for that can be horrendous. Tomorrow is a new day.

    I was early for my appointment with Brooke ( My weight loss nurse). A whole lot early. A day early. Apprehensive as it is an official weigh in. Curious to know if anything has moved from last time.

    2 trips out to see the trailer. First I went with Larry. I loved it. From the queen size bed that I can walk around to the outdoor kitchen. I loved it all. Bunk beds, leather pull out couch. Love it. Good counter space, a decent fridge, flat screen tv. 2 tables. Front bed room for us. Back bedroom for the grands or other guests. Storage. Outdoor kitchen. I love it. Did I mention I love it? It seems big to me but I think I can handle that.
    I took my sister out to the farm to see it. It got her up, showered and dressed. She loves a good deal and felt that the trailer is definitely a deal. I'll put in some elbow grease but the brunt of the work will be done by my talented DH. I'm okay with the purchase because I know we will sell our current trailer to cover a good portion of the cost.

    Tomorrow's birthday supper could be a mine field for me. Keira is campaigning for supper at McDonald's. I watched The Founder on Sunday. Ray Kroc was a ruthless man when he went for his golden ring.
    If we don't go to McDonald's then DD will make home made pizza. Cake there will be cake. I am looking forward to that. I bought the presents today but they got overshadowed by a trailer. Going to look for Super Sassy jewelry between work and my appointment. Also have to take Harmony to dance. It's going to be a busy day.

    Larry was cranky today. It finally came out that it was because of the photos of Emmanuel that I showed Jason.
    Good Grief. We have been married for 35 years in March. Those photos have been buried in that box for about that long. The man is Jason's father. Larry is worried that Emmanuel (aka Roly, aka Waylaidu) is going to hurt Jason again emotionally. He is also worried that I still have feelings for him. He doesn't have to worry about that. We could avoid so much strife if we just communicated.

    - Sharon in Lethbridge.
    Not sure if these will be this month's goals
    -Move more. Whine Less
    -Give someone a compliment or a thank you each day
    -Do something fun
    -Actively strive to improve.
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    Morning all February already where does time go Busy day today pick up my coat which has been altered from the tailor then lunch with 1918 Club usually a roast and then dessert Do count it and try to compensate

    Welcome to all new folks

    Don't usually post goals but here goes
    Get below 126 lbs
    Gym nearly every day
    More outdoor walks

    Kate UK
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    Sharon - Happy Birthday! Have a great day Celebrating!

    Allie - you need to do what is best for you. We're here to support you!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Welcome to February Ladies!

    Thank you Barbie for your inspiration and keeping us together for another month.

    Pitegy, 17.4 lbs. Wow! What an impressive loss for the month! Keep it up, and as you know the weight will not continue to come off that quickly, small amounts add up to to big amounts over time. Do not get discouraged just keep plugging along.

    Drkatebug, 5 lbs lost! Woohoo! That's equivalent to a bag of flour you are no longer lugging around.

    I was pleasantly surprised with another small loss this morning, .2 lb., but as I keep,saying, those small numbers add up. I'll take it as a great way to begin the month. I've lost 5.5 lbs. since January 9.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Chris in snowy MA
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  • gotu52gotu52 Posts: 315Member Member Posts: 315Member Member
    Happy February!
    Paula Y Regina eh. So funny, nice to have you here neighbor! I am still a Rider fan!
    Re so when I got home I noticed a tear in my nylons and wondered if it had been there the whole day. Aside from the usual tech issues, the event went well.
    Barbie Good goals. I like the last one "act the way I feel" And thanks for the new link and keeping this group going!
    DJ Wishing you good luck for February
    DRKatie I do a lot of events where I have to schlep all my stuff. I bought a large rolling tool chest. I just took out the top compartment that was for tools and it has worked out great and very inexpensive compared to similar items that are made specifically for business/event purposes
    Katia Congrats on your Jan goals and great goals for Feb
    Awashin2 Welcome
    Donna Welcome
    NYKaren Nice pic
    Allie You are in control of your life and what you do is your choice. We are not here to judge! I wish you the very best because you deserve the very best

    Goals For February
    Log every day
    Try to stay under target but if not get back on track
    Reduce carbs
    Weigh less than end of Jan (currently at 211)
    Increase fitness goals

    Well off to the dentist blah and then to work. Have a great day all you beautiful gals!

