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    Ps -- Cookout was great and beat the rain:) Hope everyone is enjoying your Saturday! Bob

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    We had a doozy of a rainstorm last night. Awoke to wet and cool morning with falling wet leaves. The perfume of the air is absolutely intoxicating! If I weren’t shivering so much, I would just live out here on the deck.

    Today I must have my bad foot looked at and any areas of concern identified. Years ago I developed a huge diabetic ulcer on my heel. This area requires constant attention. Things could go bad at a moments notice for no good reason at all. So this is always a distressing time, with me in a very uncomfortable position for what seems like hours and hours. Foot in the air and my hip and back are screaming! I use a lot of the words John taught me to use when I am stressed. Guy words!

    My thought about creative projects is this...there are times when one must let them mellow in place, they need time to ripen, so to speak. I drag out unfinished paintings and have another go at them and things just slide into place.

    It is interesting about the Beatles. With the exception of a few special songs, the group didn’t capture my heart. I tend to connect with blues and gritty vocal/writer like Lenard Cohan. I love Harry Neilson with that amazing vocal range. (The Point) MFP refuses to let me spellcheck!
    Ooooooops time to get ready for my foot care.

    Happy Thanksgiving dear Canadians and Jackie!
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    Extremely unusual for me I didn’t get up until well after 8am so it was a late morning walk. I made up for 2 short walks in the past couple of days and took the dogs on a long walk on the moors. There are still lots of visitors but I kept to a quiet route where the pooches could run and sniff for an hour. Back home I faced the mess and chaos left by the electrician and methodically swept, washed and vacuumed my way through the 2 rooms. Another feeling of Groundhog Day and almost disheartening that there’s more electrical work still to be completed so more mess coming up! That was my day but the fire is lit and I’ve just enjoyed fish and salad so relaxing finally.

    John Lennon was the only Beatle I particularly liked, as much for his humour and outspoken ways as his musical talents. Lots of reminders of both in the documentary and I know you will enjoy it Bob.
    Sounds as if you had a little blast of summer for your delicious lunch! More bargains too! I thought I did well shopping Thursday when I bought a waterproof fleece lined jacket for half price but nothing compared to your purchases!

    A super car Anne and if you are going to have a car in your garage then a Mazda is the best. I dated a fella when I returned to England who drove a bright yellow Mazda that was too showy for my liking, actually he was too so it didn’t last! Mike’s is a beautiful colour. Your fleece top sounds ideal too so I’m glad you are so delighted with it.
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey that found its way to your door!

    Thinking of you Patsy as you face your foot examination and hope the news is good. I learned a lot about such health issues when I worked in the community and appreciate what a worry it must be.
    Autumn definitely has its own scents which I love too. The new greenhouse is made with Canadian cedar and every time I step inside I take deep breaths through my nose to draw in its intoxicating smell.

    A classy teapot Lin. Congratulations on your perseverance with the card making. I can tell you are pleased with yourself and so you should be.

    The dogs are restless so keep asking to pop into the garden, perhaps because they know a little treat is in offer when they come in. A clear sky full of a splattering of stars and a nip in the air... perfect.

    Time to flit through tv channels to check if it’s going to be a viewing or book reading evening.

    Hello Sandy, Barbie, Buzz, Jeri (still camping?) and Diane if you check.

    Stay safe 😉

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    Back again. I found the frozen green beans and am enjoying them right now. Yum. Delicious.

    Jackie, you have perseverance with the multiple visits of the electrician. Cleaning up after certainly is tedious when you know it will be coming again. Did you realize the work would require so many visits? My dogs always wanted to pop in and out of the house which meant I had to let them in and out, no dog door. Get some rest, you have had a busy day.

    Bob, good day once again and wonderful bargains. Sad that the end is near for the JC Penney store but you have scooped up a number of astounding purchases. Lovely barbecue. Did the promised rain arrive?

    Patsy, I am sorry to hear of the foot problem. I am wishing you all the best. ❤️❤️

    Sandy, babysitting the kiddos today. Is there a movie on tap this weekend?

    Anne, enjoy your celebration tomorrow. Your neighbors are interesting. Always another chapter in their sagas. Will your son come over each week to start the car and drive it around a bit? I try to use mine each week but it doesn’t always work out. I need to drive my little car to the library tomorrow to return some books.

