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Looking for friends let's play "answer one, ask one"



  • BreezyPeezy5
    BreezyPeezy5 Posts: 8,059 Member

    Have you ever met someone famous in person?
  • Luke_I_am_your_spotter
    Luke_I_am_your_spotter Posts: 4,179 Member
    Yes- I worked for a celeb once.

    Whats your go to karaoke song?
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 195,833 Member
    Yes, David Copperfield
    and William " The Refrigerator" Perry

  • linddd
    linddd Posts: 6,586 Member
    David Copperfield for me, too, and Andrew Firestone (bachelor on the 3rd season, nicest guy ever, I thought)

    Q: What really nice compliment has someone paid to you?