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    They should make these in the US. Also banana foster with the graham base ones they use for the carrot cake. 36xr9llobnmf.jpeg
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    New in the Haagen-Dazs Spirits line: Rosé and cream ice cream. This definitely smells pretty strongly of wine, despite the low alcohol content. Tastewise, "cream" is the predominant flavor, with a subtle aftertaste of wine and a hint of berry flavor. I think it's mostly a creamy ice cream with swirls of the wine flavor (you can sort of tell from the picture below).

    Also, Noosa's got a new higher protein, lower sugar yogurt line. The flavors are pretty basic (vanilla bean, blueberry, mixed berry, strawberry), but they taste pretty good. They're not quite as creamy as the original yogurt style, but still on the creamier side. At around 12g of protein for a 150g serving, it's about equivalent to a Greek yogurt.
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    I ordered chick o stick again and this time it was the new formula. I looked it up and I guess they changed the formula recently and took out the red dye. Old is on right new on left. The old was so much more light and flaky and EXACTLY a butterfinger. (these aren’t as much now) The newer ones are more dense and 10 more calories for the bigger ones. The coconut is less toasted and not as fine, flaky and throughout the bar. Not happy they changed...JUST LIKE BUTTERFINGER.

    Going to buy up all the old recipe ones while I can find them. I was so happy I thought I finally found a replacement.a8xsdlx2urg2.jpeg

    You can make a pretty close copy of butterfingers at home with candy corn and peanut butter.The recipe is 1 pound candy corn
    1 18 ounce jar crunchy peanut butter
    .5 package chocolate chips
    1 tablespoon vegetable shortening

    Microwave the candy corn for 30 seconds on high. Stir and repeat until smooth and JUST melted.
    Stir in the peanut butter until well blended. Press into a parchment paper (baking paper) lined 9X13 pan.
    Allow to cool for at least 5 minutes. Melt the chocolate chips and the shortening, then spread over the
    candy. Allow chocolate to set before cutting. You can also cut before you put on the chocolate and dip to cover then allow to set.

    Thank you! I am going to try this!
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    Never knew this existed but its an all night cookie delivery service called Insomnia Cookies. Was at a birthday party last night where they ordered them (and a cookie cake). I didn't expect anything great but WOW they were incredible! They came warm and goey fresh out of the oven. I had trouble deciding on a flavor which is why this also goes in the "if it didn't have calories" thread because I wanted to try them all plus the entire cookie cake. I ended up splitting a snickerdoodle and reeses peanut butter cup with my friend. 10/10 for both they were delicious. I loved that the reeses peanut butter had warm goey peanut butter chips and huge chunks of reeses cups baked into it and on top! The snickerdoodle was warm and had the perfect amount of cinnamon. I wanted to try them ALL! They also make smores, double chocolate, sugar cookie, mint chocolate, plain peanut butter, m&M, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin etc.


    The cookie cake was PHENOMENAL! Way better than Mrs. Fields or any cookie cake I've had in the past. I loved that it was delivered warm.

    I ate way too many calories in cookies last night LOL.

    Oh, gods... I just looked it up, there's one near me... 😬
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    Oh THANK GOD(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm out of their delivery range.

    To fully appreciate Insomnia and get the full experience you need to go there at 2 AM and order the cookies fresh and sit at the counter with a bottle of chocolate milk. They make the cookies up front so the place always smells SO GOOD! (think ice cream shops that make their own waffle cones). Yum!

    Why are you evil?

    I mean, I often think that but sometimes it needs to be asked.



    Just gonna leave these here :)

    ...... OMG the pics....yesssssss. I've been craving cookies straight for days now. I think I just need to save up some calories for a few days and buy myself a 6 pack :D . What I LOVED was how the chunks of chocolate were so big and since they are warm they are nice and melted and soft.

    Saw this, probably won't buy but would try if they give out samples.

    I am a sucker for anything funfeti flavored.

    Interested to try the vegan one. snfoo1vpqizw.png


    Some stuff I saw on impulsive buy that looks interesting.

