5'6 - 5'7 before and after pics please!



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    23 yrs old vs almost 33 😁

    Awesome! Great job! Keep it up!!!
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    I was gonna say, I think I look like the second pic at 154lbs!!! Good work
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    This thread is fantastic!
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    I've gotten a lot of help from doing yoga to get some core strength back. I'm probably still going to need surgery for my diastasis and the effects on my skin of being 130 lbs overweight and having three large babies when shortwaisted, but I feel so much better when I do core work that I recommend it to everyone.

    My family tends to like to put four to five years between kids; by that point, Older Kid is getting ready for nursery school/kindergarten. They can mostly dress themselves, with a little shoe tying help, they can mostly feed themselves when you put a plate in front of them, they can take themselves potty without anyone getting involved, and they have enough maturity to understand, "If you can be very quiet for a little while, I'll get the baby to sleep, and once Baby goes to sleep and I put him down, I can do things with you." And they like to try to be helpful. It also means that the kids are far enough apart in school to be their own people without so much "carryover" from the elder sibling.

    Thank you for the encouraging words. You are right that there are big advantages to having that 4-5 year age gap between kids. I guess I don't have many real-life examples of people who are fit, slim, and healthy after kids. So I worry that will be me too.
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    That's awesome, I'm 5'6 1/2" and weigh 164, but I still fit in at least a 12-14. I don't understand... I do carry most of my weight in my stomach though. But it's so frustrating... you look great and love the outfit!

    Different people carry weight differently. After I had my son, I never fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, even when I was the same pre-pregnancy weight. My bones are permanently in different places, so my hips may never fit into those size 6 shorts, no matter how low my weight. Also, people with a lot of muscle take up less space than people without.
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    You look amazing! Keep up the wonderful progress. Best wishes in your efforts.