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Been Judged By Your Appearance?



  • juniorettejuniorette Member Posts: 278 Member Member Posts: 278 Member
    _Tink_ wrote: »
    Yes. I picked up a second job a few months ago - just a simple retail position to help with bills. At work there, I wear jeans and the store t-shirt. I can't tell you how many customers talk down to me like I'm an idiot because I'm working in a low-paying retail position. Little do they know I have a masters degree and a former career with DoD.

    I get this too. I've taught piano lessons for around 20 years, have a master degree. I needed a part time job while my kids were in school, and all that I could find was a job as a cook at a daycare. Thankfully everyone there is very nice and respectful, except the boss's boss--who only comes a few times a year to visit at least. But she definitely gives me the attitude like I'm not even worth smiling at or saying hello to.

  • Joannah700Joannah700 Member Posts: 2,685 Member Member Posts: 2,685 Member
    It's funny when I go into Home Depot which is usually on a Sunday before Church so I'm all Dolled up in my Dresses and Heels shopping for building supplies. I am a Home Renovator and can do a lot of things from Carpentry to Plumbing and Wiring but it never fails that I'll get at least three different Guys at the store ask me what they can help me find, and if I start filling my cart with supplies let's say Plumbing for example... they assume that I don't know what I'm doing and try to school me! :confounded:

    I see no reason not to turn this to your advantage.

    I had to replace a piece of hardware from a desk I was refinishing and it would have taken me several minutes minutes to go through all the little bins, but...I decided to stop by after work on a day I was wearing a skirt.

    Was this on purpose? Yes it was. I admit it!

    I got immediate assistance and was in and out of there within 5 minutes. I don't think it was because they were judging me as not knowing what I was doing, but more just wanting to be helpful to a lady.

  • SinistrousSinistrous Member Posts: 5,608 Member Member Posts: 5,608 Member
    moya_bleh wrote: »
    My whole life! Mainly for my face and the fact that I'm only 5ft 8 (being under 6ft is a crime in the dating world these days) In fact, I've been left so disillusioned by judgement on my appearance that I now suffer from social anxiety and I've had to ask in the gym about getting 'extra help' to get me a body that women might approve of. Damn these genetics!

    5'8" is perfect IMO. Anything over 6' is a waste.

  • beckibelgiumbeckibelgium Member Posts: 236 Member Member Posts: 236 Member
    I look younger than I am and have a 4 year old who's very tall I live in a not brill area and get labeled a teenage single mum on benefits! Me and my partner (of nearly 10years) both work full time I claim no benefits and am nearly 30!!
  • therealblackdahliatherealblackdahlia Member Posts: 3,113 Member Member Posts: 3,113 Member
    I've been judged by my appearance ever since I was a teenager. I figure that everyone encounters this at some point in their life.
  • salembambisalembambi Member Posts: 5,654 Member Member Posts: 5,654 Member
    i have always been judged for my appearance...arent most people...
    but yea people think im scary sometimes or assume things about me because of my appearance
  • SerenaFisherSerenaFisher Member Posts: 2,200 Member Member Posts: 2,200 Member
    I have always been judged, people assume I am very ignorant towards cars, fire-arms, and actually pretty much everything. Women and men both judge that I am either stuck up or "cheerleaderish". I am actually neither, I have a degree in diesel mechanics, and I qualified sharp shooter in the Army. It doesn't bother me anymore I find it adorable when someone treats me like I am ignorant towards any of these things, plus it works in my favor.

    Years ago when I got my first manual transmission I stalled the car at a light for three changes of red to green. (I was nervous, first time I ever drove it anywhere. I had it in third geer but was so freaked out thought it was first.) The cops showed up and seeing me in my flustered state laughed and said "well just get it moving" ironically my car was totally illegal. No inspection. No insurance. :)

    Another time I pulled out of the gas station and Banged second. Cop immediately follows me, pulls me over a few miles down the road. Comes up and sees I am female, questions if I realized I had barked my tires which isnt legal. And I go "omg I am so sorry I dont know how to drive stick. I didnt even realize I was doing that officer so sorry." No tickets ;)

