High fat or high carb



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    MidwaysT wrote: »
    If one has a balance of macros that the body "likes", the body will burn fat more optimally.

    I don't know what that means, either. Can you explain this using terms that aren't subjective?

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    I've done both. High carb made me feel wonderful, but I lost no weight. High fat made me feel like dog crap, but I lost weight. Now I just eat one meal a day and eat whatever I want (up to my calorie goal) and that is working wonderfully. I feel good and am losing weight. Everyone is different, experiment! Good luck. :)
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    My personal experience...

    I am extreme low carb, 5% if i try. I dont expevt anyone to do it like me...because i do it outside of the fad guidelines, back how it started in the early 20th Century. The diet involves a lot of dairy and meat, so it requires a tough stomach.

    With higher carbs, macros set to 40C/40P/20F, I typically eat more meals during the day. I will snack often, and run out of calories in the end, and have to make a choice to overeat or go hungry. I also farted a lot, and bowel movements were irregular.

    With higher fat, my bm's are super regular, I dont get gas. I never snack, I eat one meal a day, with a kicker, sometimes two meals. Most days lately I have been going an entire day with just hwc in my coffee.

    High fat (and very low carb) for me pretty much eliminates overeating. Sometimes I eat right at maintenance, sometimes I am 500-1000 calories below that. But very rarely do I eat enough to gain poundage, and if I do, it is limited and isolated. Newton addition comes from CICO, and this diet helps with that. Plenty of other benefits too...
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    I don't like percentages as my calorie goal and calorie needs vary far too much day to day.

    130g protein as a minimum but I try for slightly higher.
    65g of fat as a minimum but a fairly flexible goal.
    Carbs wherever they happen to fall within my calorie allowance

    Unless I'm doing a long cycle then it's roughly 60g of carbs per HOUR. Low carb really wouldn't suit me. :smile:
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    MidwaysT wrote: »
    If one has a balance of macros that the body "likes", the body will burn fat more optimally.
    I think eventually the body will adapt to whatever, but maybe there is a sweet spot.

    This sounds to me like hoping there's some way around the need for a calorie deficit or way to lose super fast. The calorie deficit is what matters.

    However, people differ as to what macro balance they feel best on and that's going to matter for whether your particular deficit is sustainable for you (you aren't hungry) and for whether you have the energy to be active and the like. I expect for most people it's more of a range or multiple possibilities than a sweet spot, though.