What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    @glennagael what a bummer to have anxiety after the high of working out. I hope you figure it out.

    Things I didn't know:
    a - that I would feel like the same person I was 25 pounds ago and forget that I look different until seeing myself in pictures.
    b - that my neck would have so much extra skin!
    c - that working out could be so addicting.
    d - that sweets are no longer appealing.
    e - that it's easier to say "no" to foods other people try to guilt you into eating.

    d and e are so true. I have not been in the candy cups at work and passed on the treats for whatever.
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    Occasionally I have dreams where I crazy overeat. Last night it was mozzarella sticks and a whole lot of Burger King chicken sandwiches. My in-dream self used to enjoy it but now it’s like an anxious “omg, what am I doing, just stop” kind of dream. Ugh.

    Oh my gosh I have those same dreams!! 😂😂😂 I wake up & I’m like thank goodness it was a dream!!! When I quit smoking cigarettes in 2012, for the first several years afterwards, I’d have nightmares that I was smoking. Funny how the brain works!

    I quit over two years ago and I still get those dreams!
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    How absolutely, positively WONDERFUL water is to drink. I love drinking water so much now. When I was obese, for some reason I HATED drinking water, with a passion. I just didn't like it or want it. Once I started getting down to size I started drinking lot more water. Then I started substituting caloried drinks for water (ice water especially--but even room temp). Now, I CRAVE water and again, especially ice water and it tastes so GOOD to me now--I LOVE drinking water so much. I'm NOT saying that helped me get down to size necessarily, but maybe it did--not sure--but drinking water to me now is just as good if not BETTER than caloried drinks.

    I have always drank water but always made the excuse that I had to have something sweet to do it. Not anymore. It goes down just fine. I love it even more. Then I started chewing ice and that helps me with the eating of sweets. I do think it helped you get down to size too. I got a diet soda yesterday and end up poring it out after a few sips. Went and got my ice water and was in heaven. LOL!