Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



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    I was desirous of becoming a sexy *kitten* again. :D
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    JustSomeJD wrote: »
    I was desirous of becoming a sexy *kitten* again. :D

    Just hang in there. The impossible is possible but it just takes longer in most cases. :)

    In my case I was just trying to prevent a hard premature death at the age of 63. Now that I am at the age of 67 with health improving regardlessly of how I look life is awesome.
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    I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I remember getting winded going up a single flight of stairs and got really upset. I went home, had a really good cry and just decided NO MORE! I couldn't take it anymore. Basically I got really pissed off at myself.
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    I knew i had been putting on weight for a while (since my holiday back in sept 2016 for reference) and i didnt care what i ate i just ate whatever i wanted whenever i wanted in large quantities.

    Then i booked a holiday at the start of this year and planned on losing some weight regardless. And around the same time i stepped on the scales and worked out my BMI. I was literally just under 2 points away from being in the overweight category. I was so shocked as ive never been overweight in my life, always been a skinny minny. That's when i knew i had to do something!
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    The first time (back in 2009) was because of my daughters. They always wanted to play and I was too out of shape to do it. So I put all my effort into it and lost 150 pounds and was in the best shaped since my Junior year of high school.

    Then life happened... long story short...

    This time I am doing it for me. I had a scare with my blood pressure, I recently lost my grandfather, my father has had some health issues and I just didn't want to follow in those footsteps. And I think that is the reason I feel different this time. It is for me, while still being for those close to me. Sometimes that is all it takes, wanting to be a better you.
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    Almost 3 years ago, I lost a significant amount of weight. I felt great! I accidentally took a break from losing when the holidays came. I never started back again and then ended up gaining it back. I remember how much better I felt! I could move better. I stopped having joint and back pain. I had more energy. I didn’t have shortness of breath just walking. I felt good in clothes. I’ve been saying I’m going to lose more weight non stop. Well here I am, 3 days back on it! I’m really looking forward to feeling better again!!
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    Sick and tired of being the biggest one in family holiday pictures. I have a family full of thin people.......not this year....NOT THIS YEAR!!!
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    Saw myself naked in the mirror thats all it took
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    I saw a side on picture of me on holiday and I was embarrassed. I'm only 5ft 4 so can't carry any weight, and it all goes straight to my belly too. I decided to get a 6 pack by age 40 instead.
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    I started showing signs of diabetes. That was definitely a wake up call.
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    Vanity was the initial trigger.

    I'd always been attractive, I now realize, though at those earlier, "attractive" times I always THOUGHT I needed better hair, skin, nose, etc. At 5'3 and 172.5 pounds I found myself "obese." 35 lbs later in the "normal" BMI range is such a relief, but now my goal is more fitness than vanity. I danced my @ss off a few weeks ago and was sore for a couple of days. I want to dance and do other things I have wanted to do, like climbing the baby mountain near our summer vacation retreat. So I've lost 20% of my weight and started exercising a month ago.

    I also realize that I am a certain body type and there's no point wanting to be taller and not have cellulite. I had cellulite in high school at about 108 lbs - that's just genes. I just won't ever be taller. MFP has shown me so many people with my body type and how good they look after losing weight but especially after strength training.
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    hipari wrote: »
    Mine is kind of a long story. I had gained continuously since, well, I was born, as in I eventually stopped growing taller but never stopped growing heavier. Slowly, but surely, the weight crept up. At the end of 2015 I was feeling awful both physically and mentally (it was a tough year, my parents got divorced and my grandma passed away). Physically, trying to catch a bus left me winded and sweaty, I felt uncomfortable participating in any kind of physical activity, even taking the stairs together with a group. My calves were so tight and messed up that walking the stairs hurt on top of my lungs being on fire. My chest was so tight that in hindsight it was a miracle I could dress myself. On top of that, I looked like crap.

    I decided I had had enough, decided to start losing weight, and January 2016 I joined a gym and hired a trainer. We started from the bottom, got me a simple program (I had gone to the gym in my late teens so technically knew how the machines work etc), and started working on my issues. My chest loosened up so much that all my dresses became too big on my shoulders/upper chest. I foamrolled and stretched my calves regularly, and eventually they loosened and were no longer in pain. My hip flexors were (and still are) messed-up tight, it took around 2 years of working on my muscle balance before I could do a proper lunge. I built basic everyday strength and stamina, nothing particularly athletic. I lost around 10 lbs. Summer 2016, I had some medical issues and was prescribed blood tests for celiac disease. The test requires you to actually eat gluten, so they can test if you can handle it properly. The only proactive thing I had done for my health in 2015 was figuring out my stomach issues were fodmap-related and that I could keep symptoms at bay by avoiding cereals that contain gluten. So, all summer I ate those cereals with gluten, felt like crap, gained 5lbs back. I did not have celiac disease.

    The next 1,5 years I worked on increasing my strength and stamina, balanced work, studies and working out, and experimented with new foods and slowly built healthier habits. Also, I kept gaining and losing the same 10lbs. At least the first 5lbs I lost back in 2016 stayed off. Then, March 2018, I felt like it was time, and in addition to becoming healthier, I was now ready to lose weight as well. I had a good start back in January 2016, but at the time I hadn’t realized I needed to figure out my other health issues first. 112 days later, here I am, losing weight. The rest of my life feels pretty much in control (I still balance work, studies and all the rest, plus I’m starting a second degree in the fall), I’m in a better place physically and mentally, and now I can focus on weight loss because my other health issues (muscle imbalance, celiac tests, fodmap etc) are dealt with.

    Thanks for sharing with the group. I wish you much success on your journey.
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    My favorite pants don’t fit anymore and I’m not letting myself buy a larger size. Period.
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    I want to lose weight because I gained too much weight in the past few months so I want to get to a size im comfortable with
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    This couple's reason impressed me as did their before and after photos.

    In my case I realized that I was killing myself in a real way with my old way of eating. It is coming up on 4 years since I stopped eating foods containing added sugars and or any form of any grain. If I knew how simple it would have been I might have done it 40 years before wrecking my health but a slow recovery is going on thankfully. Not dying before I see any grandkids was a driving force and helped me get through the first two hellish weeks of finally doing this cold turkey after 40 years of yo-yoing weight. Tapering off never worked for the prior 40 years and at 63 I knew I was running out of time and thankfully my general health and health markers are better than 30 years ago. My finally acting has been positive for the rest of the family but it took a while to see that I was serious about not dying prematurely and was willing to do more than just talk about it.
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    Back and knee pain and just feeling cruddy all the time.
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    When we decided to have a family movie night and gave the kids 6 pieces of chocolate and I ate the rest. There was 2 blocks. They had chips and dip and I didn’t 😂