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  • Congratulations Katie! She sounds so perfect! I can't wait for my turn! :) don't worry too much about the tofu recipe. Tofu isn't really my thing... and you're busy with a newborn I'm sure! Perfect baby or not, babies do seem to claim a lot of attention ;)

    Sarieth, totally normal to be anxious at this point. I'm at 35 weeks and all of a sudden it's hitting me that I have a LOT left to do!! Lol

    I've started getting Braxton Hicks contractions which is a sure sign that I'm in the home stretch. I've heard that they get worse with subsequent children, but thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case with me just yet. The only way I notice they are happening is if I'm feeling my stomach and I notice it's feeling extremely hard. Same thing happened last time too - painless :) yay!

    I'm finding that I can lower my blood sugar by going for a walk so I've been trying to be more active in the mornings as my fasting blood sugars have been the most difficult to keep under control. Unfortunately this means I have to wait to eat for a while in the morning, and I do have to feed my daughter before we go out for a walk because I'm not crazy enough to take a hungry toddler into public. ;) It doesn't give me a perfect number each time, but a better one and it keeps me active at the same time so win win?
  • These practice contractions are just getting more and more real feeling... hoping to not have baby just yet! I have a room to paint!!

    In other news, I haven't been able to get my fasting sugar numbers in line and so I'm meeting with a dietitian on Friday. So glad I found out I have GD as I feel absolutely amazing when I'm able to keep my numbers in line. It's so nice to have energy at the end of pregnancy! (Maybe that's just nesting though ;) )
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    Congrats Katie! Can't believe we are all almost there. 3 more weeks to go.

    Sarieth - Hope you feel better. Be sure to get your flu shot so you and your baby are covered! :)

    Suzanne - I feel you on the Braxton Hicks. My stomach does seem hard more frequently lately and I did feel like there were contractions on Monday, but nothing since. Really hope I make it to 3 weeks. Just trying to stay hydrated since it is still 102 degrees outside. Husband is on my case to pack a bag. I guess I should get around to doing that and making arrangement for who will take care of the 2 yo. Yes, he absolutely loves the puppy. Also, he thinks he's a dog and is starting to exhibit behavior issues at day care (sniffing, barking and laying on the other kid) to the point that the other kid bit him. It's kind of weird... :/ Not sure if it's an issue with the new baby or too much exposure to dogs.

    For those that have potty trained their toddlers...is it normal for them to want to get completely naked to go potty? I can't keep his clothes on without a tantrum. LOL. Maybe this topic is for a different forum!
  • @RosieRaz I have a friend whose daughter acted like a dog too. Turns out she just loved dogs and playing pretend. She grew out of it on her own thankfully, but I'm sure it's frustrating!

    I've packed baby's bag, but I haven't gotten around to mi e since I'm planning on still wearing maternity clothes in the hospital and I'm kind of still wearing those. Lol! I guess I could pack shampoo and stuff though....
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    Yes he definitely loves dogs! My brother and girlfriend came over the other day and he started sniffing at them as they come in the door. Then crawled on all fours and started barking at them. Silly boy. I know this phase won't last forever. It's cute at times and inconvenient at times. LOL.
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    Huge congrats Katie. Love her name and so pleased all going well.

    I will catch up properly in next few days. All going well here. Can't believe Anna is 4 weeks old! X
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    2.5 weeks left. Dun dun dun!

    Watching the sodium and water intake to reduce swelling. My hands are starting to fall asleep while I surf the internet on my phone which is no bueno. Not to mention my face is getting fat. :( Boo!

    I started trying to pack the hospital bag last night, but got distracted and started cleaning instead. Took apart the old car seats, swings, bouncers and boppies that have been in storage from kid no 1 and washing all the coverings. Oops! Guess I'll try packing again tonight after book club now that the clothes and other items are clean.

    Irritated with my Dr. I know he sees 3 people an hour, 8 hours a day, but I feel like we have the same conversation each time. We go over the same info and when I say yes, it's scheduled, we went over that - he corrects me and says we didn't, then looks at his computer and says oh yes, we did do that back on the 3rd of September. Annoying. I know I hired him for his surgical C-section skills and not his bedside manner...I have to keep telling myself this.
  • That's frustrating Rosie. :( the good news is that the doctors with lousy bedside manner are often times excellent surgeons. They have to keep their jobs somehow.

    I've still got 3.5 to go. WHAT?! LOL, sorry I didn't realize it was that close!! I have it in my head that I've got 5 weeks to go (counting on being overdue)... but I guess that's not the only possibility.

    We've finally started on my daughter's room so we can move her over and bump baby into the baby's room. Hopefully things will come together soon in that respect. I have baby's bag packed mostly for the hospital, but packing mine is proving more daunting. What is it about the second child that makes me feel more relaxed about just about everything?

