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    In on the mean people Easter thread, this should be a doozy, and off to search for what prompted this...

    OP if you want to save me some time and post links to where people were rude to you that would be awesome. I've got asparagus to wrap in proscuitto and plastic eggs to fill with candy before Easter part Deux later this afternoon....

    There's been no less than 3 people in this thread who have said people here are mean. I can almost get a bingo from that alone. With the free spot in the middle I just need ONE more person.

    Seriously though, is popcorn not cool today... do I need to ask someone to pass the jelly beans and peeps (I'll be honest, I don't actually like peeps... go ahead, I'm ready for my public flogging)

    I'll sit with you in the corner of Peep hatin' shame.

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    adamitri wrote: »
    ana3067 wrote: »
    Come on, why are we having a mean people thread on Easter? ffs.

    Well, since it's Easter......has anyone ever heard of the diet where you have a long-eared animal hide your food every night? If you don't find the food, obviously you're going to eat less, and even if you do find the food, you've probably burned a lot of calories looking for it! It seems like a win-win! Who's with me?

    Do ferrets count? Wait, he's not long eared... maybe I can glue something to old franks head. hmmm

    I don't think a ferret would work. There's something about the length of the ears of the animals that makes them really good a hiding food, thereby making the diet more effective.

    It's all been proven by like science and stuff. I think Dr. Oz is going to talk about it on his show next week, so you know it's legit.

    My dog is really good at hiding food, and she has long(er) ears. Although, I don't want the food back when she's done with it. That would work for weight loss! I'm in.

    OP, there are no short cuts or quick fixes. It's going to suck at times, and you will make 'mistakes.' The sooner you recognize that having a meal where you didn't plan for the calories you consumed is not the end of the world, and that losing weight does not have to be punishingly painful (tail end of a detox, or the 'all egg' diet), the sooner you can focus on learning about fueling your body in a way that is optimal for it. This takes time, and trail and error. As for the forums and the 'mean people' don't completely disregard everything you read because you don't like the perceived tone of it. There is a lot of great information here and some not so great information. Take what works discard the rest. Best of luck.
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    You've started a thread about Lemonade Detoxes ( a redundant thread since those get started at least weekly) and were told they are a waste of time and bad idea. You started another detox thread (redundant in so many ways) and were again told it was a bad idea and waste. Your latest diet thread is about yet another fad, unsustainable plan.

    In all three of those you were told how to lose weight in a sustainable, healthy way. You choose to ignore that advice and go chase another fad time and time again.

    Now you have this mean people thread because you ask about things, get told a truth that you don't want to hear, then complain that people didn't "support" your unhealthy idea.

    Oooh thanks for letting people know wht it was about.
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    MrM27 wrote: »
    Serah87 wrote: »
    BINGO!! ;)
    I haven't gotten my card yet, how the hell did you get Bingo already?

    I have 2 cards going at the same time, lol. ;)
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    rabbitjb wrote: »
    Why do people keep trying to turn this into some kind of high school made-for-TV movie? Mean girls LOL

    Fair warning: If you burst into song and a choreographed dance routine imma gonna slap you upside the head


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