What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • ItsAjourney2004
    ItsAjourney2004 Posts: 2 Member
    you will feel clean , healthy and have extra energy
  • sargemarcori
    sargemarcori Posts: 301 Member
    you will feel clean , healthy and have extra energy

    I love it, but what is that about? I just feel neater, better put together...
  • swimmom_1
    swimmom_1 Posts: 1,302 Member
    How many people would prefer that people comment on your weight loss? How many would prefer that they don't? It seems like a lot of work to not get any recognition.
    I went to a funeral on Friday night and I was dreading it a little, since I was about to see people I was pretty close to and that I hadn't seen for around 2 years. I am 120 pounds down, 277 to 154 5'3". So since I have been on here I know that the responses will vary. But, oddly enough, what I thought should happen did happen.

    A bunch of my friends walked up to my hubby to ask where I was. Yep, I was standing next to him and they did not recognize me. I don't either when I look in the mirror, I look so different. One friend did ask me how I did it, and then said I was too skinny (that was probably the closest to what people said might be the response after losing weight). Actually, it was nice to have the heads up about that one response, and I know to never be offended no matter what the reaction is. I mean, they are trying to wrap their head around my changes as much as I am. One friend made me laugh with the "you are looking really good! But you always looked good." lols. Honestly, I don't really feel good about the new me yet. Such an adjustment!

    I have been married for 27 years, and the hubby is trying to adjust to the new me as well. I feel kind of like a sharpei most days. When we are intimate I TRY not to be awkward. But since I feel like I am in some weird sci-fi where I ended up in the future with a different body - I mean, awkward is just where it is right now. I am grateful the hubby is also trying to be patient with me, because he met me at size 18 over the years I ended up size 24/26 and I am a size 8 right now I think a small mostly.

    This is totally understandable. It takes a long time to adjust to a different body. And I did it once before and still struggle this time again. For some unknown reason I think I adjusted quicker to gaining weight than when I lose.
  • DeeDeeMee
    DeeDeeMee Posts: 133 Member
    maibuddee wrote: »
    That I don't need to suck in when I have my photo taken! Also, how painful/uncomfortable it is to sit without the extra padding.

    OMG the first time I had a massage after losing the weight it felt like they were trying to drive my pelvis into the table! Soooo painful!
  • joans1976
    joans1976 Posts: 2,201 Member
    joans1976 wrote: »
    That the seat belt would choke you because your chest is no longer there holding it in place! (I’m short)

    I mention this because I have always been choked, but last week I noticed in my car that I've HAD SEVEN YEARS that the seat belt holder (behind left shoulder as I drive) is ADJUSTABLE. I pulled it down, and now I'm choked a lot less!

    I know some cars have them and Im so jealous! My car alas does not. My next car will. For now Im going to have to rig something up because I am always clawing at it.
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