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5'6 - 5'7 before and after pics please!



  • millerjr5millerjr5 Member Posts: 113 Member Member Posts: 113 Member
    23 yrs old vs almost 33 😁

    Awesome! Great job! Keep it up!!!
  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 754 Member Member Posts: 754 Member
    Zenaryaa wrote: »
    SW: 235 in June 2020. Current weight is 198. Still got another 48 to go!
    Well done! (And from that photo you don't look to me as if you coupld possibly have another 48 to go! - I am not disagreeing with your goal, please understand, but just expressing my surprise.)

  • FitforevermoreFitforevermore Member Posts: 375 Member Member Posts: 375 Member
    I was gonna say, I think I look like the second pic at 154lbs!!! Good work
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  • umachanxoumachanxo Member Posts: 931 Member Member Posts: 931 Member
    Same pair of shorts :)

    I'm 5"6
    Never had a lot of weight to loose but even -7kgs has made a difference. I feel so much healthier now.

    You look great! Also, I spy Fruits Basket manga back there and maybe.. Saiyuki? Loved both of those.
  • kali31337kali31337 Member, Premium Posts: 1,002 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,002 Member
  • jazzadesignsjazzadesigns Member Posts: 161 Member Member Posts: 161 Member
  • FeliciaWinnFeliciaWinn Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
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