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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • MargaretYakodaMargaretYakoda Member, Premium Posts: 528 Member Member, Premium Posts: 528 Member
    shylil04 wrote: »
    When you are grieving and logging calories to make sure you are eating enough. They dismiss what you say only to accuse you of doing it on purpose.

    I’m so sorry. I went through this, too. I wasn’t grieving “enough” fir the same reason.

    People grieve how they grieve, and everyone is grieving "right" and "enough", however they are doing it.
    I'm autistic; I've never grieved "right" to allistic standards. To heck with standards, who needs them at a time like this?

    Hello fellow autie! Send me a friend request if you feel like it!

    Also? Can confirm. Allistic standards really don’t mean much to us.
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