How to develop stronger will power? Practical tips needed :D



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    I would think that sushi is fine...just change the sushi to sashimi (no rice). If you stuff yourself to a point of being uncomfortable, you will be in sorry shape later (but that might help with the mental association to stuffing yourself too much).

    Other tips include eat a TON of veggies and drink LOTS of water during your social outings. Eat the veggies first to the point of almost fullness and then dig into the good stuff. You won't have much room for it, so just take little bites and enjoy all of it (well, however much you can if you can still eat after all the veggies).
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    Eat less the rest of the week to make room for it. It's all I can tell you, as I'm the same way. For regular restaurants, it's fine, I know that the lower calorie stuff is just as good as the fried stuff, frankly, but I avoid all you can eat buffet like the plague, lol. I guess if you just like being full, eat a huge portion of veggies first, then at least you'll have less room for the rest...
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    Fiber is a good idea actually. I don't eat a lot of grains or beans so if I'm a bit low on veggies on any day then I get like no fiber.
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    I permanently changed my perception of food many years ago when I was first diagnosed diabetic. I diarized for three months and religously tested my blood sugar. I soon learned to associate the logy feeling in the afternoon to too many carbs a couple hours before. All of a sudden, that birthday cake dripping with icing just didn't have the same appeal. I now imagined how I would feel in a couple hours. Ick.

    With training, I am now aware of the difference between mindless boredom snacking, true hunger, sweet/savoury craving, empty, and full. I pay attention to the whole body response to the foods I eat. I equate a great meal to a good long slow burn through my gut, giving me extended energy. I think that's called satiation, right?

    So here's a glorious meal with a long burn:
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    Eat before you go. Munch while there. A bite or two of something I'm craving makes the craving go away. And also self talk-telling myself I can have more another day or that I am not going to die if I don't have it. Also I log everything before I eat and monitor my thoughts. Have a go to. For example, carry nuts or other munchables with you. In short, develop new habits and increased willpower will follow.
  • I have very bad willpower. I just started this yesterday and I tried to not finish my dinner, but I ended up eating all of it. The thing is I'm sixteen, so I don't buy the food and I don't put it on my plate. I'm 130lbs. Is that healthy?
  • This may sound ridiculous, but I saw both of these tricks on shows where they are trying to teach serious over eaters how to slow down and become aware of the "I'm full" signals.

    1) eat with your non dominant hand. it's like learning how to eat all over again so it takes time and concentration.

    2) eat with a toothpick as your utensil! Yeah, I know you'll get looks, but this will force you to slow down. It'll take about 20 minutes to finish just a plate of food which is when our brains are supposed to tell us "I'm full". Of course, if you do go for that second plate, it'll be that much longer to try and finish it

    I wouldn't give up being social either, but I would share suggestions for changing things up once in a while. Still go to those yummy buffets, but once in a while, why not meet at a salad bar buffet? Or doing a social event without food like a golf outing? Just ideas to share :)
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    Change your perspective. Them you won't need willpower. You need willpower to stop doing something you want to do. So if you stop wanting to overeat, you won't. I used to struggle this way with sweets- because I wanted to eat them. Now, I've changed my perspective, and it's no longer an issue. I started by reminding myself this isn't the last cupcake ever. I used to eat every cupcake in front of me, like there would never be another. Now I remind myself I can buy a cupcake whenever I want one, so I don't need to eat this one now....really helped me. That's how I started. Then I really started focusing on cal countng. I love reaching my cal goals, because when I do, I lose weight. S I ask myself, is this cupcake worth it? The calorie sacrifice for the rest of the day or week? Sometimes the answer is yes, but not often.