    I know what I am and people will Judge regardless so meh....whateva.
  • fish2findfish2find Member Posts: 222 Member Member Posts: 222 Member
    Psoriasis as a teen was a night mare, everyone sees you as the plague. I think it taught me a valuable lesson about peoples reaction. Cant fix stupid and its really a problem they need to work out them selves. Knowing someone could have a low enough self esteem to put down another is a sad case in itself.
  • ElizabethObviouslyElizabethObviously Member Posts: 395 Member Member Posts: 395 Member
    I have RBF and have had it for a while. My family always thought I was annoyed, depressed, emotional. You name a negative emotion, I MUST have had it.
  • annekkaannekka Member Posts: 522 Member Member Posts: 522 Member
    I'm blonde. Naturally. I get a lot of people assuming I'm not too smart until they meet me. Not everybody, but it happens. Probably doesn't help that I allow people to believe it just so I can shock them when they find out that I'm a highly educated very intelligent person. :p
  • indycoltzindycoltz Member Posts: 563 Member Member Posts: 563 Member
    It's weird..... when I was 400+ lbs I could care less about who said what or who cared about how I look.... but now that I'm in good shape, I am 100x more self-conscious about the way I look and how people perceive me. I thought it would be the opposite way.
  • dgoodie92dgoodie92 Member Posts: 625 Member Member Posts: 625 Member
    People just presume am a cocky prick by my manner and looks.
  • ThatFatAsianNerdThatFatAsianNerd Member Posts: 1,430 Member Member Posts: 1,430 Member
    I probably do but they don't say it to my face because I'm a pretty big dude. Lol.
  • IguessicandothisIguessicandothis Member Posts: 2,158 Member Member Posts: 2,158 Member
    Yes, but our minds are forming judgements all the time. Judging things by their appearance is simply how we process, and determine how to react to, our environment. Once we have more information our judgments can (and sometimes should) change quite quickly.
  • Bkra236Bkra236 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    I walked into a Starbucks once, and someone looked at me who I didn't know. It was pretty traumatic.
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  • RunTimerRunTimer Member Posts: 9,139 Member Member Posts: 9,139 Member
    Bkra236 wrote: »
    I walked into a Starbucks once, and someone looked at me who I didn't know. It was pretty traumatic.

  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Member Posts: 13,580 Member Member Posts: 13,580 Member
    _Waffle_ wrote: »
    TheRoadDog wrote: »
    Here's a couple of instances where I have.
    I took her to the nearest lighted area with a pay phone and dropped her, at her request.
    Where the blazes do you find a pay phone? How long ago did this story take place?

    LOL City folk! Out in the boonies they are still around. Certainly not as many as before but they aren't hard to find. Cell service might be though.
  • synchkatsynchkat Member Posts: 37,525 Member Member Posts: 37,525 Member
    I grew up figure skating...I have been judged on appearance. haha

    and I think it's fun. I'm blonde and can play the part of ditzy blonde then bust out a few fancy words and interesting facts.

    People think I'm a weakling too and are then amazed at the things I do and can do, just cause I don't have muscles popping out all over doesn't mean I'm not strong.
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  • MissTattooMissTattoo Member, Premium Posts: 1,234 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,234 Member
    lol I'm mixed, but on the darker side of mixed? Anyway, I've had people in line at the grocery store that I shouldn't be able to buy a stick of gum with food I pull my VISA debit card out of my wallet and just stare at them.

    I'm the only person of color who works at my office location and was told by a mail clerk that the company must have needed to fill their "minority quota". O_O So for 7 years I've questioned if my experience, education, and skills landed me this job or was it my skin.

    I have tattoos and all of the parents at the PTA meetings think I'm drinking and partying every night.
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Member Posts: 13,580 Member Member Posts: 13,580 Member
    I think everyone is judged by their appearance. It's human nature.

    I have been told numerous times that I look like a school teacher. I'm never really sure what that means, but it's a noble profession so I take it as a compliment. In reality, I could never put up with all the hassle that teachers do. I wouldn't last one day.

    Edit: I really need to learn to type and/or proofread. :(
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