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    Nope, not leaking. Just being paranoid. Saw Dr yesterday and they assured me I had 16 cm of fluid. Gave me cream medication for down-under infection (TMI sorry!). I do have to go in for ultrasounds twice a week until birth for general wellness since I'm "older". They said baby is 5lb and 1 oz as of yesterday and in top 65% for size. 6 more weeks!
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    @poke987 the footprints sound so cute! Also - are you getting excited or WHAT?!?! I am on pins and needles (I think my section is 2 days after yours, on the 16) to finally hold this kid in my arms! Sheesh!

    @RosieRaz - sorry to hear about your infection, but glad you're not leaking! I would have been freaking... there's no such thing as paranoid in pregnancy if you ask me. I ask my dr about EVERY LITTLE THING. Also - way to go baby! Such a great size!

    @sarieth05, hope the hives are gone away! are they bothersome/itchy? I was reading something yesterday that said pregnancy hormones can cause dry skin... I think I had that with my first... it was nowhere near as bad as what Poke987 was suffering from earlier in her pregnancy, but I wanted to scratch my legs off. I was worried about it being cholestasis of the liver or whatever that is so I asked my dr (again, I ask about EVERYTHING and I did then too!) so she did a blood test but it came back fine. Hopefully you're not suffering too much!

    @helenmelon29 glad to hear you are feeling okay and that your first day home with the kiddos went well... and congrats on the 22lb gain! Amazing.

    Things are well here... had a scan on Monday (I've been followed every 4 weeks because of an elevated protein in my maternal serum screen at 19 weeks - initially they thought the baby might have spina bifida but they did an ultrasound and cleared her of that - then they thought it might signify a problem with the placenta but her growth has been fine so that's not it - BUT they did discover pilectisis (sp?) some sort of build up in her kidneys that could indicate problems with urination after birth. Luckily the last scan showed it has resolved! and all else is well too) and baby is 6lbs 13 oz already and head down (though I'm not sure if she's in position - doesn't really matter given that I'm scheduled to have a section). I just keep getting more and more excited!
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    I've had Braxton hicks off and on for thr past few days, nothing too terrible... but enough that I often want to sit down thru them. I go for my 38 week apt, then next week just have my preop apt and bloodwork! 11 days!! I am very excited! Our 5 yr old went to kindergarten yesterday and hormones had me a mess! He did great, but it sure was a tough day for this Mama! I know I'm ready to have this little one here and get on to the next stages! I can't wait for Halloween and Christmas!

    @katiebrew yup, you are just after me! Woot! It's for real!! Sounds like you've had plenty of monitoring. I had protein and needed extra scans last pregnancy for possible spina bifida, but all turned out fine!
    @HELENMELON29 you're my hero! You did so well with gain, fantastic! !
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    Rosie - glad u aren't leaking, nothing worse than infection down below ! Hope it feels better soon. Baby sounds like doing well and nice size too .

    Katie- so pleased they think all is ok now with baby. I'm sure she get Into position soon. Measurements sounds good. Not long until section now !

    Poke- I didn't suffer any braxton hick except off tightening which didn't bother me at all. Think I've been very luckily this time round, you will maybe hsve baby early!? I'm worried for Isaac going to school - hope he doesn't cry or I will !!

    Thanks re weight gain comments - it's kind if you, still prob take an age to come off. My bump has shrunk right down but defo a long way to go !

    Right best go, I'm sat with Anna, hopefully she stay asleep when move her into her bed x
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    How's everyone doing? Can't wait to hear of the next baby arriving.

    Isaac starts school today (pre school). I'm really nervous for him! Hope he be ok and I don't cry! Lol

    We doing well. Anna going good, eats, sleeps when she fancied and Isaac loves her. He a little jealous but so far so good. I have bought him couple new DVDs and colouring stuff so when I'm feeding her (bottle feeding) we can draw and watch DVD together too. I'm really surprised how my belly as deflated (long way to go yet tho). I have a huge sweet tooth at the mo but just eating what I want for a few weeks until we get into some sort if routine.

    Catch u soon x

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    One week! The final countdown begins!

