Aussies add me!



  • TehGTrain
    TehGTrain Posts: 14 Member
    Sydney based and getting back into things after a totally-uncalled-for-and-so-I'm-paying-for-it sort of break.

    On a ketogenic diet (worked wonders last time and easy to sustain) and doing a mix of weights (Starting Strength) and cardio (usually stationary cycling) and looking to get back to my lowest of 99kg to start off, and then work on seeing what I can do once there!

    Looking for friends to provide motivation, support and accountability and to hopefully give back to the community as well :smile:
  • SaJaBy
    SaJaBy Posts: 5 Member
    Looking for friends. Feel free to add me. :)
  • rheanan
    rheanan Posts: 4 Member
    Hey! I'm in Sydney and I'd love some local friends on MFP community. Please feel free to add me
  • rsmithy89
    rsmithy89 Posts: 174 Member
    Active Sydney MFPer here. Feel free to add me anyone!
  • Hi guys x im in Sydney, feel free to add me :)
  • Cryptic10
    Cryptic10 Posts: 25 Member
    Hi there!
    From Melbourne.. Feel free to add me.. :p
  • dannycorey
    dannycorey Posts: 5 Member
    Hey everyone! i'm a Melbourne gal. Hoping to see some more Aussies on my feed. Feel free to add me
  • lowndesy
    lowndesy Posts: 11 Member
    Sydney Northern Beaches here. Add me :-)
  • Ally_Fitness87
    Ally_Fitness87 Posts: 6 Member
    Howdy :smile: I'm from Melbourne. Looking for new friends from our neck of the woods to beef up my support network and really make some progress.
  • Africa16
    Africa16 Posts: 10 Member
    Hi... Brisbane 40+ here looking for active friends to interact with and encourage each other.
  • mrsgoof
    mrsgoof Posts: 23 Member
    Add me, I need more active friends too😊