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    Another gorgeous photo JACKIE, you lucky, lucky girl! It's raining here and promises to do so all week.

    One final tea note. My dad refused to use the then new fangled tea bags, only buying the cartons of loose tea leaves. He said bags were introduced to use up all the powdery left overs from the leaves to make tea importers and manufacturers richer. Sweepings in other words. When I open a used tea bag I can see he had a point! Mush, not the well defined leaves of earlier days.

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    Just a morning teapot. Interesting color for a teapot perhaps.

    “ A Wedgwood majolica teapot.”


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    Rain in forecast for 3 days. Thurs/Friday should be nice. Gym done. Jean a bit under the weather and plans 2 days of no walking etc. I have photo order to complete, but might wait til tomorrow and do some reading. Just put chicken in the oven so we can eat as we’d like throughout the day.

    Barbie – Funny how addictive those step counters can be. I have had my Garmin forever and love it. It syncs with the MyFitnessPal app on my Android. Jean has a different tracker and hates when she discovers she did a ton of walking but recd “no credit” because she forgot it. LOL

    Lin – That’s a real interesting windmill tea pot. I had a flash back to The Windmills of Your Mind sung by Noel Harrison way back in the 60’s.

    Sandy – What a great fun photo! Great job on avoiding the ice cream cake too. As for Panera – that is a fav spot for my daughter and her family for soup/sandwich or bagels… You have me thinking, I might have to get back into tea during the colder weather… I am a coffee addict – but also enjoy a few tea blends. You nailed it on the confession and the “sins.”

    Jackie – I hated even seeing the word “snow” in your post. LOL. Actually don’t mind a short winter, but ours can sometimes stretch out … and we are known for setting records (see pic - DARK BLUE). JCP is officially closed as of 7pm yesterday…Jean told me to take a cell pic today when I walk so she could cry over it – we kid each other like that. Thanks for the “dispensation” on weights… ha ha … talked myself out of it again this morning. “Washing is on the line getting a good blast of fresh air” is right up Jean’s alley and I admit the smell of bedding when I crawl into bed at night is awesome!


    Hope everyone has a great Monday! Bob

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    My mom never liked any kind of mess. I was raised on using these and I did continue to use them as an adult or we used teabags. Never did I see my mom or grandmother spoon loose tea directly into the pot. Here’s my collection of tea infusers/tea balls.


    I am perfectly content with my tea, I just do not like it too strong. Hot, warm, cold, love it all. Just found some loose tea in a package that has not been opened. Will try it later. Have Oolong ready at the moment.

    It is lightly snowing again. Yesterday’s snow melted yesterday afternoon when the sun came out briefly. As it often happens, there was a deadly car accident yesterday morning as a lady lost control of her vehicle and crossed into oncoming traffic. She and her sister died, one person critically injured, 2 others hurt. And it wasn’t that much snow. So sad.

    Did I bore you with my pot of leaf lettuce? It is indoors and looking out wishing it was warmer. It is about ready to start cutting some leaves.


    Progress for me, only one side of my face is swollen now. Yes!

    Online church yesterday was nice. The message was very much like those presented by one of our Elders who recently passed away. It touched my heart. ❤️ No one knows what happened to him as his brother has said little. It was not Covid though. Whatever it was, he did not live long after a hospital visit and then to a care facility for a brief period and hospice. A tiny stick of a man with a voice like a country western singer. And we enjoyed the music he shared.

    Barbie, good for you, get the ballot in the return mail. I did the same thing and tracked my ballot to be certain it arrived. I was to receive a card indicating it had arrived and would be counted and I saw it on the delivery app, but that was lost in the mail. ☺️

    Sandy, oh my, sorry the movie was too scary. I don’t like frightening movies either. Glad another movie was available. Gosh, the party looks like it was lots of fun. A good birthday this year is a definite plus given most of 2020!

    Jackie, with more stringent policies in place, are you seeing fewer people in your area now? Or is your area in more restrictive rules now? Now is the electrician coming out later this week? I was thinking of your greenhouse, do you go inside each day? I think I would be so pleased to have it that even without a chore, I would.

