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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • kenyonhaffkenyonhaff Posts: 1,070Member Member Posts: 1,070Member Member
    ep30241 wrote: »
    Controversial here but: losing weight won't necessarily make you hot.

    I got really thin in preparation for college and expected it would be like a weight loss commercial with people turning to look at me as I model-walked down the street. Spoiler: it didn't happen. Some people have the genetics (face and body) to be attractive at the appropriate weight, and some don't. Especially for women: no food or exercise choice is going to make your cup size grow.

    It's all relative, and you'll feel your best at a weight where you are strong and healthy. Just do it for yourself, and don't expect the world to start revolving around you.

    Yeah, weight loss products all want to make you think you'll look like a supermodel if you just lose all that extra weight. The truth: there are plus sized models. You will look better, but not necessarily model gorgeous or bikini-bound.
  • NewLIFEstyle4MENewLIFEstyle4ME Posts: 3,409Member Member Posts: 3,409Member Member
    nooie19 wrote: »
    Food and drinks become sooooo much more pleasurable and so, ummmmm, something you fully enjoy, with ZERO stress/fuss/muss/pressure or rush. Eating and drinking now is no longer an obsession/compulsion that/where you think about food 24X7X365. Words will not fully describe the JOY of eating to live instead of living to eat--it's so WONDERFUL to live this way. Now when I eat and drink stuff, it's no longer a gobbling/cramming/swallowing whole food like it's no tomorrow, it's a relaxing, pleasant, enjoyable, taking my time JOY and DELIGHT.

    It will be that way one day for you as well, perhaps sooner or definitely later, it will happen to/for you too (if it isn't already like that for you now). o:)

    This is a great one! It’s funny that I used to think that losing weight would mean I wouldn’t be able to enjoy eating my favorite foods any more. Now I feel like it’s the opposite. I actually fully savor and enjoy eating, both the healthy foods and the indulgences much more than I ever did before. Mindless eating and stress eating are really quite unpleasant. THAT’S the great truth that you need to know when you’re a stress eater.

    I'm thrilled with your reply, thanks so much--what you've shared is so real and encouraging/inspirational too.
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