Lunch Hour workout?



  • djprice_69
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    I'm fortunate enough to have a small workout facility located right inside my office building, so I'm able to do quite a few workouts. Unfortunately (for me) the free weights are minimal (dumbbells going up to 50lbs), but I make due. I tend to do Insanity or Body Beast workouts which, after a shower, range anywhere from 45-75 minutes.

    When I went home to workout over lunch I had to cut out parts of the workout due to the additional 10-15 minute travel time.
  • Zelinna
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    There is a gym at my office that I use frequently, they hold cross-fit classes 2x a week at lunch and the rest of the time I take an early lunch to get my workout in before the other classes start.

    I found working out at gives me more time at home in the evenings. I do a quick shower to rinse off and then eat lunch at my desk.
  • lchadwick3
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    I usually have 30 minutes so I change in my office and run. Our hospital has a quarter mile track right out of my office door so I've been getting in 2.7 miles, drying off, deodorant and back to it. I just have to double check the window blinds and make sure the office door is locked. It was nice today so I ran a 10K in 49:23. Some days, if the weather is bad, I run up and down the stairs in the medical building and throw in some push ups and planks during breaks 3 or 4 times during the day.

    I have some room in my office and am tempted to bring my bike and trainer in and getting some miles in on bad weather days. I'm still thinking about making my desk into a treadmill desk technically walking all day long.
  • Jruzer
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    We've got a small workout room and I go every work day. I eat lunch while working afterwards.
  • marlea_0619
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    I work out 3 times a week at lunch, and I used to run on my lunch break 4 days a week. I really don't care much about showering after, but I don't meet with external customers. I love getting it over with so I don't have to go to the gym after work.