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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • TeeraiTeerai Posts: 245Member Member Posts: 245Member Member
    That as you lose, you'll both love and hate that your clothes are getting too big for you. The loss of my favorite jeans is approaching, and I'm in mourning a little bit.

    If you live in cold areas, those favorite clothes that become too big can still be winter clothes that need the space for long johns or insulating underwear. You always need a few of those around! ;)

  • annie5904annie5904 Posts: 56Member Member Posts: 56Member Member
    That feeling when you get down to be chin
  • SarahMWong15SarahMWong15 Posts: 51Member Member Posts: 51Member Member
    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    I'm still on my journey, but I'm becoming aware of how much bras actually hurt. I'm losing the layers of fat on my shoulders and my ribs and the wire and straps feel like they're just digging in to my bones.

    You might well be buying bras that don't fit you well. I really suggest going to an actual bra fitting (usually at an old fashioned lingerie store) and also get recommendations on style. There are so many choice nowadays there's really no excuse for wearing undergarments that hurt.

    The bras I wear were all bought after I was fitted. And they felt fine. This happens every time I lose weight. Trust me I dont buy uncomfy bras. I have to wear them too much to be uncomfortable.
  • imfornd70imfornd70 Posts: 552Member Member Posts: 552Member Member
    shunggie wrote: »
    The sexual harassment 😂. I had a lady tell me how my butt looked good. I felt violated and flattered at the same time.

    This is such a common female experience, it's interesting to see a man post it. Thank you for sharing.

    Question - and I ask it with a due respect intended - how is commenting on the butt as a body feature worse than saying your arms look great or - your new hair style is beautiful
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