Chiropractics and Maximized Living



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    I used to go to one and she only talked about my spine, and body, as it related to my pain and treatment. She helped a lot and was actually against a lot of other new agey alternative medicine if she didn't think there was scientific support for it. Sure a lot might be silly but some are great, and it can be quite helpful.
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    - spinal adjustments seem pretty dangerous to me. Risks, according to WebMD:

    A herniated disk
    Compression of nerves in the lower spinal column (cauda equina syndrome), which can cause pain, weakness, loss of feeling in your legs, and loss of bowel or bladder control
    A certain type of stroke (vertebral artery dissection) after neck manipulation

    - all the other things the "good" chiros do are also done by physiotherapists, who are trained in evidence-based approaches. also it's very clear what physiotherapists do. chiros could be helpful or they could be cray. the whole history of that field is cray. so i don't see why anyone would want to waste money and risk seeing a cray one.
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    I have never heard of maximized living, but have gone to a few chiropractors. I get horrible back pain sometimes where I can't even stand up without assistance. It's from my hips getting out of joint. I can tell when it starts happening and it needs fixed before it goes all the way. That being said...I have met a couple of quacks. When I first moved in with my husband I had to find a new chiro in his town and it took a few tries to find one I liked. Chiropractors can all be VERY different and even use different methods. It's a very personal choice. Me personally, I do not like the ones that crack my bones. It actually makes me hurt worse. Other people have to have them do that.

    I found a very nice chiropractor with his own business. It's just him and it's not a fancy office, but he is amazing. He doesn't try to make me come a bunch and just fixes me and tells me to be careful and only come back if I need to. He is very old school.

    I have gone to one where she had all this fancy equipment and took x-rays and tried to scare me into signing a contract. She basically said I was going to be paralyzed if I didn't let her fix me. And it was going to take 26 visits and cost this much money. So yeah, there are definitely ones you need to watch out for out there.

    Oh, and I have an aunt who goes the crazy route :) She doesn't ever go to a regular doctor and thinks her chiropractor can fix anything. She goes to him several times a week and has for years. As amazing as he is you would think he would have her fixed by now :)