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    Miss y’all!!!

    Hope everyone is okay...
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    Confession, my new nails are peel & stick polish. I am not sure how I feel about them.
    I can't get the picture to upload from my phone while I am waiting for the 14yo at school. I will put it on my feed if you want to see.

    I like them. How are they holding up?

    OK, now I know when I dropped my phone in a puddle. Total lack of motivation caused me to not put MFP back on my phone and now I am needing to get back in the groove.

    My Color Street nails last 2-3 weeks on my hands and a pedi lasts 6. Not bad for $11-13 per set.

    Hope everyone is well and happy.
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    Doing ok here. My son is still getting over his bout with the 'rona. Lucky for him, he didn't have a severe case, but some of the symptoms had mom worried, especially since he's 23 and doesn't live with me. Other than that, just getting my butt in gear and developing my workout routine. It's like Quik, stupid early gym time, but at least it is in my garage.

    I hope you all are doing ok out there!! Miss this group.
  • crosbylee
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    I guess we finally died out.... It was a good run!
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    crosbylee wrote: »
    I guess we finally died out.... It was a good run!

    First time I have been here in many months! I actually figured I would have pages to read! It was a good run!