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Let's kill a myth: Caffeine will dehydrate you.



  • _Zardoz_
    _Zardoz_ Posts: 3,987 Member
    Wow some people could start an argument in a phone box (if there are any left)
  • SteelySunshine
    SteelySunshine Posts: 1,092 Member
    Thanks for that info. I believed the myth. When I recently had blood drawn, the tech asked me if I'd had water yet and I said no, only coffee. She said that explained why she had trouble with my vein, that coffee dehydrates. I guess some medical folks haven't heard this either. (Of course, I have difficult veins anyway, so she may just have been looking for a reason).

    Too funny, Kiki I have in the past consumed moderate amounts of caffeine and have had to listen to loads of people telling me it is dehydrating. But, I have never ever had any tech/nurse find a vein. The one time I was dehydrated was the time we had a 2 week heat wave and I was working in a warehouse TMI alert, every night my work clothes were soaked in sweat. It was pretty awful. I let one pair of pants dry and they were stiff with salt, so that is how bad that was. Any who I got rather ill from that, but it wasn't because I was drinking soda, that might be why I didn't drop from heat exhaustion the first day of the heat wave. I think my weight was more of the problem than having some caffeine.
  • jennifershoo
    jennifershoo Posts: 3,198 Member
    So it's not a myth but instead research quantifies the amount needed to obtain the diuretic effect.

  • whierd
    whierd Posts: 14,025 Member
    Why would you believe anything from a mayonnaise clinic?