Would you sell your pet for $140,000?



  • Never. My 3-legged hot mess of a wannabe lap dog is the best $80 I have ever spent. I adopted him during one of the hardest times of my life and he has been by my side ever since. I could never part with him. I'm already dreading my final years with him because I know he will never be able to be replaced.
  • Vanilla_Lattes
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    I really love my cat, so I would have to say no.

    But they are welcome to my wife and all 3 kids for $50 in Starbuck's coupons.

  • rbfdac
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    If I could be assured 100% that they would love them and care for them forever, then yes.
  • TwinkieDong
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    Like I always say anything is for sale, depending on price. :) go ahead and have it all!
  • Can I sell a rental for 140k? I mean, it's not wrong selling other's property and taking the proceeds right? lol
  • bulbadoof
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    as long as the recipient was a good person and i could expect that animal to have a good life with them.
  • Timshel_
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    Sell my dogs? Hmmm...if I knew they would be loved like I love them and have a good life, maybe. It would be an interesting moral discussion with myself.
  • RinnyLush
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    I could never! My cat is turning 17 and is such a huge part of my life. I have had her since she was a month old and I was 11. She will live and pass away warm, happy, and safe with me. No matter how much anyone offers me for her.
  • court_fritch26
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    Absolutely not…my puppy is a pain in the *kitten* sometimes, but I love him like crazy! I can't imagine my day without the little fur ball!
  • mrsleprechaun
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    I'd sell my younger dog for 140k because we only just got her and the kids aren't that attached to her yet. I could buy a house in my area with that kind of money and be set. My other two pets, I couldn't sell. The older dog is my son's dog and the cat is my daughter's (and the one time she escaped while we were moving, my oldest daughter cried 24/7 until we found her.)

    Tbh if it was just MY decision? BOTH OF THEM drive me insane in their own ways - Can I get 140k each!? - the cat likes to piss on the bathroom rug and the dog is a rescue with brain damage from being hit by a car as a puppy, blind in one eye, partially deaf, needs special princess hypoallergenic expen$$$ive *kitten* dog food because of severe allergies, and has a penchant for bolting out of any open door and making us chase him around the neighborhood a few times a week... but my kids would be destroyed if they went anywhere, so they stay.
  • bellesouth18
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    I don't know if I could or not. I have 4 and love each one. It depends on whether or not that the new person would love and take care of them or not. I couldn't leave them, knowing they'd come to harm.
  • missiontofitness
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    I could never imagine giving up my furry shadow/snuggle buddy! When you adopt a pet, you adopt them for their entire natural life. To be willing to sell them for a profit (especially when your family member is upset about the deal) shows they are a commodity, and not a true member of the family.
  • I will gladly sell my pet
  • Gawanne79
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    my cat is 17 at Christmas and I dread losing her! I'd borrow and PAY somebody $140,000 if I could get all my past pets back. Fancy putting money before a living creature who lives with you and trusts you! Good for you Rinnylush and Court.
  • _Figgzie_
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    so now not only are some peeps saying they would spit on $140k but that they would OWE $140k to bring back their past pets? must be some millionaires here on MFP
  • Gawanne79
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    LOL Figgzie......millionaires! Nah, if the OAS ever dries up, then the rent money dries up. That means I'll be walking the cold streets of this cold clime and poor old Tabitha Daisy will be with me. However I refrained from selling the kids, so maybe they would take us in!!!
  • Jesslan_Rose
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    My house? Yes!!! My chihuahua and kitty? NEVER! They're my babies!
  • Jesslan_Rose
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  • Beploveshomer
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    OH man, tough! That could pay off my house and then some, but to see my big ole luvvy cat be taken away, no, no I dont think I could!