Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



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    same, stepped on the scale at my routine physical on tuesday, and i weighed 209, i weighed 190......in 2006......9 months pregnant and my daughter was 9lbs born. Turning 40 in 2 months, and i hate that i actually "like" the mom jeans....hides my tummy.
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    I got on the scales! I knew I was fat, but I hadn't realised that I was a good 20lbs heavier than I thought I was. And as I'm in my early forties, I decided I'd better sort myself out before the 'change' hits and it becomes more difficult. Not to mention that I'm healthy NOW but can't expect that to continue if my bad habits do.

    Terrified of getting loose skin, though. And when someone said I'd look older...god. Looking younger than my age is literally the ONLY thing I like about how I look. I take damn good care of my skin, and the thought of getting wrinkles because I lost weight is horrifying. But the longer I wait, the worse I'll make those two problems, so time to sort it out.
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    I went to a christmas party with my friends and we snapped pictures during the night. When she sent them to me I was shocked. I somehow got so big and never realized it. it's like the person I saw in the mirror and in the picture were 2 different people. I was a 5'5 over 250 pounds, yet looking in the mirror i kept thinking it wasn't so bad. The last year being obese I changed pants size twice, that's how fast I was gaining weight. I swore that day that I would never let myself be this out of control about food.
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    My uncle passed away due to complications from diabetes. My grandmother is also diabetic and is going blind. It runs rampant in my family, and I wanted to fix so many health issues that I was I already starting to have.
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    I've been bullied by my friends and family. It hurts me whenever they say that I am so fat. Last year, I have worked my *kitten* off. I work out on a daily basis as if I am not tired. Also, I am having some hard time looking for good set of clothes.
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    When I first joined, back in 2012, it was right after I tried on a bathing suit from the last year and I couldnt get it over my thighs. Which was bad enough, except that that suit I had bought the year before that because my old one was too small. I sat on the edge of my bed and cried. That was it for me.
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    i got tired of not having a defined waistline like i once did. i was a walking rectangle and that muffin top was getting all pinched and lined from the jeans not fitting properly. getting sick also was a huge catalyst though. still sick but look heaps better and at least will look good in the coffin! :D
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    Mine was really easy really, I went to the doctors and when she couldn't find any other reason to fuss at me, she said I needed to join a weight loss program. Not like I hadn't been working on it all along (the reason she had nothing to fuss about).
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    I have an anxiety disorder, and a particularly bad episode saw me barely able to leave my house for the better part of a year. I gained 3 stone, and became super unfit. After a couple of years of doing nothing about my mental or physical health (I convinced myself I was happy as I was) I realised I wasn't. Two months ago I went to a doctor and started getting help for the anxiety. Then a month ago I woke up and was like "I need to get my life in order." and went outside. I've been walking between 3-5 miles a day, 5-6 days a week since and I don't intend to give it up.

    It's like someone flipped a switch on the little voice in my head; instead of hearing insults and shaming for being overweight and telling me everything is too much to deal with, it now motivates and encourages me to get up and start doing things. It's not so much about losing the weight for me, as it is about getting fitter so I can do the activities I used to adore before everything happened, the weight loss that's occurring because of it is just a bonus!

    very happy you got out of your head regarding this. most people are too involved with their own selves to worry about others. you've made incredible progress - i hope you're able to maintain this attitude and lifestyle - carry on!~ xo
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    I was tired of buying bigger clothes. And I just felt terrible with myself. My whole family is small, naturally petite and I was so out of place next to them.
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    simple, couldn't button my pants.
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    I came down with non-alcohol cirrhosis and decided I want to live a little longer.