    In other news, I met with a dietitian and she's got me on insulin once a day at night. It's really only my morning numbers that are high as the rest o can control with diet. Still waiting for my numbers to get in line
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    Hey ladies!

    My phone /the app were acting up and it took me until yesterday to delete and then reinstall my fitness pal. Now it's working again!

    Wilson Adler Houston joined our clan 9-12 2 days earlier than our scheduled section. My water broke as we were going to bed 9-11 (the date my husband didn't want to choose for our c-section! ) but by the time we got to the hospital and got into surgery it had turned past midnight!

    The surgery itself was fine, I had significant adhesions to my bladder and my uterus was extremely thin. The surgeon thought my bladder had ruptured, so spent a lot of time putting me back together. It was a bit of a process, but all well now, and I'm feeling pretty good for 2.5 weeks out!

    Wilson has fit himself right in, I can't imagine life without him already! Everyone adjusted well, the other kids have been great. He was 7lb 7oz at birth and 20.5 inches. I'm down 25 lbs at my drs apt. Yesterday. Still much higher than I want to be, but happy that so much came off on its own! Dr wants me to be extra careful since there is a lot to heal up in there, so she is strongly suggesting no exercise for 4-6 more weeks. I'm giving myself another week or so to adjust to breastfeeding and then I'll address my diet! Pit my fitbit back on on monday with the hope I can motivate myself to move more!

    I'll read back later, I'm glad to have gotten the app back working! I missed checking in with you ladies!
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    Congrats Poke! Glad that you and baby are ok and happy that you are checking in on us with updates! It's hard not to be active while recovering but time will pass and you will be able to do all those fun activities soon enough! My brother's bday is the 11th and nobody wants to celebrate that day.

    Suzanne - hopefully you won't have to worry about your sugars too much longer and it will go away after the baby. Do they project how long after the baby the diabetes will take to go away? Does it go away?
  • Congratulations Poke!! So glad to hear that everything is going well! And 25 lbs down in 2.5 weeks sounds like a dream to me! :) keep us updated on how things are going!

    Rosie, the diabetes is caused by the hormones released by the placenta interfering with insulin production, so as soon as the placenta is gone so is the diabetes. I will still have to go for followup bloodwork either 6 weeks later or after breastfeeding to make sure that everything is good and it wasn't type 2 diabetes to begin with, but my dietitian is saying that my number are too low for that and the numbers that are a little high follow what's typical for GD. So thankfully I've only got a maximum of 5 weeks of this. :) I meet with the dietitian again today for a followup. I'm also meeting with my midwife. GBS testing today... hoping I don't have it his time around as labouring with an iv was not fun last time around.
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    Hey everyone. Glad everyone doing well and still checking in!

    Anna is 5 weeks tomorrow and I just can't believe it! The weeks are flying by. She is quite quiet and not been much bother so far. She has had a cold this last week so a bit more unsettled.

    Isaac is loving 'helping' with her and is a very proud big brother. He has settled into pre school and made some friends. It was hard first week as he was upset so I was upset, also my dear grandma died that same week so was a hard one!

    I'm recovering well and can't feel my stitches etc now. Don't think I'm 100% but defo getting there and the recovery was so much better than the c section. Think I got lucky with my vbac as all went well. I don't want anymore babies but would do it again as wasn't a bad experience.

    I have just got a Fitbit zip and started to record my food intake. I gained 21lb while pregnant and down 14lb so far. So hoping to work on the rest plus extra 7lb over next few months.

    Today I went and met the 3 ladies and babies I shared the room in hospital. 3 of them (including Anna) were born on same day and one the day after. It was lovely to catch up and we meet again in few weeks.

    Nothing else to report here. Will keep checking for updates

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    Been a couple weeks since I've checked in, and glad everyone's doing okay!

    I'm almost 36 weeks (Tuesday) and I've been struggling a bit the past couple weeks. The weather has been weird - hot one day and cold the next - and it's making me feel super icky. On top of that, I'm stress eating a bit and my pubic bone feels like it's exploding and I can barely walk at certain times during the day so a lot of my time is spent relaxing on the couch.

    Next appointment is Wednesday, and I'll get that GBS test as well. I took a tour of the birth center last week, and hospital bag is mostly put together and ready to go in the car.

    Other than that, I'm doing okay! Heartburn is atrocious, but is basically the only thing that's happening besides the painful pubic bone and lack of sleep. All of which I sort of expected and am not worried about!
  • Helen - that's great your family is all settling in great! :) I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly!