    My mom and grandma came today with cake and a pile of presents. Loads of clothes and some very nice handmade things. I'm so blessed. Feeling good, some Braxton hicks here and there, and pretty good swelling by the end of the day, but nothing too uncomfortable. Back to wicked hot these past few days, and supposed to be well over 90 for 2 more. Ick. I go for my pre op appointment tomorrow then bloodwork friday. Thinking we have come to a name, but I'm still not 100% committed, i might see him and make a last second switch, but for now we agree. All the boys have the same initials, so working with those confines has been tough. Thought we might abandon the idea, but I'm back on it now.

    @helenmelon29 hope school went ok. I can't believe how well my 5yr old did with a full day kindergarten! Hope the same for you, they amaze me sometimes! 3 yr old goes to prek for a short while one day this week, then starts his 3 day program the day after baby arrives. Should be interesting. It's only 9-11:30 tues-wed-thur and he seems excited.

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    Poke- sounds exciting - one week to go !

    Glad your 5 year old settled. Isaac went ok but the teacher said he was up and down so hoping as week goes on he will improve. He has been a bit clingy at home too so guess to be expected. Not sure but maybe would if been better if had got a week or 2 in before baby born but can't really plan that! At least I'm able to take and sort him myself. I feel awful leaving him though but will persevere as think do him good as normally loves out and about . Fingers crossed for today.

    I'm tired as Anna wouldn't settle last night, not sure if wind or what. She settled at 12 ish. And slept til 4.30. It's 5am now and she back asleep x
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    I ended up going to an after hours clinic to check my hives last week while they were super bad, and the doctor thought they might just be insect bites. I opted to not treat them with anything he prescribed me to see what they would do, and they're basically all gone now. So my misery level has gone down a bit since my whole body isn't one giant itch. :p

    Weight has been preposterous, but I think I just will either have to keep trying my hardest or focus on it when he's here because my mobility is already bad.

    In October, I plan to try to make up a bunch of freezer meals to at least let me have some options for dinner for a few weeks without cooking much. :p My mother-in-law has also invited me over to prepare stuff at her house that she can keep in storage for me and bring to my house to save me freezer space so that's nice as well! Anything to make those first couple weeks easier on us (and still eating better food than needing takeout nonstop) will probably be a life saver.

    32 weeks today! I'm getting anxious already! Appointment tomorrow so hopefully everything is still going okay. I keep bumping my stomach into stuff, which is really horrifying when it happens but I'm sure it's fine. :D
  • @RosieRaz I spoke too soon. Recently while doing other things around the house I stop and realize that I'm leaking a little. So weird! It only happens when I need to go to the bathroom though, so I'm quite sure that it's not my water broken just yet. I will mention it to my midwife though just in case there's something else to worry about. But seriously, how weird! I hope things get cleared up with your infection soon!

    @helenmelon29 So nice to have you pop in every now and again! I'm due the end of October and a part of me was a little worried that I would be the only poster left! So nice that your family is adjusting to Anna so well! (And Anna is adjusting to you as well!) :) and yay for deflating bellies!! :) I'm so excited for that part.

    @katiebrew So good to hear baby is being cleared of all those health issues! I hope things continue to go well!

    @poke987 Braxton Hicks definitely means the end is near! Way to go!! :smiley: you are SO close! Can't wait to hear how things go! Sending you happy baby birthing thoughts!

    @sarieth05 Good to hear the hives are nearly gone! That's got to be such a huge relief!
    Freezer meals are a definite must! I have to schedule a time for my sister in law to come help me make some up for for this pregnancy again. Not only do they save money, they also cut back on sodium intake and so you won't hold onto as much water weight as you would from a takeout only diet. :smile: what a lovely mother in law you must have to help you save on freezer space! Happy cooking!
    I'm bumping my stomach on everything too. I can't wait to be "tiny" again lol!

    We just got back from a mini long weekend vacation which was super nice and relaxing. We visited my parents on their camping trip and so we tented it on their site. Food was difficult since they insisted on feeding us, a fact I don't usually protest, but I had some issues keeping my blood sugars under control. I'm hoping that now that we are home and I have full control over what foods are available that I can get my numbers back in line so I can avoid insulin injections for as long as possible if not indefinitely.

