Workout check-in - April-tle bit more awesome



  • DawnEmbers
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    Nice work everyone.

    Cardio day for me. Did the couch to 5k training, week 6 day 2. That meant 10 minute jog, 3 minute walk, then 10 minute jog. Next up is 22 minute jog on Friday. My legs feel okay but my arms are sore from all the lifting I did yesterday.
  • psych101
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    Seriously some awesome work going on up in here ladies xx

    lifted last night

    squat 5x5x140lbs - finally feeling this weight so may move up
    Bench 5x5x85lbs
    row 5x5x95lbs

    then shoulder/arm/back superset craziness 5x5
    Lat pulldowns at 90lbs
    Single arm row with 25lb dumbbell
    Single arm thruster things with 25lbs dumbbell
    Single arm press with 25lb dumbbell
    Pike push ups

    took a *kitten* load of magnesium and casein before bed - feel amazing today!
  • ohiotubagal
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    Just getting back into SL after basically taking the winter off. :neutral:

    30 minutes run/walk on treadmill
    SQ 5x5x9lbs
    OHP 5x5x40lbs
    deadlift 1x5x55lbs

    I've never been able to get past 25lbs on squats, and I just do goblets. least it's something.
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry

    As I mentioned in a status post, I don't get them often, but when I do, I'm a big baby about it. They're worse today than they were yesterday, and it's mostly my quads, so I think it has more to do with the steep incline hiking I did on my "rest" day. 35 minutes up, 25 minutes down, and another 25 minutes on the flat trail back to my starting point.

    So I decided to take another rest day and took Huck back out to the trail -- 90 minute walk on basically flat ground (some incline, but gradual, not straight up). Felt good to move, get some sunshine, watch Huck's cute little trot. :)

    Back to the gym tomorrow.

  • xcalygrl
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    Ran at lunch today, an easy 2 miles.

    Workout A after work.
    Squats 5x5 at 150#. These felt good, heavy but good. I find I'm not enjoying squats as much as normal, but I'm still doing them.
    Bench 5x5 at 110#. Man, these felt awesome today. I felt like I could have done 115, which I may attempt next week depending on how I feel.
    Rows 5x5 at 80#. Felt good and strong.

    Upright rows 3x8 at 65# supersetted with 5 push-ups after each set. My chest is smoked now.
  • psych101
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    @crabada have you tried a magnesium supplement? I know you're just getting back after 7 weeks, but I've found this has helped tremendously with my DOMS

    @xcalygrl - that's funny, I feel the exact same way about squats at the moment! And we're around the same weight for these too. I'm thinking of a deload and doing them faster haha
  • canadianlbs
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    edited April 2015
    magnesium, and also vitamin d. weirdly enough, but it's apparently the only thing that has even close to reputable endorsement [inserted disclaimer: that i've seen, and maybe it's just that my google skillz suck], and in my mind i go 'vit d improves calcium uptake, some people think doms is caused by free calcium . . . hmm.' anyway, ugh @crabada. doms is such a mixed set of feelings. i kind of love it because it shows me that i did some real work . . . i just don't want it to feel how it feels.

    and quads are the worst place for it. when you realise you're subconsciously avoiding all fluids because just the idea of eventually having to lower yourself onto a toilet is making you flinch . . .
  • canadianlbs
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    i lied two days ago. today was not a second rest day after all. i really took my ego with me to the gym tonight too.

    squats: 2x5@45, 2x5@65, 5x5@95. YEAH!! they really weren't gold-standard squats, in fact they were probably like my driving test - right on the living border of 'pass'. from here on i have to buckle down and put in some serious form time before i go up any further, but i don't care. i made it back to just one plate on each side of the bar. 25s! and i have physio on saturday, where the guy said to email him my lifts and we'll put in some time on form checks and tweaks, so i felt like i could afford a tiny bit of flakiness with two (really, this time . . . for real) rest days between now and then.

    bench: not nearly so good. i did 65lbs for my working set after warmup, and one or two lighter sets at 55 mixed in here and there. not really a great bench day, and okay, i'll admit . . . i can't find the shoulder sweet spot right now and it shows. the lat pinch and all that crap is on its way back. i'm disappointed. bench is on its way to being my most discouraging lift, with deadlifts right on its heels.

    rows: warmup at 50, 5x5@70. that's okay too. 5lbs up, and i don't feel like my form suffered much from the jump. i know this is heresy and i apologize profusely, but i'm almost getting to where i like rows.

    social note: an older woman was doing free weight lunges in my zone while i was doing my squats. i noticed her but then when i was re-racking my plates she surprised me by actually asking me if i had a minute or two. she wanted to know if/when/how i had learned my 'great form'!
  • awkwardsoul
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    Hey 105lbs bench, I hate you.

