any Rebooters- juicers/smoothies



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    Didn't you lose weight on your "reboot" 2 yrs ago? How'd it go? Why do you need to do it again?
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    I can say with confidence that juicing/rebooting led to me gaining more weight than I ever had. I'd always yoyo'd with 45-50lbs after I discovered juicing/rebooting I went up 100 lbs.

    Be wary and know yourself. If you tend to overeat when you restrict foods this isn't a great idea. At least it wasn't for me. Every time I restricted I would overeat that restricted food after Atkins it was potatoes and potato chips, after "no whites" it was sweets after juicing it was everything.

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    I have lost 2 lbs per day
    I have done 3. 10 day "reboots" (clean my system of all the bad stuff)
    I am pretty sure I have maxed out my 2 lbs per day loses. Pretty Lean and feel excellent

    Monday 4/19 will start a 10 day and if I feel good will extend to a 15 day.
    I absolutely love juicing. I feel wicked awesome while doing it and after even better.

    I will always reboot my body once a month.

    Juice on baby

    2lb per day? Yah.... that's healthy :laugh: I know a lot of that is just water weight, but boasting a 2lbs per day loss is a little disordered.

    Did you know, by not chewing, you are burning less calories? Yep. Chewing actually burns calories.

    Smoothies are useless. Your digestive system does not need a break, and the body does not need to detox (unless it is from drugs or alcohol).

    There is no fat or protein in your diet. How is that healthy? The longer you do this, the more muscle you'll lose. Your heart is a muscle. As for fat, the body requires at least 30% from your daily calories for various functions such as digestion and elimination, for skin/hair/nails health, and for the absorption of A, E and D vitamins.

    I love how a few mention having "so much energy" and "feeling great". ..... of course! You're loading yourselves with SUGAR!

    But... carry on with your unhealthy smoothies.
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    I drink smoothies. They make a nice breakfast, and get me some extra greens.

    I do "reboot" from time to time. But I don't use the word the way I think you do. For ME a reboot means simply refocusing on my healthy eating and recommitting to it. An increase in attention and awareness.

    ^^^nicely said.

    I also like a "green smoothie" for breakfast. Seems to set my day up really well. Perhaps "reboot" my brain to be on a good track. My favorite (right now) is 1 cup of coconut water, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder. Boy, does that make an ugly looking concoction, but tasty!! I add pineapple when I have fresh.
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    i am planning a new system. i am going to reboot for 2 meals and eat a dinner (without sugar, meat, or dairy)
    for 40 days. starting March 1, 2017

    You could just count your calories and eat regular food that you enjoy in a deficit. You don't have to make losing weight an unsustainable exercise in self punishment. No matter what you saw on Netflix. We all saw it too.
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    Right now I am happy with how I am eating and exercising . Doing really well and feel great. If I don't juice I would not eat fruit. Or would have to force fruit.
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    Right now I am happy with how I am eating and exercising . Doing really well and feel great. If I don't juice I would not eat fruit. Or would have to force fruit.

    I hardly eat any fruit. You don't "need" it. There are many vegetables that will get you the same nutrition. Therefore, no need to force fruit or trick yourself into consuming it.