    Patsy, I love your chair. It looks very comfy. Is it yours and yours alone? My parents and both sets of grandparents had protocol. There was the guy chair and the gal chair. My parents shopped for chairs and my dad had the say in the one he was going to use, my mom picked hers out. When company came over, the balance of seating was disrupted. 😁

    Anne, how are things in Ontario? Cold and wet? I hope you say sunny and warm because I would like to hear someone is having nice weather. I was thinking of you this morning. I tried to place a grocery order yesterday and could not get a delivery time. Tried again this morning, same thing with one exception, if I paid a delivery fee, there was one spot open. I will try again, at some point.

    Bob, you must a new store for your shopping. We heard that in the next year or so, H&M is opening in our mall. I cannot believe that plan is going forward in such conditions. It would be the first H&M in our area and the mall owners say people have been clamoring to have it in the mall. Really? It doesn’t seem a good time for a new store opening. How about in your area?

    Must move along.

    Hello Buzz, Diane, Jeri and any other Sneakers stopping by.


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    :) It is truly autumn here with pumpkins in front yards and maple leaves turning on trees and flying about. We have one more box of bulbs to plant---hyacinth and gladiolus. Drizzle this morning but clearing now so it should be perfect for my walk with my friend who comes over once a week to walk for an hour.

    :)Bob, our JCP store is still open but in the years I've lived here, it has never been very busy. I bought my last several pairs of Lee Jeans from JCP online because they didn't have my style/size in the store. I shop only online now.

    :) About tea, my mother loved tea and would make it by pouring boiling water over tea bags or tea in a tea strainer into a teapot. She covered the pot with a cozy to let it steep. I still have her pot and cozy but gave away the tea strainers. Now I don't drink tea at all. I make herb tea (licorice and ginger) for Jake and chill it in the fridge for iced tea in the summer.

    :) I love walking in all seasons. Now that the days are shorter, I'm enjoying the feeling of privacy that comes from walking in the dark. I have a flashlight and the houses have a light in the front so it is not too dark. I will enjoy this all winter then be excited in the spring as the days get longer. As it gets colder, I add more closing. Today I switched from cotton socks to wool.

    :) We have two great granddaughters in Ohio whose birthdays are a day apart. We mailed cards to them at the same time and only one card arrived so Jake is getting ready to write a new check and send another card.

    <3 Barbie
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    Ho-ho-ho! ❄️❄️


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    Bob, blame Lin for that word! 😊. We don’t normally see the white stuff until after Christmas but this year a lot of people are predicting a bad winter, mostly because the trees are full of berries. Of course that might be more to do with the beautiful summer we enjoyed.

    Lin, The electrician messaged to say he will be back on Thursday and I’m hoping if I don’t think of any extra jobs, he will be done in the 2 main rooms. Yes, I make a point of stepping into my greenhouse every day even if only to breath in the cedar wood!
    Interestingly, just the hint of a national lockdown is clearing the shop shelves of toilet rolls! My trip to the supermarket began quietly but within 10 minutes crowds arrived which had me wondering what had been reported on our lunchtime news! I see Wales has gone for a complete lockdown so I do think my dog walker friend who warned the same would happen in England at the start of half term (next week) had the correct inside information. The problem in Cornwall will again be a rush of visitors who own 2nd homes bringing their bugs with them! It’s my opinion if that’s the plan it should have been put in place as soon as the rate of infection took off but then, rather like our Brexit and your upcoming election, everyone has an opinion! 🙃😉. Happy Winter by the way!! 🥶 Enjoy those lettuce leaves.

    Barbie, isn’t that the joy of differing seasons... always something new to look forward to just as we tire of current weather. As I drove home from shopping I noticed leaves dancing dramatically in the air as the cold wind tore them from the branches. Not many hit the ground!

    Chicken in the oven nearly cooked so salad and coleslaw to prepare.
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    Happy Monday! :) I went for my blood test this morning but had to wait at least 20 minutes before she took me. I have a hair appointment with my friend at 2:00 and Lisa's mom is coming with me since she isn't ready for a regular salon. I hope she is please with my friend's work since she is much cheaper than the salon.
    I am trying decaffeinated coffee today and will see if I can handle that. Actually I think the tea with my sugar free vanilla creamer tastes the same as the decaff coffee with the creamer. Why do our bodies change as we age, I like my old body better. lol

    Jackie, glad you didn't get stampeded by the horses but they are beautiful. Our news is also reporting how high the cases are going up in the UK. Still I see thousands of people at trumps rallies with no masks and now he is making fun of Biden because Biden said he would listen to the scientists. We will never get over this virus if people don't listen.