    Squats 5x5 205lbs - PR! Felt just about as heavy as 200lb.
    Bench 5/5/4/4/3 105lbs - Well, that was improvement from last attempt's gong show of a bench press. I had better back tension, but was doing some weird stuff with my right elbow.
    Rows 5x5 95lbs - PR! Of course my 25lbs bumpers aren't arriving until tomorrow so had another session of fighting with the stacked plates. Sooon!
  • bepeejaye
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    Finally done with TOM- Ugh and phew!
    Did someone mention Magnesium? I mix the powder with hot water on occasion. It helps me sleep great!!!

    Changed out my lifting time - from evening to 4 a.m. Am not a morning person, but I must admit, it is growing on me :)

    Yester: Third fail on OHP at 50 lbs., so I will have to de-load next time :( (I did 4 x 5...better than last week when I managed 3 x 5)
    Squats = 85 lbs.
    DD = 120 lbs.

    I am thinking of adding dips to my lifting, but am afraid I may run out of time for I have to be at work early. I always finish my workout off with interval training on the treadmill...

    Oh, and tomorrow will be time for my monthly Body Composition Analysis!!

    Lift on ladies!!
  • xcalygrl
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    psych101 wrote: »
    @crabada have you tried a magnesium supplement? I know you're just getting back after 7 weeks, but I've found this has helped tremendously with my DOMS

    @xcalygrl - that's funny, I feel the exact same way about squats at the moment! And we're around the same weight for these too. I'm thinking of a deload and doing them faster haha

    @psych101 - I think I'm just burnt out on them. I was up to 170-ish pounds, but then I realized I was having some form issues so I dropped down to 135 to fix the issues. I've been working my *kitten* off to make sure my form stays good, so I haven't been increasing the weight very much. I think that is effing with me mentally. Like I know I can lift more, and I probably could with good form, but I don't want to hurt myself so I am slow at adding weight. I love what squats do for ze booty and legs, but man they're getting into my head too much.

    I'm considering a change in programs at the moment. I know I still have some progressing to do with Stronglifts, but I want to try something else. I feel like while I'm getting stronger, my other progress indicators have pretty much be stagnant (BF%, weight, measurements, etc.). I don't know, I'm all over the place at the moment, haha!
  • coltsgirl311
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    You ladies all kick *kitten*! :smiley:
    I was so tempted to stay in bed instead of going to the gym this morning, but I was already packed and ready to go, so I went. I'm coming down with a cold but I have found that I get way less severe illnesses since I started working out regularly, so I'm hoping continuing with my routine will nip this in the bud.

    Workout B today:

    Squats, 5x5@125 lbs. Second time at this weight, and they were rough. I think I may be a little weak today from the aforementioned cold. I think I will stay here for another week, but might try 130 lbs.

    OHP, 5x5@55 lbs. WTH, OHP? Today 55 lbs felt easy. I have been able to do 55 lbs easily some times, and then the next time when I try 60 lbs, I can't do the weight, but even 55 lbs is too hard. And then today after not great squats, the 55 lbs is easy? Whatever, I'll just take the victory, lol.

    Deadlift, 1x5@135 lbs. This was a repeat weight because last time I felt like my form was sloppy. Much better today. I might start only increasing 5 lbs instead of 10 lbs in the coming weeks.

    I also did some good mornings, 3x10@55 lbs and a 5k on the treadmill. Now I'm worn out! :smile:
  • Metruis
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    I've taken a couple of days of 'troubleshooting', mainly on my deadlift, so the last workout was 5x6 90 pound speed deadlifts at a deficit to try compensate for my lack of initial power. If I can get it off the ground I can get to lockout 90% of the time. I just lack the initial followthrough of power, and then worked up from 100 pound squats to 245 to find out where exactly I had trouble getting below parallel and at what point was 5 reps too difficult. Similarly, same thing with the bench press, worked up to 105, because I was getting sloppy and letting myself get away with 3 inch ROM, but turns out I was just being sloppy and can still do a full ROM at the weights I'm working at. And good mornings with the empty bar. And this evil thing where I was doing empty bar OHP x5 and then squat empty bar x5 rinse and repeat... never bothering with any other cardio again because youwch.

