What was your fasting BG today?



  • HazelMayes
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  • Pamela_Sue
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    116. I tend to always be in the 110-120 range for my fasting blood glucose. I consulted my dietitian, who specializes in diabetes education, as my numbers are higher than most other people who post here. She is fine with them. I am steadily losing weight, and my post-meal numbers are in the 120's, which she is also happy with. I do keep my carbs well below her recommended levels.
  • PKM0515
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  • papayahed
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    yay!! 101. I checked it two weeks ago and it was 137. (My test strips ran out and it was a fiasco between insurance/Dr/pharmacy to get the right srtip/meter combo)
  • chelny
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    I got good news today. Fasting BG was 92 this AM, but also my A1C is down to 5.3! I was dx in December with A1C 6.5. Then in May it was down to 5.9. Now it is 5.3. Keto/low carb is working for me. *happy dance*
  • PKM0515
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    89 (Hard for me to believe. :) )
  • MarkR_2013
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    247 (yuck)