    Lin, is that your yard? I love it!! Not the snow, the yard. By the way, my little pot did come with a diffuser which I presume is for leaves correct?? I did watch Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp (I love him) last night and hopefully tonight I will watch Alice in the Looking Glass. I didn't think it scary even for kids, but Robby having HDAD it is different for him.

    Barbie, you have always amazed me with your walking and here it is probably ten years later and you are still doing the same walking. I admire your devotion. All I can do is ride my recumbent bike for an hour a day and even some days I don't, especially on the days I sit because I get lots of steps in those days.

    Bob, wow that is a lot of snow. We have had a few blizzards and some winters a lot of snow but I don't think we match you. I really love hot chocolate with whipped cream in the winter but I think those days are over. I hope Jean feels better soon, baby her and make her feel better.

    Anne, I hope all is well with you and Jilly and you are staying warm. Remember to take a picture of yourself with your new plaid coat when you wear it.

    Have a great day everyone.
    One Day at a Time
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    Exciting times now! As to our weather, we have high overcast but it appears there might be clearing. Yea! We had an early morning shower, then the marine layer just settled in.

    John ran our ballots into the drop box at the courthouse. We have officially voted. The coming debate seems like a huge waste but that’s just my opinion. Most have already decided long ago. This will just add some antagonizing video clips and quotes. I don’t think we need any more of that!

    I am really behind the times. I usually have pumpkins on our front steps, I Normally have Halloween decor inside but this year...nothing. What on earth is wrong with me? The isolation has withered my brain. I guess I will transition directly to thanksgiving. Autumn leaves, mums and pumpkins and decorative squash inside.

    John had a nice phone call from an old college colleague. They had a good time reminiscing about the good/bad old days. My art school friends are scattered around the world and we rarely get in touch. This is an inspiration. Again, I need to take the initiative and make contact with friends and distant relatives. I think I might have a few cousins left, we are not a very prolific family.

    Vivaldi this morning. Something to stir the blood, tingle the senses.
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    Hello. A bit of ❄️/💦 mix expected later. Daily precipitation week!

    Here’s another in a long line of teapots. This one is pretty traditional I think.

    “ A Wedgwood willow pattern pot.”


    I finally was able to place a grocery order. 🤞🏻 expecting it a bit later. But won’t hold my breath.

    See you later.

    Lin 🙋🏼‍♀️
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    A rainy morning. Told Jean to take at easy at least for one more day (of course, like yesterday she still did laundry etc., but at least took a nap). Gym done 7000 steps… 2nd walk soon… ham/squash is lunch menu. Not sure if doing photo order today. Took a sick light-heated break from political news… still can’t believe Toobin’s excuse. Ewe is my only thought.


    Lin – Your love of tea is equal to my love of coffee. I do like tea, but mostly “plain” with a some lemon or cinnamon flavor once in a while. As for “iced tea” I only like fresh brewed plain tea – a bit on the strong side with tons of ice in the summer. Cool infusers/tea balls. I am trying not to think of snow just yet…but another friend that lives in Anchorage posted a pick of her deck was their first snow. We do have an H&M store, it’s a bit on the “young” side – but at least I can wear a smaller size now. I really don’t do a ton of shopping when weight is stable, but little choice with double-digit inch reduction. I don’t get some new store openings either. “Untuckit” is coming to the mall and I NEVER pay $70.00 and up for a single shirt. Just taking a wait & see attitude. I mean they are losing 2 MAJOR anchor stores… JCP and Lord & Taylor at the end of the year. (ps – just saw your other photo – you can keep the ho ho ho snow for now LOL).

    Barbie – Jean loved JCP and so did I… my brother worked there while attending college 100 yrs ago. I have a tendency sometimes to try-on in the store and then order online if free delivery. Brand/sizes can be so different for me. Especially on shoes – I am a difficult fit (with flat feet). I must say our stores are generally well-stocked. Having said all that – I have been shifting more and more to online --- especially Christmas shopping for grandkids – and will absolutely do more this year under the circumstance.

    Autumn, pumpkins, maple leaves turning on trees and flying about sounds wonderful. I LOVE Fall… Enjoy your walk and “happy planting.”

    Jackie – I agree – It’s all Lin’s fault! Ha ha ha – always love those early predictions…not necessarily accurate but fun.