    From what I've seen, every woman has trouble with the OHP, lolol.

    Next time I will return properly to stronglifts, maybe, or maybe do another day of speed deadlifts to hopefully finish compensating for that power loss. I can feel it in my back today. T_T It's stupid. I know that if I can squat 245 at a full ROM I should be able to deadlift 300. I just can't get it up. NO one can squat more than they can deadlift. D:<
  • LaarainNYC
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    Stronglifts B

    Squat 165

    Overhead press 50 5x5 (Finally!)

    Deadlift 145

    Plank 1 @ 50 seconds

    Cardio=walking up to the base of Coit Tower
  • DawnEmbers
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    I had no work today, so spent part of the day doing nothing online, managed to make myself edit a few chapters though struggling with this final novel edit, then wrote a little on a different one. When I'm home, it seems I want to eat more since I'm at the place where I keep all the food. Good thing I work 5 days a week, lol. Gym went okay though way too many people were there since I went earlier than usual. Still got stuff done and started Stage 3 in NROLFW.

    Stage 3 - A1

    one arm db snatch 3x6 @ 25 - might try heavier next time

    db one leg romanian deadlift 3x6 @ 25 - struggle on left side
    bar bent over row 3x6 @ 60 - fixed bar, not bad

    db one arm overhead squat 3x6 10&20 - harder than expected and awkward
    db incline bench 3x6 @ 20 - too easy

    plank @ 60, 60, 45 - suck at these still
    reverse wood chop 2x6 @ 10 - need to look these up again

    bw matrix - are you kidding? First half was fine then the jumps and no. Over 10 minutes and not sure I'm doing lunge jump right, had to pause often in squat jumps. Needless to say, my knees aren't a fan and I did just one struggled attempt.

    Then I wanted to deadlift but the show off boys were all doing that in both deadlift spot and squat rack area. So I just did good mornings in the power cage with the bar 3x10 and moved over to dumbbell area that was emptier and did hip thrusts 3x10 with a 20 fixed bar.
  • MalineVD
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    First week of SL 5x5 is done diddly done!

    Squats: 5x5 55 lbs
    benchpress: 5x5 45 lbs (I repeated this weight until I feel good with my form doing bench. Same for OHpress)
    Barbell row: 5x5 55 lbs

    I absolutely loved my first week. I didn't mind getting up at 6am, to be in the gym at 7am. Actually enjoyed this rhythm a lot. Also ate really good and slept really good this week (sleep is something I have serious troubles with).

    Squats, deadlifts and rows felt good. Benchpress and overhead presses not at all. I'm going to be much slower in increasing weight with these, because I want my form to be good first!

    Have an awesome weekend, everyone!
  • psych101
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    @DawnEmbers honestly just the thought of that BW matrix makes me hurt lol I hated that so much!!

    Came home from work early and lifted

    Squat 5x5x145lbs
    Ohp 5x5x70lbs
    Deadlift 1x5x165lbs 1x5x190lbs

    Burned out on accessories this week so nada.
  • Llamapants86
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    Skipped bench day yesterday, I just was feeling like blah and it was just deload day anyway.
    Smooshed bench and squats in today
    squats 85 lbs x 5, 95 lbs x 5 105 lbs x 5
    Bench 45 lbs x 5, 55 lbs x 5, 65 lbs x 8
    Then rows at 65 lbs 3x8 EMOTM
    I realise now that I am still feeling a little off so quite glad it was deload week. I will head out for an easy 5k jog at lunch but it might turn into a walk.
  • Deena_Bean
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    Last night I squeezed my lifting in before 12 bells...would've rather climbed into bed, but I knew I'd be unhappy today if I didn't just do it.
    Squats: 2x5x45, 1x3x85, 5x5x130
    OHP: 5x5x80
    Dead: 1x5x160
    Ran/walked on treadmill for 30 min. Running's getting easier the stronger I get...unexpected lifting perk. I guess I didn't contemplate that. I was happy.
  • ohiotubagal
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    Tried to go to the gym before work today, but realized that I forgot my work shoes so I had to go home. Managed to get a quick run in and it was one of fastest! Back at it on Monday.