Your 'Ah-Ha' Moment



  • CheekyChiq88
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    I would say the same for me as many others!
    When I saw a picture of myself holding my 4 month old son! I knew something had to change!

    My motivation every other time has been looks, this time it's too feel good and to have a long healthy happy life with my son. I know everyone says you need to do things for yourself and they're right. My son is such a huge part of me so for me it does still fall under the category of for myself and for the ones I love!

    My opinion is a correct mindset is everything when starting to focus on health and weight loss. especially when making those new changes into habits! If I want to continue to be successful then I need to refocus and get back my mindset back to its correct state so i can stick with the goals I have laid out for myself. Its too easy to say yes too cheesecake or chips in the moment, but keeping your mindset focused is important. I always remember saying yes to those yummy foods everytime will not get me where I want to be standing in the future! Sometimes Food can be pleasure and enjoyment and sometimes it can be to help fuel your body to survive, the best is finding a healthy happy mix between the two and that will be my life long goal!
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    My Ah-Ha moment was when I was told i need a op to remove fibroid tumours and being told that if i was a 'normal' weight for my height and age it would have been less likely that I would of had them, so then i was like well damn I need to fix this, I have two kids that need me.

    Im currently the heaviest I have ever been and i'm planning to lose as much as I can in the healthiest way, no cutting corners and no stressing myself out about it. Healthy eating and the gym

    I know I need to change my mindset and get better , but progress is progress and i will take every day as it comes =)

    I was told same in May and had a similar moment in June. I wasn't quite at my heaviest, but not far off. I had lost weight then gain 2/3 back after being put on steroids. Since making some changes I have lost the steroid weight and plateaued there for a couple of weeks, but the fibroid symptoms haven't been so severe lately. Not having another ultrasound for a while so I won't know if it's helped reduce them.
  • Squish815
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    I saw a picture of myself just after Christmas 2014and my first though was just 'nope'. I decided then I was going to do something about it.
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    Mine was when I started trying on wedding dresses and NOTHING looked good on me.
  • GreatApe2017
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    Cloths started to get very tight the choice was buy a whole new wardrobe of 36 inch trousers etc and accept a permanent fatter me or go on a diet

    With MFP managed to cut down 30 pounds over 15 weeks and now weight less than at any other point in my adult life.

    63kg at 5ft7 which is apparently the ideal weight for my height it was my aim and I managed to hit it. In fact I managed to get to 61kg and become a little bit skinny for my frame the idea being to then go on a lean bulk and build some muscle. Hope the next stage of adding 8-10kg of muscle is as straightforward and easy as the weight loss was

    Only mistake I made I think I cut calories too much and going slower would have been wiser. I averaged 110 gram loss per day over the period which is probably excessive but I didn't fall ill or anything like that only had two days I felt bad for a bit and just upped calories 500 and was fine.

    I'm hoping I will keep up with this for the rest of my life it isn't difficult just logging in foods and aiming for maintenance or a slight surplus or deficit

    Besides weight loss another benefit is cardio is much easier and heart rate much lower at 55bpm Vs 75bpm pre weight loss. Plus I eat better now
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