    Sandy – Hope your blood work turns out ok. I contacted my doctors office via portal re: recent results and a few readings outside norm… assume it might take a week for response ( I told them not urgent). My cardiologist usually calls to discuss within 24 hrs – but this was done by our Family GP and runs a bit slower. Hope the hair appt goes well. I don’t have a lot but what I have grows fast… but… with still wearing masks etc I have been putting off a bit…but will go soon. Our winters can go both ways – but we have a lot of record breakers and normally #1 or #2 for snowfall in Central New York… I like it when we aren’t #1. LOL I have always loved hot chocolate in the winter, but didn’t have any last year and I don’t crave it like I did in the past – I think it’s just because I have essentially given up sugar. Jean is still a bit under but it’s hard to keep her down… Take care of yourself – with all you have going too!

    Patsy – Vivaldi is always a good start to the day!

    Bye for now. Bob

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    I don't know who Mr Toobin is Bob and from your post, am glad of the fact!! Only suspended! Doesn't anyone get the sack these days?
    Keep pampering Jean; you're doing a great job!

    Lin, I'm sure every household in England possessed a Willow pattern tea set at one point and expect most got thrown out when more modern designs arrived. Of course that means they will now be collectable due to their rareness!

    Strong winds all day but at least it is dry so I ventured on to the moors with the pooches. We began our walk on the sheltered lowest footpath but it seemed so did everyone else and after a short distance I found a path through the bracken that took us up to the next level. It's boring for the dogs because it's just a stoney track so up we went again at the first opportunity and immediately hit the gales, or more accurately, the gales hit us! Betty with ears flapping and George with the wind in his tail raced about loving every minute while I did my best not to get shoved into a collapsed mine shaft. At one point I had to stand still, arms outstretched until it calmed down enough for me to take a step forward but at least cobwebs and anything else not properly attached to the 3 of us, were blown to kingdom come!
    Home again I made a pot of coffee and was just about to sit and enjoy it when simultaneously the phone rang and the window cleaner banged on the door so the dogs set off barking. It was a good friend on the phone I hadn't spoken to since the early days of lockdown who could hear the dogs so said he understood when I promised to call him back. Checked the window cleaner was ok then chatted for nearly an hour on the phone having a great catch up.
    Apart from ordering Betty's special dietary food from the vet and an online prescription painkiller for another friend's dog I haven't done a great deal. The rain has arrived so I'm staying put and will probably make myself a cup of tea then continue with sorting of papers. Yesterday I sorted the packs of extra food ready for our next lockdown and stored them in my newly acquired antique sideboard so am beginning to see spaces appear on the spare bedroom floor. The carpenter finally contacted me and should be with me Friday to build a broom cupboard in the dining room alcove, that is so long as the electrician finishes his wiring in the same area on Thursday.... talk about all or nothing!! If everything goes according to plan I will be able to bring my vinyl albums in from the conservatory, sort through for any I don't want to keep then store them above the cupboard but I do know the Robbie Burns saying about the best laid schemes o' mice and men and what happens to the "little beastie"!!

    On that note I'm off to put the kettle on.

    Have a safe day everyone
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    Happy Tuesday! Cold and breezy, we will be staying in when I sit the kiddos this afternoon.
    I got my blood results back and from what I read all are normal. I am hoping the doctor sends me a message to clarify. I am starting to know my triggers so things have been good for a couple of days. I drank tea this morning and followed the English ladies recommendations.
    I poured my coffee pot hot water over the tea bag and then covered the tea pot with a towel and let brew for a few minutes. I think I bought two small of a tea pot but maybe less is better.

    I got my hair done and love it, I am blonde again so the blonde jokes are permitted. Lisa's mom seemed liked she like her hair as well but will find out for sure on Saturday for movie night.

    I let the morning slip away from me listening to a podcast my friend sent me about IBS. I think I am doing all the right things so far except the doctor on there said that CBD oil can help with stress, what do you think??? lol

    Time to get ready for sitting, I really don't know where these days are going. Have a safe and healthy day.

    One Day at a Time
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    Good afternoon.

    The groceries actually arrived, most items were included and all were actually the ones I requested. I am pleased.

    Bob, I was even able to get quite small acorn squash. I gave up on the vegetable spaghetti squash as they are shown with an average of over 2 lbs. Seemed large. I know nothing about H&M but I thought it likely I would never purchase there even if nasty viruses were not lurking everywhere. Thanks for the info. And for the information about your mall and changes in the composition of stores. As far as the article, OMG, how repulsive and how incredibly stupid.