    At long last we've finally come up with a name that we can both agree on. I'm not 100% sold on it just because it's a little too popular for my liking, but I've started referring to baby with the handle and it feels right so I think that's just what's going to happen, and that's ok. Hubby loves the name so that helps too. We also have a back up name just in case the techs were wrong and we end up with a baby girl. :wink:

    Today I had an unplanned trip to go nursing bra shopping and that's when I realized that this is actually happening. I bought nursing bras and a nice thin nursing top for while in the hospital. So strangeto think that I definitely did that. I was in a change room with a gigantic mirror and I realized that I look very much like a whale and I am now more than ever very eager to be done. I just can't wait to step on the scale and see a smaller number, to look in the mirror and see a smaller waist, and most of all to look at my baby's face. :blush: 34 weeks is nearly here!! Time Time to pack a labour bag soon!
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    Yes, it is getting so close for most of us! Can't wait to see you all on the post-partum thread. I plan on making the freezer meals this weekend and give a couple to a friend who is having her baby shower this weekend as well.

    The belly is always an issue running into things LOL.

    Dr. said I have to go in each Monday and Thursday from here on out for ultrasounds. Way to drain the PTO, but it is what it is and my boss understands. I've selected three candidates to interview while I am gone for the 12 weeks. Hopefully one of them that I interview next week will be a good fit for our department - and they just need a little extra holiday cash.

    Names...still don't have one. My husband keeps telling me we have "plenty" of time to decide. Um...not so much, but I guess we'll get there eventually!

    Oh yeah, the hospital bag. Guess I should put that on the to-do list along with the FMLA paperwork I keep postponing...
  • It's been quiet here recently. Any more babies born or are we all suddenly realizing how close close we are to the end and running around like a bunch of crazies trying to get everything done? ;)

    How is everyone doing? Ready to be done and meet the little one(s) already!?

    My next appointment is tomorrow at 34w5d. I'm a little nervous for it because we are going to look over my food diary and my sugar numbers. I can keep my numbers down during the day, but at night I cram in as many sweet, car by treats as I can to satisfy my cravings... then my numbers are a little high in the morning. I'm worried that I may have to start taking insulin, but I can't seem to convince my nighttime self of that worry. (I really do not want to jab my stomach multi times a day....) Any suggestions for high calorie, low carb foods would be much appreciated. :neutral:
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    It is quiet on here! I think it's the 3 trimester fatigue. :) Totally ready to meet the little one already, but it can wait just a bit longer!

    Have most things ready. Just waiting until a little closer to launder them so they don't get all dusty or covered in cat hair in the interim.

    We acquired a puppy over the weekend. May have over committed! My husband thinks it will help the 2 yo understand baby dog/mommy dog and to be nice to the baby dog. Unfortunately it means now we are potty training a 2 yo and a puppy. Keeps you on your toes. LOL.

    As far as the low carb thing...I've got nothing. I'm sure there is a high protein meal plan floating on the internet somewhere. Good luck with that though.
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    Oh and I selected my temp replacement yesterday. Had interviews and hope she works out while I am gone for 12 weeks. She should start in about 3 weeks so I can have a week to train and get her acclimated.
  • Wow, a new puppy! How fun! :) I'm sure your 2 yo is over the moon about that! It will be busy for sure (as I'm sure you already know), but you'll manage just fine I'll bet.

    So exciting that you have a temp replacement all set in place! I guess that means we're near the end then, eh? I find it interesting that you have to do the searching for your replacement. I'm in Canada and we have a full year of maternity leave so maybe that's why the company is the one to find a replacement? 52 weeks is a lot longer than 12....

    A lot of the low carb meals I've found base themselves around meat, eggs, and cheese which is great since I like all those things, but I can only eat so many eggs and so much cheese, and meat is expensive... bread recipes and the like also seem to require a lot of odd ingredients which is nothing short of frustrating to say the least. So I've been eating a lot of cheese, veggies, eggs, greek yogurt, and some fruit which is fantastic, but by the end of the day I'm only sitting around 1200 calories and so I'm craving those sweet high calorie food items. I bought some tofu, but I have no idea of what to do with it. I just really needed some variety. Lol, I've never been one to follow "diets" other than the "eat less, move more" philosophy, but I think a low carb diet would actually work wonders for me. My weight has been stagnant (even with my cheating nearly every night); and I strongly suspect that if my body was not in the process of creating another human being, I wouldn't be craving more food at the end of the day. Food for thought anyway. Pun not intended. (Ok, maybe it was intended.)
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    My next appointment is tomorrow at 34w5d. I'm a little nervous for it because we are going to look over my food diary and my sugar numbers. I can keep my numbers down during the day, but at night I cram in as many sweet, car by treats as I can to satisfy my cravings... then my numbers are a little high in the morning. I'm worried that I may have to start taking insulin, but I can't seem to convince my nighttime self of that worry. (I really do not want to jab my stomach multi times a day....) Any suggestions for high calorie, low carb foods would be much appreciated. :neutral: [/quote]

