Down 104 lbs. - Over Halfway to Goal!!! (pics)



  • chrissiecastellano
    I have seen this one before and every time I see it I am still amazed. Good Job!
  • NewOR2015
    NewOR2015 Posts: 1,018 Member
    I just read your story today. Congratulations on your amazing progress! You are an inspiration!
    LINIA Posts: 1,148 Member
    AWESOME results--hope you B) have been able to enjoy living life as a healthier person :)
  • scottburger104
    scottburger104 Posts: 90 Member
    keep up the great work!
  • huntersmom2016
    huntersmom2016 Posts: 185 Member
    You could've handled your childhood issues in so many worse ways. Be proud of the person you are now. You've done a fantastic job with your weight loss and I have no doubt you will continue losing. Just never give in our give up despite whatever stresses may pop up... You've come too far to backslide now! Much respect to you
  • imclynn
    imclynn Posts: 567 Member
    B) You are badass!
  • marina_moraga
    marina_moraga Posts: 3 Member
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of yourself with everyone, it truly is inspirational. I hope you have had continued success. <3
  • timmybitey
    timmybitey Posts: 18 Member
    U look incredibly beautiful! What an inspiration!
  • wpgmedina
    wpgmedina Posts: 2 Member
    You're my hero!
  • ambermbeckman
    ambermbeckman Posts: 3 Member
    Wow! You're amazing and you will reach your goal
  • emhempery
    emhempery Posts: 2 Member
    You are awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!
  • zippyads
    zippyads Posts: 1 Member
    Wow... way to go. I hope to see more posts from you. You are an amazing woman and have great insights. Keep on going!
  • GeorgiaM2015
    GeorgiaM2015 Posts: 142 Member
    Omg, that's amazing! You're amazing! :)
  • newlife7654
    newlife7654 Posts: 36 Member
    Your story is amazing. You look younger!! I had a light bulb moment when reading your story. You said that you did not like taking medicines nor putting chemicals in your body. I feel the same way...then I was like why do I eat junk food rather than whole foods? Same concept, many things I eat say genetically modified, etc..... Hopefully by making that connection it will help me make better choices. Thank you and wishing you continued success!
  • pbforsyth
    pbforsyth Posts: 6 Member
    Well done, you are doing so well.
  • mcwriter27
    mcwriter27 Posts: 5 Member
    How are you doing now? I don't see any recent posts. Your story is inspiring.
  • grammyv2
    grammyv2 Posts: 2 Member
  • The_Movie_Chair
    The_Movie_Chair Posts: 112 Member
    Congratulations. You have achieved something amazing and you will continue to follow the path of your journey. Well done!
  • SnazzIT
    SnazzIT Posts: 215 Member
    I am crying and thank you for sharing...I too have jumped on and off the wagon...but you are so right when you say that reading the success of others helps me to stay on longer and pull through the tough times. Sincere and inspiring :)
  • mulecanter
    mulecanter Posts: 1,792 Member
    What a great story. Imagine losing 15-20 per month!! I love that you are getting into exercise, it is really a key to long term success. Just for the record, when I see an obese person in the gym you can tell they feel self-conscious. I for one, and I don't think I'm unique, feel nothing but positive feelings for that person--it's when you see an obese person in line at Cinnabon's that you might feel judgmental. As you get thinner you will have new abilities and stamina, take advantage of it and keep raising the bar on yourself. Don't get frustrated as your weight loss slows, the closer you get to goal the harder it gets. That's why raising the exercise regimen helps. Congratulations on your success to date--now get back at it!
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