    Jackie, hot tea, hot coffee. Good options in changing weather. I am ready to make hot green tea again. What lovely storage you will have. Great plans and I hope all works out as you have envisioned. Our weather forecast is insane, up and down temperatures, rain, snow day after day. We have one day expected in the 70’s F and then right back down below freezing and possibility of snow again. Extended forecast keeps this up through the end of next week.

    Patsy, it was nice that John was able to speak to an old friend. Those are special moments. I do like to talk on the phone, well usually. Right now I am in a no-phone mood. I don’t feel like calling anyone. Maybe that will change. At home alone and still having bouts of total people aversion. 🙃

    Barbie always consistent in your habits. ❤️👟👟❤️

    Sandy, Anne, Buzz, Jeri, Diane. I am sorry if I missed your posts.

    A little puzzle from yesterday.


    All best to everyone
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    I'm wondering where the days' gone especially as I've accomplished very little. I made out a grocery order for tomorrow delivery and find a few things "are out of stock". Also on the news last night we were warned that although there shouldn't be any food shortages this winter we can expect a food increase of 5%. Approximately 200-300 grocery stores will be closed down in this province because of staff shortage. At the same time thousands of jobs up for grabs because I guess folk don't want to work in stores anymore during a pandemic.

    We went for our morning walk meeting folk bundled up against the chill and yet tomorrow we hit the 70s. Beautiful sunny day after all the rain, but it's back to rain again tomorrow.

    Harry drove off yesterday and no sign of him since. It's odd when he's not around. Joyce is, she's still a working girl.

    So, today's been a "where did it go day". A very pleasant doodling around day. Sometimes it's good to have these days when the world stands still and we do nothing but email and text and little of that. I haven't even bothered with any world news so I've no idea what the peace disturbers have been up to today. No great loss.

    Hope you all have a lovely peaceful evening to match.
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    Anne, that sounds like a lovely day. I actually haven’t seen much news either. I have been busy looking up info on property taxes CSR2 calculations and other very interesting things. 😂🤣😂

    The medical community here is being quite pushy about trying to get people into offices and clinics for all sorts of routine care and care for chronic conditions even though our numbers are really not a bit good. I get emails all the time saying, no worries, it is safe.

    Counterpoint to that was this list I saw this morning putting Iowa in a very unhappy spot. A totally different view, yes? Sorry the list is truncated. I cannot believe our rolling positivity rate is 50%!


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    Just an early good morning and an "oh Lin" if I'm reading those figures right!

    The rain materialized in the night and along with it - Harry the lad, probably washed out of any rooting, tooting, shooting, ride em' he was doing "up north".

    Must get dressed before the less than ordered groceries appear.

    Anne. ☕️🍳

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    Hi, a quick unique teapot.

    “Simple Simon” made by Devonshire Pottery around 1935.


    I was thinking if I had a nose similar to that maybe my sinuses would not be a problem? Or maybe it would collect every breeze and be more trouble? Ha, sorry, sinus obsessed. 🙃

    Back later.

    Lin 🙋🏼‍♀️
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    I’ve broken away from shouting at my banking online app! A letter from the bank tells me my email and mobile phone info is incorrect but I’ve checked and it isn’t so they then tell me to send a secure message by selecting messages in the top right corner. No such option to select so something odd going walk away!
    A grey rather dismal day so a short local walk with George and Betty. My neighbour is currently using a power washer to take off the old paint from my cottage back wall and oh dear, what a mess but at least it is coming away easily. Of course George had to inspect the work several times and got covered in water and flakes of paint. I think he’s finally figured out it isn’t a great idea! Since my neighbour has been made redundant due to lockdown, I will pay her for her time because it’s definitely not a job I’d want to do!

    I’ll return when all is calm.
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    And an "oh JACKIE" to add to "oh LIN". Hope it's not turning into one of those days.!

    I bought a Can of spam way back in April for emergency protein. It's now in the garbage. Jilly loves to share food, but I always check before giving her a suspect small treat. Do NOT give spam to dogs! Causes all sorts of problems! People do give it to their dogs because of the protein. I figure if it's bad for her it won't do me any good either. And to think tons of it was fed to us kids in WW11 !

    Out of curiosity I checked corned beef. Beloved of the Irish. Not much better! I can't see anyone in our group feeding their pets this, but apparently it's quite common so worth mentioning.

    I'm still living and learning!