Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • jgnatca
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    The Metformin couldn’t keep my blood sugars in check, my blood pressure kept rising and I was losing my mobility.
  • gempeadon
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    I've got nerve damage from the L4 disc downwards. It's seriously affecting my bladder and occasionally my being able to walk any kind of distance. I know losing weight will help improve my situation as I have about 3.5st to lose!
  • berky06
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    I don't have anything that made me decide to lose weight. It was just time after years of "losing" weight. I've struggled on and off. Things are clicking and I am doing it this time around! And....I'm loving it!
  • letsresthere
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    No health issues, but it was the reason I started. I want/wanted to get fit before I DO have the health problems. The longer I waited the harder it was going to be. Another reason was, climbing stairs and being a little more out of breath than I should be. I was tired of that happening, so that also helped me decide that enough was enough.
  • dunkind45
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    The scale. Stepped on it and was like "oh no, I am REALLY close to being 250 and this is heavier than the heaviest weight I remembered being!". And wearing size 18 jeans realizing the pant size is almost my own age in years.
  • lisabobczuk
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    Putting off holidays of a lifetime because it filled me with so much dread and anxiety, worrying showing my flesh off.
    Im 1 stone 3lb down and got another 30lbs to go.
    By Christmas it will be off.
  • peachvine29
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    I have half halfheartedly tried to lose weight for years, but this time I'm really serious and determined because a liver doctor told me he thinks I have fatty liver disease, and recommended I lose weight. No doctor had ever recommended losing weight before. It was a little wake up call.
  • genchiyu
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    I let myself go for 3 years and gained 10 lbs within that timeframe. My AH HA moment was weighing myself at the beginning of this year to find out I was back at my highest of 160 lbs at 5'0".

    I was at my heaviest back in 2011, so when I realized I was back up there 7 years later, I finally told myself to get my eating habits back in check. My lowest was 125 lbs due to being heartbroken back in 2013. I'm around 149, +/- a pound.
    My first goal is to get below 145. 130 is my next goal. My UGW is 110.
    Good luck to everyone on MFP in achieving your goals!
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  • ColoradoBringItOn
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    I suffered from histamine attacks and hive breakouts for the last 3 years which left my skin raw from me scratching it all night long. I had enough once January 1st hit. I read that the number 8 means new beginnings so I took 2018 as the year I was going to take my health seriously and get fit once and for all. I now have a burning fire in me that will not be doused. I've lost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year and I have no plans of slowing down. My histamine issues are gone and my skin is healed. I'm eating super clean Paleo/Whole30 and it changed everything. I hired a personal trainer twice a week and workout 5-6 times a week and feel AMAZING! Never going back. This is the year!
  • londell16
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    When I got on the scale and it said 299 pounds! That was my moment of oh crap you have to get serious about this weight lost.
  • Cirque95
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    There was a few reasons really. I gained a lot of weight really quickly last summer, and all of my clothes stopped fitting. So I went clothes shopping and realised that I had to get clothes two sizes bigger than usual. I also noticed that I suddenly had stretch marks on my stomach. Then to top it off, I got out of a long-term relationship and was single for the first time in my adult life. All of these things sort of accumulated until I decided to lose weight. My motivation now though is to just be a better version of myself. :smile:
  • AlainaKayy
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    I have been yo-yoing on the scaled since I joined back in 2012, back then I was small but just wanted to gain muscle. In the years since then I have gone from 175-150 about 4 times. Right now I am at my heaviest, my realization was that since I was wearing the same work pants everyday and then yoga pants when I got home, I didn't realize that none of my pants fit anymore. I got a new job that doesn't require a uniform, guess what? I had no pants that fit. I squeezed myself in too small pants for about 1.5 months before I really saw it in the mirror. I was about to take a shower and just looked at myself in the mirror, I had no idea who that was. I looked like one of my sisters and they have both had kids.

    THAT was when I got serious, I am down only 3lbs but I'm going a slower route this time to prevent injury since I have knee problems. Also changed up my diet any other time, I just added the exercise and it worked. This time I am focusing on my diet--which could also be why the weight loss is slower. But I'm here for the long haul and am completely in it.

    Now if only it would stop raining so I could utilize the great outdoors.