What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    I was wondering about this. So the trick to change your tastes is just repeatedly eating healthier food until you are start enjoying them, nothing more than that?

    Hmm. Well first, I think YMMV applies here. I can only describe my own personal experience, of course.

    Second, it depends on what you are currently including in your diet. For example, my coworker prefers to eat her favorite foods with no modifications, just consuming a much smaller quantity. I don't think her taste buds have changed because her food hasn't changed. I'm the opposite - I'd rather modify or replace ingredients completely, and still have a large amount to eat. And, I'm trying to stay under sodium/fat/sugar/cholesterol/etc. max limits. So, what I'm eating has changed quite a bit, which is probably why my taste buds have changed.

    Two things I'd recommend: don't eat something you actively dislike, nor completely deprive yourself of what you do like. It's not sustainable long-term and it'll be one of the triggers for giving up. Also, when I first began eating my modified foods, I intentionally told myself each time how happy I was with it because I was happy to be healthier. Fake it 'til you make it! :)

    Solid advice! Thank you
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    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    how it will "magically" cure or put into remission my health problems I have had for years because of obesity. This alone is worth it!
    • Pre-Diabetes GONE
    • High Blood Pressure GONE
    • High Cholesterol GONE
    • Acid Reflux Disease GONE
    • Shortness of Breath GONE
    • Depression GONE
    • Anxiety (still working on it, but 75% GONE)
    There are many other things on my list, but these are the big ones. No turning back now!
    PS...People/Doctors may have told me some of these things, but I didn't believe it or accept it at the time.

    It is kind of crazy when you think about it. "You mean, I can solve or improve these serious health issues by myself?".

    Well....I would be a little cautious. A lot of things may lessen or resolve completely -- absolutely. But losing weight may not solve everything either.

    Definitely, I know through my own lessons and failures that weight loss doesn't solve everything.
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