    Sarieth - you're nearly full term! Yay! Sounds like you're pretty prepared! I had crazy heartburn too last time and I found limiting bread to be the best way to go. They say lots of heartburn means lots of hair for the little one, and that was true for me! :)

    I've been transferred to an OB instead of of the midwife I was seeing because I needed to start taking insulin. I was disappointed since OBs have a bit of a reputation for using interventions more frequently than midwives do, but dealing with insulin controlled GD is "outside the scope of care" that a midwife provides. Once baby is born the midwives will retain post natal care though so that will be nice and they also want to be present at the birth which is great with me. I met the OB/GYN today and everything went well. She told me my numbers all looked good and went on to tell me that if I don't have the baby by week 40 I will be induced that week (because of the GD) rather than go all the way to the 41w4d that I did with my first. I was hoping for a November baby (no birthdays on either side of the family born in that month), but I guess I am guaranteed an October baby and quite likely not a Halloween baby. So that's all good with me. I have an ultrasound booked for tomorrow just to make sure everything is going well with baby.

    I hit 200 lbs on our home scale today. Boo! That puts me at 22 lbs gained, which is fine, but I didn't want to see 200. ;)

    Last Thursday I saw my midwife and she told me that baby is sitting on my pelvis. In her words, "that's not going to feel good." L, thanks, midwife! If anyone knows any tips or tricks to make baby drop or just not sit on my pelvis anymore, that would be awesome... haha
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    Suzanne - funny you mention the hair because I showed my husband a baby that popped out with so much hair and we were jokingly talking about our baby having a full BODY of hair seeing as how my family has Scandinavian roots and his family is full of Germans. And we both have dark hair. That'll be a fun thing to look out for when he pops out and see if it's true for us! Sorry to hear about you being switched to an OB. That sucks to work with someone this whole time and be switched to someone else towards the end, but glad everything went well with your visit with the new lady! You and I seem opposite in that I'm hoping for an October baby because we have tons of November birthdays in both my family and my husband's. Baby is currently due a day before my husband's birthday, but my husband is predicting that he'll pop out on the 4th and share a birthday with dad. For our son's sake, I hope my husband's wrong. :p
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    Hey, everyone. I really fell off the wagon with logging and everything because I got convinced I was over-obsessing about what I was eating and causing myself unneeded stress. But more lately, been feeling really unhealthy and stuff, so trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm at 37 weeks, and up until last week, haven't really had much in the way of any hiccups with the pregnancy. Last week, I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was high (even though it's usually pretty low), and the doctor seemed a bit concerned baby's too small - I had to go back in for an ultrasound the next day, and they say she's measuring at 5lb7oz...so small, but still within the normal range. So, trying to make sure I eat enough every day, and ride out the last few weeks of pregnancy...I'm so anxious to finally meet our little girl!
  • Sarieth - haha! That would be a sight to see! Poor baby! :) maybe just hope for a lovely head of hair? ;) we do seem to be opposites! I had originally thought my due date was Nov 6th and it was difficult to make the switch to telling people that baby was due in October! If baby comes in November too then I can tell people my kids are 17 months apart rather than 16. Haha, it just makes it sound a little less crazy! I'd hope for baby the day after your husband's birthday. That way they'll each get their own day and you can hopefully enjoy a birthday dinner or something without spending the day in labour!

    Welcome back @nwright612! Glad your pregnancy has been going well and baby is looking to be within the poper size range! Hopefully everything ends up being ok with your blood pressure. I'm sure they will monitor it closely and all you have to do is be healthy. :) Funny, my doctor is worried about a large baby for me... too bad we can't share some of size with eachother. ;)
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    Just had my 36 week appointment today, and my doctor actually measured me at 37 1/2 so maybe I spoke too soon and he may actually decide to be an October baby after all. :p We shall see! When he said "Maybe he'll be here in a week or two!" I did have a few moments of panic, but I think we're mostly as prepared as we can be for him to come anyway. He also asked me how big of a baby I was, and predicts my baby will be equally large (possibly around 8 1/2!). Eeek! Hope everyone's doing well, and I look forward to more updates!
  • My first baby was 9lb5oz and I thought my labour was fine. I'd be surprised if this little guy is any lless than an 8 pounder. (They're talking an earlier induction do to insulin etc.) My mom tells me her biggest baby (me - 9lbs8oz) was her easiest delivery because I carried my weight in length rather than chubs. Maybe that's a little reassuring? Lol :)
  • I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and I couldn't string my sentences together properly. Eventually the conusion faded away but I still couldn't type the right words into my phone. My sister in law picked up my daughter and I took a nap which helped immensely. Called my new OB but they didn't seem to care since I was feeling better by the time I got through to them... scary morning. Advil is helping. No fever and blood sugar was great.