    Almond protein, awesome! Wish vegan mac and cheese was gluten free
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    Not a fan of coffee personally, here's some more info
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    So I liked the chick o stick so much I decided to try the regular crunchy peanut bars. These are good but not as good as the chick o stick. The original version chick o stick is exactly the inside of a butterfinger. Flaky light buttery crispy crunchy and delicious.

    These are harder and have less of a peanut butter taste. They are still pretty good and each stick is 90 calories. The outside doesn’t really have a flavor just sweet. They are really just peanut butter flavored sugar which always tastes good. I wouldn’t buy them again.

    The chick o stick original are amazing... been obsessed with them lately lol.

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    I never really liked the nutz over chocolate luna bar because I thought it was the most boring out of all of them with the PLAIN top, lol.

    I had one last night and it looks like they changed the recipe! I am really happy they have a chocolate drizzle now. It makes them 10x better! Is this a new change or has it just been that long since I've had one?!




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    The peanut butter cookie now has peanut butter chips AND a drizzle! (First pic how the pb was last time I had it on the left nuts over chocolate on right)

    I am really glad I tried these again. They had a bowl of them at the gym for free so I snagged one of each flavor. I haven’t had Luna bars in forever. The other ones have been the same so far. S’mores is still bare on top lol.


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    aldi - bada bean bada boom, crunchy fava beans with 7g protein per 1 oz serving for 100 calories. bbq, sea salt, siracha have all been good!
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    aldi - bada bean bada boom, crunchy fava beans with 7g protein per 1 oz serving for 100 calories. bbq, sea salt, siracha have all been good!

    hmmm since when do they sell enlightened at Aldi? Nice!
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    Has anyone tried these cashew milk ice cream flavors?


    Free sample sesame milk
    "For a limited time, you can get a VIP coupon mailed to you for a FREE carton of Hope & Sesame Sesamemilk when you "Like" their Facebook page and send them a message with your info. If you "Follow" then on Instagram too, they will send you TWO Free Coupon! The coupon(s) can be used at any store that carries the product. Click here to go to the Hope & Sesame Facebook page then send them a PRIVATE message with your complete mailing address so they'll know where to send the coupon to. "

    I did this and got mine. Coupon works anywhere not just wegmans and they have a locator on their page. I actually really liked them. They are a LOT thicker than almond milk. I've only had the chocolate so far and it was kind of like a thick almond milk but with a nice nutty flavor. I love you sesame seeds and sesame seed butter so I really liked the flavor. Worth trying for free lol.
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    aldi - bada bean bada boom, crunchy fava beans with 7g protein per 1 oz serving for 100 calories. bbq, sea salt, siracha have all been good!

    Sweet Sriracha has been my favorite, but agreed, they are all good. They also have larger resealable bags which contain about 3 servings that I have been known to nosh in one sitting!

    I recently ordered their "Game Day Box" that has a few of their new flavors: Jalapeño Popper; Buffalo Wing; and Nacho Cheeze. All were good too. The Nacho Cheeze had a nice strong cheesy flavor, its a close 2nd in my favorites.
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    Not new, but I'm really enjoying Chobani Coconut Greek yogurt. If you like coconut flakes then you'll love this as there are a ton throughout the yogurt.
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    I am in love with chobani non dairy greek yogurt- esp. the peach and strawberry flavors- I have to be nondairy and I am going though different brands to see which i like best- so far- chobani non dairy - wins hands down!
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    I also saw something about Rick and Morty doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. My closest Krispy Kreme is about 90 minutes away (even though they said they were putting one in my city like 3 years ago) so I didn't look at the article.
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    I found Haagen-Dazs' new light ice creams in cold brew espresso chip and peanut butter chip and was excited to try them since they don't use artificial sweeteners, which I'm not a fan of. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with them.

    The peanut butter chip flavor was a vanilla ice cream with chunks of peanut butter and chocolate chips. Haagen-Dazs uses skim milk in their light ice cream pints, and unfortunately, you can definitely tell. Although the texture was surprisingly dense, it was not creamy at all. It was more like a sorbet type with a skim milk flavor. Not horrible, but it also wasn't really good and doesn't make me want to get any more of them.

    The cold brew espresso chip was similar. The coffee flavor masked the skim milk a bit, but it still tasted more like an iced coffee than coffee ice cream.