What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    I noticed that I break off my heals due to my weight! I am hoping that after getting to normal weight, I will wear them again!
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    I'm finding it hard to come to terms with my smaller person fragility.

    Had to leave my wonderful job this week as I'm moving long distance (honestly, still a bit broken hearted 😭💔) & that meant lots of goodbye hugs.

    My entire life, I've been the heavier (and by default the "strongest") person so I've always been sensitive to that.
    Now I'm not & men in particular do things that I've not experienced before. Some are great, like my lovely husband having no trouble picking me up bridal style!
    But last week my best male work pal hugged me so forcefully he popped something in my back audibly...still suffering 😂 (bless, he felt so bad!)

    Another strange thing was being lifted up into hugs by others & sort of shaken around in the air....that was....just bizarre because I've never experienced it...

    Can't help but realise just how "vulnerable" bodily I am now... if that makes any sense at all? Does that resonate with anyone else?

    Same here. I fell backwards in an exercise class a few days ago. Luckily I landed on the fullest part of my bottom. Unfortunately my bottom is no longer very padded and boy did it hurt. No permanent damage but I can remember being a bit like a padded ball. However there used to be sooo much more heft going down.
    I still feel strong but now it's more about being limber and agile. Less sumo and more dancer. This feeling is particularly delightful and surprising.
    So sorry to hear about moving on from your lovely job. I wish you lots of brilliant adventures in your slim new body as you make your move.

    Aww, your poor slender bottom...that does sound like an ouch moment!
    Can complete relate to being stronger in a different way...it's much more satisfying when you can lift/move something or even yourself due to working hard rather than the happenstance of your "heft".

    Think it's coming to terms with being at "the mercy" of others though....folk just being able to pick me up & move me should the mood take them. It's not necessarily a bad thing (would hope it never became a terrible thing....) but it sure takes some getting used to!

    Thanks so much for your lovely wishes...am looking forward to it & also think it's very strange that everyone I meet from here on in will just believe this is how I am(probably always was) bodily 😂
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    Depending on heaviest/starting size, you may have a seemingly endless pit of "fat clothes" to dispose of or give away. It was fun at first... trying on the old stuff and making room in the closet as item after item filled multiple Hefty bags. But now, finding that forgotten blouse, sweater or skirt is becoming a pain, especially since those are the nicest and most expensive items. And the more sizes lost, the more ridding required.

    But... I am looking forward to the day I finally find that last oversized item and bid it farewell forever.

    Consider a tailor or taking in yourself for the more expensive items - it may be worth it!