Your 'Ah-Ha' Moment



  • priyamvada_k
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    My Ah-ha moment was when LDL cholesterol went up to 159 (healthy level is below 100); 159 put me in risk for heart attack. Also A1c level went to a pre-diabetic level of 5.9 (healthy level is below 5.7). Decided to drop pounds and regain health, and started MFP. I had had a previous MFP start but I had given up midway. I didn't think of it as a big deal, as I am a vegetarian and don't eat fried foods. Have a big a weakness for sweets, though. When I added up the calories in MFP, it was a revelation about portion control. Have been tracking calories and macros ever since and it has helped so far (lost 15 lbs). Hope to get to my old healthy weight.
  • MrsBoney12
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    My a-ha moment came when I had a blood test and was told I was pre-diabetic. The doctor didn't even give me a chance to fix it with diet and exercise, she just put me on diabetes medication. Because of this, I assumed I was just that bad (turns out she was just that bad...she should have given me that opportunity). Coming from a deeply-rooted diabetic gene pool, this was enough to cement it into my brain that a lifestyle change was needed! Less than four months later I am down 35lbs and my new doctor took me off the diabetes medication because it was causing other health problems because I don't need to be on it! Although I'm still far from my weight goals, I feel much healthier. I have found that I actually enjoy exercising in the form of running and cycling...and strength training isn't too bad either!! I finished a 5K in record time for me on Saturday, and on Sunday I kicked off my training for a duathlon in July. Through much prayer and dedication, I'm on my way!
  • lady_ghost
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    When I got a good look at myself naked front and back. Was disgusted.
  • SDR1970
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    Two things: [1] Discovering I'm on Google Street View, clearly walking towards and entering my office and being too embarrassed about how I looked to tell anyone. [2] My girlfriend giving me a "gift" of imported British biscuits (which I'll admit I was homesick for but never requested) after I'd expressly stated the importance of my need to loose weight. I decided I and everyone around me, enabling poor choices in meals & snacking, had to stop that behavior and be firm to the point of harshness about it.
  • SummerSkier
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    When I bought some cat litter at the grocery and could barely lift it at 24 pounds. I thought "how the hell am I carrying this much extra weight around?" Now every time I pick up something like a gallon of water or the cat litter it motivates me to keep working to get that "dead" weight off my joints and muscles....
  • psychod787
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    Mine was when the doctor told me I was going to be dead soon or with Weight loss surgery, also a fasting blood sugar of 339. Also when I could not walk 40 yards without my knees and ankles hurting. I was 33 at the time.
  • mortuseon_
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    Even the Snapchat filters don't hide how chubby my face is. I think that was the real 'hit' lately. but I've been wanting to get back into it for ages, just needed to do it healthily...
  • sgt1372
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    190# is my trigger to take action b4 hitting my red line at 200. Hit this trigger twice in past 5 years.

    Dropped 35# from 192 the 1st time and 36# from 196 the 2nd time. Been maintaining at 158 +/-3 for the past 14 months.

    Gained the weight back the 1st time due to injury, surgeries and lack of discipline. No excuses this time around.
  • davepollack
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    My ah-ha moment wasn't about my weight as it was about exercising. It was actually a nightmare of a medical emergency. Opened my eyes to an overdue lifestyle change.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    When was your 'AH-HA' moment that made you decide, 'ahhhm okay it's time to do something about this weight?
    --Early 2015: I knew I had put on weight over the years, but the "Ah-ha" was when, no matter how uncomfortable I was willing to be, I couldn't SQUEEZE into my "fattest" work pants. Refusing to buy another size up, I had to wear skirts/dresses for like 3 weeks until I dropped enough to sausage back into my pants.

    What made a difference this time which differed from previous attempts to lose weight &/or get healthy? (motivation)

    --I decided that rather than trying to do it all, or dramatically change my schedule, I'd instead focus on food. Just had the realization that no matter what, I was going to feed myself, so that was the logical place to start since it was something I was going to be doing anyways.

    As for fitness, which came later, it was after my pace racing started to pick up, but my physical abilities were holding me back. I literally didn't have the strength to get the bike to turn at a faster pace, I was maxed out (bike wasn't, I was). I was also getting more tired as my pace picked up. Decided that if I wanted a shot at making the pro ranks in the future, I'd have to get in shape and treat myself like the athlete I wanted to be.

    I learned to "embrace the suck" and dealt with how horrible it was to work on getting back into shape (for most of my life until about 2009 I was pretty fit and weight had never been an issue, but I had active jobs that required a lot - then I got the dreaded desk job.....)

    How much impact do you feel that a correct mindset has on the level of achievement?

    --I think it's about priorities - humans will accomplish what they feel is truly important to them. Sometimes you have to set yourself up for the mindset, or remind yourself of it, but if it's a priority, you'll make it happen.