Starting a family... how long did it take?



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    May I suggested a great book that helped me "Taking Charge of your Fertility" . My husband and I new the issues we had but couldn't afford fertility drugs or procedures. This book helped me a lot. I conceived 2 months after utilizing what I learned form this book. Good luck.
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    First shot for our oldest kid; literally the first time in 8 years that we had sex for the purpose of procreation. I'm so glad we were careful before that. The second one took a total of about 6 months divided in half by a month off while we recovered from a miscarriage.
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    My husband and I were like rabbits. Got pregnant right away after being married for 4 months...the pill did not agree with me and we were using "protection" - well that only works when you use it. For me, we could go 30 times using the "protection" and that ONE time that you didn't have the protection handy...yup. I got pregnant "by accident" three times...on purpose only once. Had 1 miscarriage... Fortunately we "caught on" by the time I was in my 4th pregnancy in about 5 year's time....I had my tubes tied. LOL
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    It took my husband and I about 6 months to get pregnant. We're lucky, as I know some people who have taken years (and I envy my friends who can get pregnant simply looking at one another).

    It's hard to hear "relax and enjoy the process" when you want to start a family. There's something incredibly sad about having a late cycle and hoping...only to be disappointed and depressed when you're not pregnant.

    Wishing you both luck and fun!

    Errr, no. That caused us much stress, turmoil, fear, annoyance at being careless once again...

    I remember talking to the lady at the hospital about having my tubes tied. I'm not Catholic but I was at a Catholic hospital. Naturally I was ignorant of their stand on birth control. The lady asked me "Why do you want to have your tubes tied?" And I said something along the lines of "If I get pregnant again, someone WILL get hurt and I will probably end up in jail."

    She referred me out to an outpatient center to have the procedure done. LOL
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    A month or 2. Way too easily, but I was pretty young.
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    Derpes wrote: »

    So you're telling me we are not drunk and high enough.... or is it because I don't have the "chubby Jew-fro" look going on?
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    after 3.5 years of trying, we gave up. A month later, we were pregnant.
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    It's different for every couple. I don't think you can compare one to the other.

    We have three kids. For us it took only one attempt to conceive each one of them. Some call us lucky. I feel like I got gypped.
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    First was 3rd month off the pill, 1st menstrual cycle. Second was an accident from sex once in that month and ended in miscarriage, third was 6 weeks after the miscarriage.

    I say have a few drinks and stop scheduling your baby dancing and it'll probably happen.
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    Not going to be helpful to you.

    We were actually not trying to get pregnant and it happened anyway... about 2 months of daily sexual activity and 1 contraceptive failure at just the right time.
    There was always a bit of fear after that but no more pregnancies during the following 3 years. Dh had a vasectomy about 12 years ago so it isn't going to happen.

    Good luck to you though.
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    We had sex 1-3 times every single day that month, so we didn't have to worry about any magic window of opportunity.

    I applaud your enthusiasm! :wink:

    But the man can actually deplete his sperm reserves. When I was in college my roomies and I tried to make money donating at a sperm bank. We were only allowed to donate once every 3 days. They told us some people made enough money to have to fill out W2s!!! We were like, "Wow, they are gonna PAY US for this?!?!" Sadly none of us had a high enough count to make the cut. I guess the stress of college was killing off our troopers.
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    You (she) might consider reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I'm not sure how closely she's monitoring cycles, but not every woman is on a perfect 28-day cycle. And given that the window of opportunity is so narrow, you could time it wrong pretty easily. This books explains the cycle is great detail and helps you understand what other cues to look for beyond the calendar. Good luck!
    I will echo this book suggestion. My cycles were anywhere from 23 days to 156 days apart and temperature monitoring and ovulation kits weren't telling when my body was ready. This book taught me a ton about other physical signs that really helped us.
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    Miscarriage after 4 years then another 6 years before a very generous donor helped us have our darling - but I did have endometriosis and lots of abdominal surgery including losing and ovary in that time