    Yes, I was pleased with my final decisions for those cards all 20 now finished and ready to be signed and envelopes to be addressed. Will circle back to final decisions on the Halloween cards, still not enough 🎃 pumpkins on them yet, I think.

    There is a lot to do around here but I seem to ignore many many things I should do for things I want to do. Bad Lin.

    We all have very different preferences, as friends often do. It makes us an interesting groups

    Oh did I say I sent in my ballot and I used the tracking feature on the auditor’s website. It has already been received. I am relieved.

    Best wishes Barbie, Buzz, Diane and Jeri.

    Have a great evening.

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    I hope you are having a good day.

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    Yes happy birthday Barbies Jake and happy birthday Patsys son tomorrow. Ouch PATSY, your poor foot. I sincerely hope you are out of pain very very quickly. No fun at all.

    John Lennon was my favourite Beatle as well. Not a great fan of their music to be honest but he had the most interesting character of the four. JACKIE, I do so wish the electrician was finished. Too much work for you, but as long as he's doing a good safe job that's all that really matters.

    BOB did you get the rain? We were supposed to be in the same zone but although it came in very black no rain materialized. You are very good at finding bargains!

    LIN, yes I guess Mike will be over each week using the Mazda to go to the bank etc locally. It is now his, waiting pick up and I'm so glad because some businesses are closing down again. Gyms, restaurants etc. Congratulations on finishing more beautiful cards. My mom used to say "the housework will still be here when we are gone", so I'm glad you are making people happy with your creations whilst in the mood because the dusting or whatever can wait.

    I've had a funny day, nothing serious but everything I've touched I seem to have had a minor accident with. Spilt milk etc. Slow as treacle as well. Hope this doesn't extend to turkey cooking tomorrow!

    Well, I'll wish you all a goodnight with pleasant dreams and like Jackie flit through the channels and decide on TV or book reading.

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    :) Jake declared his birthday "perfect". He did some cleaning in the kitchen while I walked the dogs, then stayed out of my way while I vacuumed. He decided to take a nap before lunch. His choice for lunch was take out from the drive through at Jack in the Box...imagine 4 digit calories, 4 digit sodium content and then look at my diary to see what it was. We spent a quiet afternoon together that included phone calls from both his grown children and his brother and a the arrival in our mail of a package from his daughter of tuna caught and canned by them and salmon caught and smoked by them. I got to ride my exercise bike and watch old episodes of Magnum P.I. while Jake was on the phone.

    Jake says thank you for the kind birthday wishes.

    <3 Barbie
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    Just got home a little while ago. Got to my son's at 10:30 and sat until Lisa got home. I stayed for movie night which was Snow White from 1937. Will be back in the morning, I am tired.


    One Day at a Time
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    Realizing it was the Canadian Thanksgiving today I needed to get on here to wish my Canadian friends a wonderful day. Remember living up there recalling Thanksgiving in October. That was a surprise to me seeing it was always in November for me. Enjoy the holiday !!

    Bob you got my taste buds going with your latest meal you prepped. You tend to eat all of my favorites now that I too transitioned to healthier eating. Now if only I would lose the weight too, but I do no where near the walking you do. Sad to say I am not a morning person....

    Sandy your grandkids are growing up so quickly. Loved the photos you sent out yesterday !! Can't believe how fast they are growing. Got to admire you going day after day helping out with the kids. It is hard with 1 never mind 3. Get your rest when you can.....

    Anne Rearranging your garage for a car must of kept you quite busy never mind the bending required for that activity. I feel for you today. Must admit there is nothing like a clean garage. Bought some new shelving recently which organized it all. Well worth the money and effort. Enjoy your new sweatshirt !!

    Barbie Stay warm up your way and dry. Have you seen any pumpkin yarn yet for a knitting project ? Happened to see a finished item in a picture and now I am on the hunt for something to knit again, plus find that color of yarn.

    Lin So proud of you for working on your project again. You just needed a break for those thought processes to pop up in you brain again. Bet they are fabulous !!!

    Jackie Looking forward to a photo of your new side table. Bet you have the perfect place for it. And as far as your greenhouse goes I love, love, love it !! Had the perfect place for it in my last backyard, but my yard is too small now. Also enjoyed puttering in the yard then and many times had pipedreams of what all I could do with a green house. Too this day strolling threw a great nursery is one of my favorite things to do. However they are becoming scarcer as time goes by.

