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    Again, solid workout have been logged here. Congrats gals!

    I was AWOL this weekend, pretty much healing my ego because of the bad week I had, food and exercise wise. At some point, I was too shameful to talk about it here on MFP, and then I realized that I was just relying on one of my usual self-defense mecanism that I use plenty in real life: when struggling with something, just shut the *kitten* up and keep it to yourself until you're about to explode.

    I know, I know, not the most efficient thing to do, but that's all I know. I've been living with my husband for 9 years now, and we still have this fight all the time (he wants me to talk more about my feelings, I'm upset because words just don't come out easily, he feels like I don't trust him and I feel like he doesn't understand that I can't help it, then I explode and we go back to square one. typical.). So, let's try to not do this here.

    I had a bad week. I had trouble to fall asleep at night, I had pain in so many areas of my body, I was tired and I was out of focus. I didn't do all my workouts during the week and I struggled to follow my eating plan. I blowed my calorie goal on Friday and Saturday (probably 500 cals over maintenance on both days?), mostly because of booze. Sunday was a bit of disordered eating because I was slightly hangover, but I managed to stay under calorie goal, thanks to some hard aerobic workout. So, that was my weekend.

    Good news is, today is a new day, and a new week, so it's time to step up and do better. I started by going to the gym this morning, and I gave all I had to make it a good workout. Let's move on.

    Warmup: 15 minutes on the AMT, stretch and good mornings (5 without the bar, 5 with the bar)

    Workout A

    I strained my back this weekend with my aerobics, and it was really painful yesterday night, so I decided to deload 10% from my highest squat load to prevent pain in my lower back.


    Squats: 1x5 @ 45. 1x5 @ 65. 1x5 @ 85, 1x5 @ 100, 5x5 @ 105. I probably won't jump back to 120 next time, and will take this opportunity to work on form.

    Barbell row: 1x5 @ 45, 1x5 @ 55, 5x5 @ 65. I'm feeling really more comfortable with those. I should have done 70, but will wait until my back feels better.

    Bench: 1x5 @ 45, 1x5 @ 55, 5x5 @ 65. Feeling good but still heavy. Will repeat. The guy on the bench next to me was benching 215 with apparently no effort. Oh well.


    Farmer's walk: 1x4 @ 35, 1x4 @ 55 (about 50 feets). I love the grip work, seriously! It makes me feel more powerful.

    Plank: 82 seconds on the BOSU.

    Stretch and foam rolling.

    I was in the gym 80 minutes and burned about 422 calories, which is a good way to start fresh.
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    Roll of shame=when you lower the bar to your chest and carefully roll it down your body towards the end of the bench so you can escape relatively unscathed. It's far better than dropping it on your windpipe.
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    got it!