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    That you might 'off gas'. I was just remembering how a few months after I started dropping the weight suddenly my sweat started stinking like crazy. This lasted a couple of months then went away. I'm not sure what it was, really. Maybe there was a hormonal shift? Or maybe it was toxins from a crappy diet that my body had wrapped fat around that were now getting released? These are just guesses, I really have no idea what happened but my underarm smell was truly shocking there for a while. Has anybody else experienced something like this?

    Do you think you might have unintentionally dipped into ketosis? Keto breath is famously awful, but keto sweat is also a thing. Like something rotting.

    As a type 2 diabetic, one of the first things I noticed before I even had a diagnosis was that the palms of my hands smelled like pears, and my arm sweat smelled like freshly baked bread. I smelled delicious! But it was killing me because of the untreated high blood sugar.

    In conclusion, bodies are weird and yes, diet can change your smell.

    Ah, that's a good thought, though no it wouldn't have been what was causing my situation. I was still, for example eating pasta and potatoes as a pretty regular staple and have never intentionally done low-carb and/or high fat at any stage of the process. What you said about the smell difference does resonate, though, in that my BO during those months was not simply a more potent version of my usual smell. It smelled like a totally different person, and a different person with a glandular problem at that.

    In fact, the first time I noticed it I was out shopping and actually thought there was such a person behind me, only to turn around to get a look at the offending shopper and find nobody was there. Then I took a whiff of my own underarms and my head literally snapped backward. Luckily, as I said, it went away by itself a couple of months later and hasn't returned. An enduring mystery.
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    That generally moving through life gets easier after losing 70 lbs. I am starting to imagine what it feels like after losing 50 more...that will also be weighing in ONEderland for me for the first time in 30 years...

    Psssst! That dress is so cute on you! (Where'd you get it???) And you have such a dazzling smile. :)

    Congrats on your progress; I hope you get where you want to go!
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