    And not to forget our sweet Oregon friend whose name is slipping by me right now. Cooler weather there and from what I hear the fires have settled down too. I was pretty concerned for a time; I have a friend in Beaverton that keeps me updated on the happening of your state. Hope your foot care goes smoothly and you are up and running again soon. thoughts are with you also and hope your move day is not too far off for you. I am proud of you taking on this PT challenge and seeing the brighter side of life again. Take care...

    Cooler day in the 70s all day long for us. In fact I even had all of the windows open all day as well as the slider. The drizzle they spoke of never came, so we will patiently wait. However with the cooler weather the fires are getting a bit more under control. I am so ready for some autumn leaves !! My 10 yr old granddaughter has her birthday this weekend and then our sons birthday 3 wks after that, plus 3 more before Christmas. Hard year to buy gifts !! I made a trip to our mall and Kohls yesterday with not much merchandise and so many shops have closed. Our small businesses are struggling, but we continue to wear our masks hoping our future will improve. Only time will tell as they say. Oh yes made some wonderful Butternut Squash Soup with some additional items. Cooking my squash in my IP was a breeze !! Little by little I am using it more.... So glad it is soup season !!!

    Well need to get going. Hello to those that I have missed.....

    Until next time Diane

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    Hi! Good to hear from you Diane. ❤️❤️

    The post for this teapot says it is a Hall teapot c1790. Wow!


    I would have broken it long ago.


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    Morning all, and a chilly drab morning it is.

    Never mind turkey in the oven, stuffing made, potatoes peeled, veggies at the ready. Apple pie waiting to be warmed up and Jilly at the back door hoping Michael will be arriving soon. Nobody's said a word about him coming for lunch, and yet there she sits hopefully with the occasional little whimper. How do they know? He lives a hours drive away and is still home drinking his morning coffee.

    Which reminds me, I'm giving coffee up as well. Just finishing off what I've got. Prefer tea anyway.

    It will be a strange thanksgiving. Normally much merriment around the Ms dining room table, card playing later and then a movie for those still awake! I hope Christmas isn't cancelled as well!
    I love walking in the crisp leaves with Bean after lunch/dinner but even the leaves will be damp and wilting today. No Hobbes the giant puss cat for Bean to rub noses with, we are all missing out.

    Anyway alls going smoothly today after all the minor mishaps yesterday!

    So, even if you aren't thinking of celebrating like us up north, please join in and have a very
    Hugs from Anne and JillyBean. 🙃💜🐶❤️🍂🍁💧
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    Anne, I'm so sorry this bloomin' virus has got in the way of your usual family Thanksgiving but I'm sure you, Mike and the Bean will still have a wonderful mini gathering. I'll be thinking of you all and raising a cup of tea to your good health. <3

    Another day of cleaning, vacuuming and moving furniture about.... sneezing along the way but only from the dust!! A fabulous walk first thing in sunshine and a gentle breeze although I could see dark clouds and downpours in the distance. Didn't reach us!

    Time for my tea break; one of many I expect.
    Have a peaceful and safe Sunday everyone.

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    Yesterday was nice. Didn’t rain that much. Chilly this morning, but pretty sunrise over gym parking lot. Easy social distancing and 7000 steps by 8am. Thought of my daughter on treadmill listening to John Lennon’s Double Fantasy music. She was 3 when it came out and we would dance with her in my arms or standing on my shoes. Sweet memories – she remembers even today. Salad for later already made.


    My sister is celebrating a couple birthdays at her house today. We haven’t made a final decision re: going….translation = Jean hasn’t told me yet. LOL

    Patsy – ohhh the smell of wet leaves…can be intoxicating. Amazing how “smell” can invoke so many memories. Like you, wanted to eat on the deck yesterday – but it just too windy! Good luck with the foot care – so important. I have a couple relatives with diabetes and see a huge difference in thos that “care” and those that ignore. As for Harry Neilson -- Nilsson Schmilsson – Gotta Get Up ! :D

    Jackie - Your “Groundhog Day” electrician problems had me: a) feeling bad for your mess/chaos and b) laughing at all the great dialogue in that movie… “Ned, I would love to stay here and talk with you...but I'm not going to.” As you can see from my treadmill memory above, Lennon was definitely my #1…seemed deeper, complex, changing (and how he changed)…overall a very interesting person.