    My husband has a HUGE sweet tooth but is trying to do a high protein low sugar diet.... therefore I bought him these protein puddings (30 gm protein, 0 gm sugar) from GNC and quest bars. I also bake muffins, cookies and cakes and use stevia instead of sugar. You can make a great low carb/sugar cheese cake with stevia. Personally I have been eating a lot of junk after dinner too (very good during the day but then I need to "reward" myself after dinner with some treat). Last night instead of reaching for ice cream or baked goods I made myself a smoothie with chocolate protein powder, greek yogurt, almond milk, half a frozen banana and ice. It was awesome and completely fulfilled my craving. Hopefully I can keep the trend up, I felt better going to bed then after I eat cake or pie.
  • That's a really good idea, and I totally agree on the whole "rewarding" thing. I bought some truvia and I just need to put it to use. I have to figure out the conversion first though. Thanks! :)
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    Hi ladies! 34 weeks down, 6 weeks to go for me! Finally feeling like I'm in the home stretch. I've been doing a bit better on exercising. Sweets have been calling my name too .... I've been eating quite a bit more sugar than normal and need to cut back on that. Baby is still doing well and will get to see him again on ultrasound at my 36 week appointment. :) I think my pregnancy symptoms have been pretty mild so far so I can't complain, just hoping I get lucky and it stays like this a little longer!
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    Suzanne - a lot of times companies don't order temps and just make do since most moms only stay home 6-8 weeks before going back to work here in the states. I'm taking the full 12 because the day care place that I currently take my son to, doesn't allow children younger than 12 weeks. (Some do but I really love my day care provider.) If they did take them younger, I would probably be back after 8 weeks and therefore wouldn't really have been a need to find a replacement (although my boss does need lots of help lol). A year off...I don't even know what I would do with myself if we were able to take an entire year off AND still have a job when I came back. That seems to be a very fortunate opportunity for you. :smiley:

    Fernt - That smoothie idea sounds really good. May have to try that as well since I can't seem to stay away from the ice cream and popsicles.

    This last week has been heck with my hips. I feel like a grandma trying to walk around. You guys hanging in there as well or are you feeling super fantastic and still running every day? :wink:
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    Hi ladies! Thought I'd check in :) Clara Catherine Grace made her entrance into the world on Wednesday. My C-section went really really well - I had quite a bit of anxiety going into it, but my drs were amazing and I had a really positive experience. Clara herself has been a dream baby from the get go - she is feeding really well and is just a calm and content little thing. She was 7lbs 4oz at birth and 19.5 inches long. She didn't give me a single new stretchmark (her older brother took care of all the stretch marks! I have a tummy full already!) and we are all just in love and in awe of her. I am breastfeeding and ravenous - ALL. THE. TIME. But I am enjoying it - I am eating really healthy, delicious food and enjoying every bite, haha!

    Love reading your updates :)@RosieRaz you got a puppy?!?!! How sweet!!! Your LO must be over the moon! Also good to hear about securing a replacement!!!

    @fernt21 that smoothie sounds delicious and like a great choice! I jotted down the recipe and will have to pick up some chocolate protein powder.

    @JustAnotherGirlSuzanne I laughed out loud at "food for thought"... I love a good pun! I don't eat much tofu but enjoy it when I do... I usually pan fry it. I had a recipe from the oh she glows cookbook for tofu that I think I liked... I'll try to find it and post it here :)

    Not much longer ladies! How are the rest of you doing?
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    Congrats Katie! Glad everything went well, and what a lovely name you picked!

    I'm coming down with some kind of icky "almost fall" sickness. I keep being hot and cold and I think it's affecting me and my poor joints. Also I'm getting more and more anxious as the time goes on (which I assume is normal). I'll be 34 weeks on Tuesday, I'm back to eating like a garbage disposal, and super tired! He moves so much that I think it's making me slightly nauseous. But overall, not too bad! ;)