    <3 Sarah, Ontario, Canada
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    Good morning ladies! Happy Wednesday and Happy February!
    Barbie- Thank you for bringing us into a new month of togetherness! <3 I have forgotten to say congrats on your new addition! Bess looks like she is settling into your little family very well!
    Karen NY and Rori- Yea! Another 50+ meet up! You both look wonderful and I am so glad you were able to meet! I love the multi-tile mural behind you! I may have to steal that idea for my living room.
    Sharon- Have a wonderful birthday!
    Allie- It takes great courage and an even greater heart to open yourself up and try again! We are here with you and for you! Sending thoughts of love and support to you and Tom. <3
    Chris- Little losses add up! I think you are doing an amazing job and you look fantastic!
    Leigh- 17+pounds is an AWESOME start to the new year! And yes, most likely mostly water weight; but it helps you see that making good choices works! Yea, YOU! A month of good choices!
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Posts: 3,460Member Member Posts: 3,460Member Member
    Thank you ladies for the love it truly means alot <3
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  • margaretturkmargaretturk Posts: 2,368Member Member Posts: 2,368Member Member
    Goal for February is same as January "Kindness"

    Knee pain is better.

    :heart: Margaret
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Posts: 4,290Member Member Posts: 4,290Member Member
    Allie - My husband and I tried four times to separate and only managed it on the fifth time. It is HARD to change your life radically. I wish you the best whichever way it goes. I do hope he goes to counselling. <3

    Leaving day today. We saw the rack rate for this room. Over €1,000 :o Of course we were booked in for a cheaper room and the agency would have got a substantial discount, so I'm thinking they paid €500 -€600 . Not our normal league! !!!! It's been lovely living like millionaires! Last night for dinner by the sea, with the wind rustling the palm trees and the surf breaking on the sand, we had a beer and a chaya and lime juice (gorgeous) , one tiny appetiser each - soup, and squid with fennel (fabulous), and one small starter size sweetcorn and artichoke risotto each.(delicious). We shared a homemade sorbet melange of mango, passion fruit and soursop. (Yum) €91. The cheapest ordinary wine is €60. Needless to say, we have not indulged. :o The good thing is I have never had such a dry holiday and I am going home slim!
    If you ever win the lottery then this is a nice place to spend it. :laugh:

    Check out of the room is 12.00 and then we leave for the airport at 3.30. We are checked in and our seats reserved. :D

    I've been sending the grandchildren regular emails and silly pics which DDIL says they enjoyed. <3 They sent us a tiny video of them in the bath wishing us love. <3
    Can't wait to see them.

    Sherry - Glad you have found somewhere to be happy for a while so your new lawyer can get working for you. <3

    DH is taking a few last photos. Now I shall get ready for the INCLUDED breakfast. :D >:)

    Some very good weight losses in January, ladies! Good going! :D :D :D :D :D :drinker:

    Heather on the Riviera Maya.

    P S Katla - I haven't seen a mosquito the whole time I've been here! It's quite windy and cooler here on the coast. Perfect temperature for me.

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  • barbiecatbarbiecat Posts: 11,503Member Member Posts: 11,503Member Member
    :) <3 Allie, we all want the best for you. If Tom is willing to work with you to make your marriage a happy place then you've made a good choice. Best wishes to both of you.

    :) NYKaren and Rori, You two look so beautiful and happy. How great that you were able to meet up and spend time together.

    :) :) Yesterday Beth walked with Sasha and me and our usual two friends and a dog. Except for a few leash snafus, it was a great walk that lasted well over an hour.

    <3 Barbie from chilly NW Washington
  • IremiaReIremiaRe Posts: 678Member Member Posts: 678Member Member
    Sherry -I should have known better... Thanks for easing our minds.
  • kevritkevrit Posts: 728Member Member Posts: 728Member Member
    Allie, you know more of what is going on than we do. I support whatever decision you make. Good idea to keep your money separate. Requiring counseling for both as you suggested with the stipulation that if he doesn't go... divorce.

    I'm feeling better today. Thank you ladies! Took a nap at 4-6pm the fell asleep on the chair by 8 pm last night. Went to bed and feel so much better.

    January goals: 1 end month lighter. Start weight 184.7 end weight 183.8 also emotionally lighter so met this one!
    2. Exercise 5/7 days. Met this the last 2 weeks, about 50% other two weeks
    3. Use breathe app on watch daily. About half done
    4. Declutter... a little but a start.

    February goals same as Jan:
    1. End lighter - start weight 183.8
    2. Exercise 5/7 days (cardio at least)
    3. Breathe app 1-2 times a day
    4. Declutter

    Taxes done and filed yesterday. YAY!

    Squats 56
    Yoga 15 min
    Elliptical 30 min
    Steps: Apple Watch 6149. Fitbit 6048
    Water 6 cups
    Breathe app 1

    Rita in snowy pretty CT

    Ps. Shoveling snow for cardio today.
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