    Lin – Hope those green beans were good. Obviously fresh is my fav, then frozen and canned version just ok. Love to season them up just a bit (or good with butter). JCP is sad… it was a store we often shopped at. My brother (now deceased) worked as a dept manager while attending college. Jean hates seeing it now – 90% empty with people buying displays/shelving/mannequins etc. Some “customers” are animals throwing merchandise around, dropping it on floor and leaving it…they don’t think about staff or others. The rain arrived…but not anywhere as bad as predicted. With regards to “There is a lot to do around here but I seem to ignore many many things…” enjoy the procrastination! LOL

    Anne – Your comment on John Lennon – being a fav. and “most interesting character of the four” agrees with mine. I liked them all… but was not just a Beatles fan… Loved Sonny & Cher, Righteous Bros, Rolling Stones etc even more.

    Barbie – what can I say but….

    Diane – Thanks for the reminder that yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving…. My niece is married to a Canadian (became a USA Citizen last year) and I always tease him about something… not sure what I will say yet. LOL Best wishes on your weight journey. Walking has been a plus, but intermittent fasting and sugar elimination / low carb seems to have done the trick for me (I know it’s not for everyone). Jean isn’t an early morning person either… hence my walk later in the day with her.

    Your day sounded very pleasant. So hard with the grandkids etc with Covid. I doubt if we will have Thanksgiving with the kids, but not sure yet. They did their family pumpkin carving yesterday… normally they get together with another family indoors – she said they are waiting to schedule a good time for an out door distanced carving – all so sad… but they do make the best of everything. Squash is right up my alley… I am still eating it almost every day as a potato substitute – so many different ways to cook! I love homemade soups too! Can’t wait to make some chicken soup soon and have that smell permeate the air!

    Whoa – it’s 11am – time to get a move. Enjoy the day ! Bob

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    Happy Sunday! :) Long day yesterday and the pizza we had for dinner just didn't sit right with me even though it was spinach and tomato light on the cheese. I am beginning to think I can't eat any food anymore. I think a call to the doctor will happen this week. Just chilling today and I don't even think I will have a video call or visit with Joe. Just that tired. Hmm, just came to me, maybe it is from my flu shot, what do you think???

    Enjoy your time with Michael and Jilly. Things are definitely different this year but this too shall pass. Your meal sounds delicious so enjoy and be thankful for the good things in your life.

    Bob. you are a very productive man and always moving. I was never a Beatles fan but I did love some of Paul's songs such as Hey Jude and Yesterday. I was never an Elvis fan either but loved his gospel music. Loved the 50's music from my teenage years. lol

    Jackie, won't you be happy when all this remodeling is done? You have much more patience than I do, I want it done now. lol

    Diane, it is tiring sitting for the kiddos but I love being with them so it is worth it. I love talking to them when they are calm, kids say the darndest things. lol

    Barbie, I am glad Jake had a perfect birthday, he deserves it.

    Lin, yes as stated it was an oldie but goodie. It made me laugh how the animation has changed since 1937 thanks to people like Patsy's son. I couldn't help but remember how scary some scenes seemed to me as a kid and Robby was just as nervous but loved the happy ending.

    I will leave you with three pictures of the kiddos from their camera shoot. Charlie was not happy with the camera guy at all. He finally did catch one of her smiling.

    Have a happy and safe day.
    One Day at a Time

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    I haven’t stopped all day but veggies prepared and I’m just waiting for an outdoor reared pork chop to cook in the oven. Usually 40 minute slowish temperature wrapped in foil then 15 uncovered. Recently I purchased a pot of seafood seasoning that contains fennel, onion, garlic and dill that goes just as well with pork and chicken... adds a little kick that I love.

    Because I’m shattered I also poured a glass of lager to sip this evening and in a way it’s celebrating finally swapping my dining room and lounge so everything is cosy... until the electrician’s return!!

    Chop needs uncovering but might return if I remain awake. 😴
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    Hi, cannot maintain an Internet connection. Will try later or tomorrow.

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    Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potato, mixed veggies, TWO pieces of Apple pie and ice cream. Apart from stuffing, (onions, no no) Jilly had the same. Michael just departed clutching half of all remains and I'm joining Jill in sleeping it off.
    Happy thanksgiving, Anne. 🐶😴
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    Hello dear ones! A wet cold Oregon Sunday. Time for a fire in the fireplace. Sunday baroque and some sort of stew tonight. The Instant pot is my very best friend...sometimes.

