Too much sugar... from fruit!



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    lol at the end of the day im not hiding(opened diary) im making progress and if someone want to talk about the worry in sugar and fruit etc then ill give them some input I to have a high carb diet and I agree with a rare few on this thread.There is no right or wrong,good or bad only info out there that may help and interesting to say the least. hahaha omg

    I'm lost on the progress you're making, especially since, from the looks of it, you have your calories in your diary set below your maintenance level and you always seem to come in under your calories. If you're making progress, that is why, not the idea that you're eating a high-carb diet. Lol

    And reading your profile just made me laugh.
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    What makes you fat is eating too much. Stay within your caloric deficit and you can eat whatever you want.

    Dare I ask how these links are relevant?

    yes of course it teachers you that you dont have to stay in your calorie deficit to get fat as why I quoted Lifting4Lis.There are more ways where you can actually train you metabolism to eat more than your maintenance if you read the articles its very interesting.
    Reverse dieting allows you to eat more and will change your body composition,to many people eat far to low carbs and worry about sugar.

    I think you forgot to read the section on reverse dieting in that reverse dieting link.

    You don't seem to understand what reverse dieting is. I'm not even going to say how reverse dieting is use and how someone doesn't reverse diet forever. That is something you should know.

    It does not mean what you're saying it means. Go back and finish reading.

    so how is your "input" relevant? lol jezz youd like to think you could explain? However you seem to lack the knowledge perhaps?The fact is you dont have to "stay" in your calorie deficit to get fat. and its intresting,maybe not to you and you did ask if it was relevant and it is then you write "whatever,whatever" lol omg hahaha you guys start a convo off then decide its not going your way to carry it on just like the person who PMed me hahaha.

    Why do you keep saying this? No one is saying that you can not gain weight outside of a deficit

    I also don't understand at all....saying that "you don't have to stay in your caloric deficit to get fat" is uhhh, i think exactly what everyone here is saying...that you get fat by eating over your calories? I'm so totally lost on that sentence...*shakes head*