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What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Bra shopping did not get easier. I still have a proportionally large bust, and it's actually harder to find my cup in the right size because apparently manufacturers think that if you have a small band, that you must have a C cup or smaller.

    @RelCanonical This subreddit saved my LIFE. I am small around with a large cup.

    I tried it out, they have brand suggestions for each shape/type of breast you have. It's seriously made bra shopping a lot more eye-opening.

    As a 28F rn, I feel your pain.

    That community is great! It's how I found out I'm a DDD, and I've continued to be a DDD because I've stayed rather proportional as I've lost weight. I'm in that annoying spot where I'll probably end up going down one more band size before I hit goal, so I don't want to invest in bras yet. I'm cheap, lol.

    @RelCanonical I tooooootally get that. I don't want to go down one more bandsize... cause then I'll be hosed. XD I didn't spend a lot, but since I just recently found out about that community, I thought I'd pass it along! I've never learned so much as I have in the last week or so and now have at least 2 bras that fit!

    They are back savers for sure. They also made me hate most regular retailers (except Nordstrom) because they just stock what women buy, but women don't know their size so they just buy what retailers stock, and the circle continues. Also, society thinks that D cups are huge when it's completely variable based on band size, so women are squashing themselves into cups too small or suffering from bands with no support because they're too big, because "there's no way I'm bigger than a C, D cups are huge".

    What nobody tells you about weight loss is that you'd become more passionate about bras just because you were curious about how much your cup has shrunk with weight loss (and learned that no, it didn't shrink, and that cups are relative to band size). That's how I found /r/abrathatfits.

    Slightly off-topic bra rant over.

    Im just going to say... all of this. 🤣🤣 The Nordstrom ladies were good, but everywhere else... nope.

    On the bright side, I learned the UK makes bras in my size that aren’t just beige or black... colors, man, colors. One of the things I hated when I was at my heaviest was that it seemed like none of the bras were pretty. They were thick strapped and just... in black or beige. To be fair I did end up finding some pretty bras but it was few and far between. I thought for sure when I lost weight I’d find all this beautiful selection. Nope. But now it’s like a whole world has opened up and I have the bra bug.

    Bravissimo is my go to in the UK. The ladies who do the fitting can actually make the process fun and they do an amazing range of pretty/practical/active and sports - and do great swimwear too. Not cheap but so nice to be able to swim feeling fully supported and without worrying about falling out! They are online too

    Yeah!! I just recently discovered them. I will definitely be trying them out. :smile:

    Thank you!

    (PS: supported while swimming is the best!)
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