Down 104 lbs. - Over Halfway to Goal!!! (pics)



  • AShannon54
    AShannon54 Posts: 111 Member
    Awesome job!!! Keep up the good work, you are amazing!
  • jennifurballs
    jennifurballs Posts: 247 Member
    Thank you all so much for your kind words!!!
  • GoPerfectHealth
    GoPerfectHealth Posts: 254 Member
    Such a great story! Thank you for sharing it!
  • shadesofidaho
    shadesofidaho Posts: 485 Member
    Congratulations. You are such an inspiration.
  • cog62
    cog62 Posts: 52 Member
    great job!!!
  • tmm_0127
    tmm_0127 Posts: 545 Member
    Really great work! Grats on the progress. :D
  • Fitgirlwannabe1
    Fitgirlwannabe1 Posts: 4 Member
    WOW you have done a great job! Keep it up
  • jgnatca
    jgnatca Posts: 14,464 Member
    You are a bright and engaging lady. I wish you continued success. As a fellow diabetic in remission, I'm guessing you were on Metformin. My doctor calls it a miracle drug as it helps the body so much with sugar control. I am off all medication now. Metformin does have those nasty gastrointestinal side-effects though. If you ever end up having to go on it again, increase the dosage very gradually. That helps a lot. (Even skinny people can develop diabetes, and it can come back).

    It might not hurt to test your sugar just to confirm things. Companies offer deals for free meters all the time, and sometimes they give samples to pharmacies and doctors. Ask around and you might get a free one.
  • Melmade
    Melmade Posts: 349 Member
    Fantastic job on many jobs well done!!!
  • rjivory
    rjivory Posts: 51 Member
    Awesome job! Thanks for sharing as you go through this transformation!
  • sabrina_stafford
    sabrina_stafford Posts: 29 Member
    What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing :)
  • teamnevergoingback
    teamnevergoingback Posts: 368 Member
    It takes a special kind of person to overcome what you have so far and it will only make you stronger. You are a force to be reckoned with.
  • KellyKrepps28
    KellyKrepps28 Posts: 11 Member
    Great Job
  • misterdale67
    misterdale67 Posts: 171 Member
    You look great! Congratulations on all of the hard work.
  • luvwords1996
    luvwords1996 Posts: 90 Member
    You're an overcomer! You should YouTube the song "overcomer" by Mandisa. I think it would mean a lot to you! Congrats on your continued success!

  • sandibraymer71
    sandibraymer71 Posts: 14 Member
    I'm beyond inspired by your journey! I can't see your pictures for some reason but just reading your story gave me even more motivation to do this!!! Thank you for sharing and I wish you continued success & good health!! Kudos to your kiddo, too!
  • GaryRZ2020
    GaryRZ2020 Posts: 29 Member
    Wow you lost 104 lbs! It feels so good to get that first 100 lbs behind you. You are an inspiration for sure! Keep going you came this far you can make it!!
  • toffeebum
    toffeebum Posts: 5 Member
    Been awhile since this was posted did you reach ur goal or manage to maintain. U look fab in the pics x
  • BudhiRooh
    BudhiRooh Posts: 89 Member
    amazing just amazing (Y)
  • Plump2FitPanaQT
    Plump2FitPanaQT Posts: 121 Member
    Very inspirational!! And such a great story..congrats to you!!
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