Weigh in Information and Starting Weight Posting



  • rose1617
    rose1617 Posts: 469 Member
    Starting weight on MFP (this time LOL): 181 lbs
    Current weight: 157.4 (1/5/14)
    Easter weight: 137 lbs
    Ultimate goal weight: 130 lbs
  • anewdesign
    anewdesign Posts: 187 Member
    starting weight: 195
    Easter goal weight: 175
    ultimate goal weight: 150
    lbs to lose in total: 45
  • Starting weight as of 12\29\14:184
    Current as of 1\5\15: 181
    By Easter goal:164
    End goal: 135-145
  • corinic91
    corinic91 Posts: 148 Member
    Start weight: 145.1
    Easter GW: 130
    UGW: 125
  • joanfrye
    joanfrye Posts: 5 Member
    Starting weight: 163.4
    Easter Goal weight: 143.4
    Ultimate Goal weight: 130
  • twrobbel
    twrobbel Posts: 132 Member
    Thanks for starting this group! Glad that there are no set dates to post. I often travel and find that I have missed posting deadlines in other threads because I remember a day late.

    Current weight: 215.2
    Goal for Easter: 195
    Ultimate goal weight: 135
  • summeroflove99
    summeroflove99 Posts: 168 Member
    Current weight: 139
    Easter weight: 119
    UGW: 108
  • CheekyWu
    CheekyWu Posts: 12 Member
    Oooh here i go! My 1st challenge! Lets do this!
    Feel free to add me for extra support-i know i need all i can get!

    Starting weight (5 jan)175lb
    Easter weight 160lb - 155lb
    Ultimate goal 150lb-160lb ( dependent on my body and how i feel)

    Good luck!
  • metubal
    metubal Posts: 282 Member
    Start weight 1/1/15: 178
    1/5/15: 176.6
    Goal weight for challenge: 158
    Ultimate goal:135
  • donnamwebb39
    donnamwebb39 Posts: 315 Member
    Start weight 1/5/15 - 263.2
    Easter weight 4/5/15 - 243.2
    Ultimate goal - 150
  • phreekles
    phreekles Posts: 216 Member
    SW: 189 lb (21/09/14 - just after giving birth :)
    CW: 158 lb (05/01/14)
    Easter goal: 138 lb
    UW: 133 lb
    Total weight to lose: 25 lb

    Thank you so much for this forum- I find these group challenges really supportive and motivating!
  • walking_woman
    walking_woman Posts: 127 Member
    12qw34 wrote: »
    1crvygrl wrote: »
    cherirana wrote: »
    Is there any interest in putting this all into a shared document rather than individual posts? May be helpful and easier to track, collectively and over time.

    YES! A spreadsheet would be awesome!!!

    I AGREE!!

    Look at the thread for spreadsheet or not there is a spreadsheet in there.

    The spreadsheet link is on the main page for this group :) Enjoy
  • cycletrak1
    cycletrak1 Posts: 607 Member
    If your name and info has not already been entered on the spreadsheet, then enter your info at the bottom of the list. Do not worry about putting your name in alphabetical order. We will fix it later. This is important so that the formulas remain intact.

    Here is the link Easter Challenge Spreadsheet Link:

    This is the same link that you will use weekly to record your weight under the appropriately dated week.

    The pounds lost/gained and percent will automatically calculate for you. :)

    If by chance you do not want your info on the spreadsheet, message me and it will be removed.



  • Emi1974
    Emi1974 Posts: 522 Member
    fantastic spreadsheet (*)
  • maryann829
    maryann829 Posts: 2 Member
    sw: 185
    gw: 165
    ugw 160
  • KayKayCPA
    KayKayCPA Posts: 8 Member
    SW 171
    Easter GW 151
    Goal 145
  • jlightl24
    jlightl24 Posts: 5 Member
    Current Weight: 265
    Goal For Easter: 245
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 199
  • tasious89
    tasious89 Posts: 22 Member
    current weight: 213
    by easter: 193
    ultimate goal: 160
  • Cbanjo
    Cbanjo Posts: 557 Member
    Start MFP weight: May 12, 2014 - 176.5lbs

    Start weight for Challenge - 151.14lbs

    Goal Weight for Challenge - 141lbs

    Ultimate Goal Weight: 140lbs

    Lbs to Lose: 10.14lbs
  • soloelixir
    soloelixir Posts: 10 Member
    Start Weight for MFP: 230 pounds
    Start Weight for Challenge: 230 pounds
    Goal Weight for Challenge: 210 pounds
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170 pounds
    Pounds to Lose: 60 pounds