Let's talk Green Tea.



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    Just had a cup a bit ago. It was the Celestial Seasons. Next time I am at the mall I am heading to Tevana and get some of the good stuff.

    I don't notice any difference. I am just trying not to drink soda.
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    I'm very tea promiscuous, I love black, oolong, green, give me all the tea! I don't particularly notice a difference when I drink one kind versus the others. The biggest benefit I get is feeling relaxed as reading quietly and having a cup of tea is my nightly "wind down" ritual before heading to bed, but I attribute that more to the process rather than the tea itself.
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    I've only heard that green tea is good for your skin and cause a good bowel movements but not increasing energy though. I drink 2 glass of green tea every morning. What I like about it is that pimples don't grow much on your face and it makes your face glow:)
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    I love green tea....and black tea...and white tea...and oolong tea...and herbal tea....honestly...there's not a tea I've tried that I haven't liked. But I drink it because I love it...not because it's "magic". :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Same here. I have loads of different teas of various colours and flavours (I even have a yellow tea :smile: ), and use them to keep my liquid intake up. There is some evidence that drinking tea lowers cholesterol but the trials were short term:
    I prefer to drink it to fill me up between meals, and appreciate the huge variety of teas out there I can drink. My favourite is chai by the way. Mmmm, spicy!
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    Green tea has caffeine in it. Caffeine is a stimulant. Careful to not have too much.
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    I have just started drinking green tea which gives me more energy and I read some articles where it gives you high endurance with aerobic work outs. What benefits have you had from drinking brewed green tea? I also have PCOS, so those who suffer with this, did you see any benefits as well? thanks

    I dunno about that, but, I do know it helps me not get sick. I had "mono" a few years ago and it completely annihilated my immune system and ended up rupturing my spleen. Long story short.... I get sick EASILY and green tea holds it all at bay. I drink a few cups a day with Splenda and I also take the pill supplement.
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    Thank you so much for the responses you guys! I am going to try different kinds. I think I favor the fruity flavors too.