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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • MithriditesMithridites Member Posts: 582 Member Member Posts: 582 Member
    speyerj wrote: »
    develop strategies for when your routine gets disrupted
    Could you please share some examples?
  • MithriditesMithridites Member Posts: 582 Member Member Posts: 582 Member
    @Lietchi Thank you! This could be a whole new thread...
  • sakurablossoms82sakurablossoms82 Member Posts: 59 Member Member Posts: 59 Member
    I also noticed that since I'm on my weight loss journey I have to go to the bathroom for number 2 more often in a day. First it was once a day but now it's twice and sometimes even more. To much information I know hahaha
  • dhiammarathdhiammarath Member, Premium Posts: 830 Member Member, Premium Posts: 830 Member
    I legit have to fold my underwear differently. It doesn't want to roll up the same way because there isn't enough fabric to keep them rolled. I just fold them in half now. Yes, I fold my underwear, don't @ me.

    @RelCanonical, no shame whatsoever!

    Marie Kondo rocked my world. I thanked so much stuff it wasn’t even funny.

    I fold everything, ya hear me?!!!

    All you ladies that want to “detox”? This is the kind of detox that will change your outlook.

    I was never a big clutterbug but Marie Kondo definitely helped me appreciate my things more. I do a lot better at displaying the things I love instead of storing them and wondering why my house feels so empty.

    Same here and while I don't fold my underwear, I do fold my socks. I got these little in-drawer containers for my underwear and they are sorted by style and fabric (ie, the fun ones and the not-fun-ones). XD I learned a lot from Marie Kondo!
  • avtloveavtlove Member Posts: 53 Member Member Posts: 53 Member
    HDBKLM wrote: »
    HDBKLM wrote: »
    pinuplove wrote: »
    A few stores I went to lately don’t even carry my size in pants. The smallest they sell is size 4, which are more like an 8 with vanity sizing. 😩 I got a few gift cards for my birthday to Christopher and banks but their clothes are too big. It’s kind of sad that stores don’t even carry below size 4 anymore because of how overweight the population is.

    I'm starting to run into that, which is ridiculous because I'm not even that small. I like Worthington pants from JCPenney for work, but the smallest size they carry (in my local store at least) is 4 and those are getting baggy on me. Plus I need petite, which are even more limited. I can order them, but I hate not being able to try on pants first because 9 times out of 10 they don't fit right in one way or another.

    (I know, what a problem to have. But it really is annoying :grumble: )

    Count me among those who are flummoxed by this as well. At 5'3" and 135 pounds I'm wearing a size 4–6 or a small, and actually in yoga pants an XS (I'm an apple so my legs are on the smaller side, proportionately). For one thing, I happen to recall that in the 90s, when I was in college I was wearing a medium at Urban Outfitters (just for reference) at 125 pounds. And on top of that, what are the ACTUAL extra small people wearing? One of my best friends is 5'1" and 95 pounds (yet still with curves because life is not fair). If I'm 40 pounds heavier than her and in some of the smallest available sizes, it must be incredibly frustrating for her!

    I am starting to run into this in some stores. I’m long legged, narrow hipped, and short-waisted. I discovered that petite tops work for me but I need longer pants. My legs are holding onto the last of my weight but already I’m starting to find issues finding my size in some stores. Especially my favorite one!

    I used to have trouble finding things my size when I was 100lbs heavier. Now I’m still having this problem, and it’s not something I thought would happen. I’m not sure what I will do when I hit my final goal (which is smack in the middle of my BMI range).

    It’s a weird problem to have and I sometimes feel awkward when it happens because of the nature of the problem. c.c

    Sidebar: Did anybody else here read the Sweet Valley High novels in the 80s and remember that the Wakefield twins were described as being a perfect size 6? Hello vanity sizing: if their size 6 were my current size 6—wherein I can still pinch not just an inch but full handfuls from my torso—I'm not sure they'd have been considered quite the specimens of physical perfection they were being represented as being.

    I LOVED Sweet Valley High! Had all the books!!
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