What's YOUR weakness when it comes to the opposite gender?



  • ReginasHorror
    ReginasHorror Posts: 423 Member
    A man who makes me laugh. Every laugh he gets out of me turns a red flag pink ^^;
  • eatpolerepeat
    eatpolerepeat Posts: 26,432 Member
    When his whole day revolves around colours
  • R3d_butt3rfly_
    R3d_butt3rfly_ Posts: 1,289 Member
    When he can be vulnerable with me and let's me know I make his life better.
  • eatpolerepeat
    eatpolerepeat Posts: 26,432 Member
    That facial hair
  • eatpolerepeat
    eatpolerepeat Posts: 26,432 Member
    Also, when he's impatient for my ideas
    sorry, i forgot 😂
  • RiaChasingGoals
    RiaChasingGoals Posts: 136 Member
    Totally superficial but I like a nice *kitten* and strong legs. Guy can’t have smaller legs than me.
  • durden
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