What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    You know... I live in Montana and most people here dress similarly to how you say folks dress there--jeans rule the day for most people.

    But you don't have to be most people! I haven't worn pants (outside of yoga pants for working out or sweatpants for lounging in the house) for years. All dresses, all the time. Occasionally people do comment, "Wow, you're so dressed up!" And I just laugh at the very idea. It sincerely takes less effort to "dress up" in a dress than it does to coordinate matching separates.

    THIS to the high heavens. I wear dresses every day of the year (aside from yoga pants for working out) and people always question me on it. The number of times I've told people I find it's easier to put on a dress than to coordinate separates.. it's crazy. It goes in one ear and out the other though.

    I am also a daily dress wearer. I have a daily "uniform" of dress (in any color or pattern), black tights, black waist belt, black heels or black boots. All other clothing or shoes is for a specific function (e.g. for working out, swimming, etc.). It greatly reduces decision fatigue for me while still allowing choice in my dress.

    It is also cheaper. Tights are cheap, I get dresses at Goodwill or other thrift shops which are cheaper than buying two separates.

    Exactly! I also have a "uniform": whichever dress seems appropriate for the day, a sweater (typically a cardigan), and either flats (for work) or boots (for play). My sweaters and shoes are all pretty neutral colors, so it's way easy to mix and match depending on the dress.

    So easy! "Wow, you're so dressed up!" Oh, honey... No, I'm really not--I hate the cliche sound of it, but I literally just threw this all on xD

    I do wish I liked tights and/or belts, though. I can't stand anything that fits too snugly like that D:
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    IsETHome wrote: »
    I think at my largest I didn’t realize how big I was, now I’m aware of it. Now 40+ pounds down I’m only 1/2 way there and because I’ve lost weight differently I feel chubbier in the front, I feel fatter. I am probably between a 14 to 16 (belly culprit holding me from a 12- 14). How did I get so big.? I did metabolism testing this past week😩😂 and know I burn 1600 at rest.....I question why all packaging basis on 2000 cals. The killer creep of office work......sit sit sit commute commute gain gain. This will be a lifetime of counting to get and stay down.

    2000 is considered an "average" I think partially because it's an easy to remember number. But it's obviously misleading because most people consider themselves "average". But even 200 calories above what one metabolizes on a daily basis over time (and often more, most people do not measure what they eat) adds up.
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