    Today is our son’s birthday and he will be morose and will need cheering up. He normally has a lot of his sailing friends and the girl friend of the moment around on his birthday. We always schedule a family event as well. So this darn virus has really put a crimp in all celebrations. Zoom parties are nice but clearly not as much fun. We will do a big family thing as soon as it is possible.

    I have a very diverse musical taste. I tease John that his taste runs toward soulless easy listening music. Laurence Welk music. Oh my! We do have fun with bad jokes about each other’s music. I love Bobby Blue Bland...ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone...don’t put no headstone on my grave...etc! Very gritty bluesy stuff. I met many musicians when we lived in Colorado. I worked part time for Aspen reservations. It was a wild and crazy time back then...70s and early 80s. Many very talented young musicians but they lived a hard and fast life.

    This holiday season will test our creative metal. What can we devise to make contact, show our love and communicate with each other? I am working on an idea or two but haven’t put it together yet. The big challenge will be forcing ourselves to decorate for Christmas, include our family in every way possible. I need the lights and decor! And Christmas cookies! A phone call from Santa would be welcome as well.

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    Good morning and Happy Columbus Day! Weather looks darn good for the day, 7,000 steps by 6:30am and listened to the great music of Bocelli & Celine while on the treadmill… yup the start of a good day.


    Was glad to read the latest from WHO - “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” David Nabarro told The Spectator in an interview aired on Oct. 8. “The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

    Sandy – Hope you are feeling better after that pizza. Sounds like a plan giving it a day or 2 after flu shot and then dr if not better. I was surprised how I felt.

    Re: music – I pretty much love it all except 99% of rap…just not my thing. Loved & still love “Yesterday” – initially liked Hey Jude – but then it was on the radio 24/7 and bands I would go to see played it constantly & if slow dancing – it seemed to go forever LOL. I loved a lot of 60’s music – In the 70’s I would drive some friends nuts by selecting Dion’s Runaround Sue or anything with Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield (Righteous Brothers) on the juke box. Also huge on 50’s – Little Richard, Jerry Lee, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Sam Cooke – oh yes – and know all the lyrics.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of the kids. The youngest of our grandchildren (Brooke) was tough to nab until the last year… now you can get her to look at the camera… so funny! Sad to see them so infrequently during all this.

    Jackie – Thanks for the “Food Porn” LOL. Now I am thinking pork chops for lunch! Even that lager sounds great!

    Lin – Hope your internet connection improves – can be soooo frustrating.

    Patsy – Hope you were able to cheer your son up! Yes, this virus has put a huge damper on so much of that thing we call life – sad when going for groceries is “exciting” LOL. As noted – my music taste is very diversified as well. I am big on lyrics – not a fan of rap or “bubble-gum” music. Then again – “It's not warm when she's away” LOL Hard to believe on 73 days until CHRISTMAS! Yikes!

    Have a great day! Bob

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    edited October 2020
    Morning all. Yesterday turned out super despite only me and Michael and half pint to celebrate. For once the cooking turned out perfect. I mean everything. We enjoyed it including JillyBean who ate far too much for a wee dog! Lots of phone conversations and best of all, a long one from my eldest grandson Devin. Michael's 30 year old! TV last night was the finale of Last Tango in Halifax. They showed Bridlington and it seems an age since I lasted dabbled my tootsies in the cold North Sea there with haddock and chips and green mushy peas to follow!

    This morning is sunny, but rain moving in after lunch and I'm in the mood to listen to country and gospel music. Marty Robbins - El Paso, (for some reason I love El Paso, the romantic in me coming out), Kenny Rogers - Lucille, Alan Jackson - the Old Rugged Cross etc. Something to listen to if I get the easel erected and the boards and paints out. Hope Jilly approves. (I don't have "how much is that dog in the window," lol). Also on TV yesterday, John Lennon which I enjoyed - until the inevitable end! As Yoko said "why would someone want to shoot a performer". Sad, sad, sad.
    I love opera as well, but it's country for me today.

    Enjoyed everyone's comments and photos, and I hope you feel really better today SANDY.

    Must tootle off and earn my pension. Wash day etc.
    Anne 🙃🐶❤️🎨🎻🎸