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55-65 year old women's success?



  • rimtorimgoalrimtorimgoal Posts: 103Member Member Posts: 103Member Member
    I'm 61 and would like to lose 50 lbs.
  • jlfbwjlfbw Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    debtay123 wrote: »
    dwebbqt- the healthy habits that I am working on and will continue to do is to drink my water, to get in at least 10,000 steps each day(love my fitbit) more ifpossible, keep stress down as much as is possible for me and most of all- LOG my food- without logging I just can not do it!!!!!- I even prelog which helps me decide how I want to (spend) my calories. As I have stated before some folks sometimes may it seem weird that I log- but for me- it is a must- I just smile politely and come to MFP each day

    This is great advice! Pre-logging is so helpful and H2O is a must!
  • Healthy67ChickHealthy67Chick Posts: 166Member Member Posts: 166Member Member
  • debtay123debtay123 Posts: 1,090Member Member Posts: 1,090Member Member
    ahey where is everybody? Are you all still working on your weight loss journey? I am still here and still trying!!!!
  • cory17cory17 Posts: 402Member Member Posts: 402Member Member
    I'm still on this journey. Anyone else have difficulty with the sodium in any outside/prepared food? Doesn't seem to matter what it is, my weight jumps 2-4 pounds.
  • MaryLeueluMaryLeuelu Posts: 97Member Member Posts: 97Member Member
  • Trina2040Trina2040 Posts: 202Member, Premium Member Posts: 202Member, Premium Member
    Yup, still here. Greetings everyone. Still logging and weighing my food because I still want ALL the food. So sad.
  • HEAVYweightlifterHEAVYweightlifter Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    Hello: I am 56 and I weigh 165 at this moment. I want to return to 135 which I was when I did marathon training 10 years ago. I can not run or walk far, now that my knees are shot from 20 years of long distance running. Instead I lift weights 5 x week. As we get past menopause, we lose muscle tissue more readily so our metabolism slows down. Each pound of muscle added to your body mass will burn extra calories all day long! Lifting weights and adding 30 minutes of cardio by rowing or biking has helped me relax and eat less! Good Luck Ladies!
  • griffinca2griffinca2 Posts: 672Member Member Posts: 672Member Member
    Been doing weights for several years (and I'm well past 56)! Totally agree with the lifting of weights; I do full-body three times a week at the local parks & rec fitness center with a short (15-20 min) walk on a treadmill.
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