Weekly Weigh in Week 2~~ April 13th - 19th



  • lindadprice
    lindadprice Posts: 150 Member
    Week 1:177
    Week 2:175
    Looks like I lost weight but I've actually been going up and down. I want to break to 174.
  • kephus53
    kephus53 Posts: 4 Member
    Weight Challenge started April 6---- 246.8
    week1 -4/13 --- 241.6 --lose 5.2
    week2 -4/20----239.0 --lose 2.6
  • natashanicholls123
    natashanicholls123 Posts: 11 Member
    Challenge Starting weight 240
    Week 1 weigh in 232
    Week 2 weigh in 227.5

    Week 2 loss 4.5 lbs
    Challenge loss 13.5 lbs
    Well I was terrified to weigh in this week . Had two super awful days. But apparently my hard work the rest of the week paid off :)
    So thrilled this challenge is keeping me so motivated . I am loving seeing everyone's success! Good luck to everyone on their weigh ins and in week 3!!!
    If someone could post my week two loss on the spreadsheet I would really appreciate it I can't manage adding to it. Thanks so much in advance.
  • goingforahundred
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    edited April 2015
    @natashanico I got you added. Great loss so far!

  • ThePinkPanther83
    ThePinkPanther83 Posts: 15 Member
    I had my numbers written down and misplaced them so I guesstimated, but I found my actual numbers so here's the accurate information.

    236.6 lbs on 4/06/2015
    229.4 lbs on 4/13/2015 (7.2 lb Loss)

    Total: 7.2 lb Loss

    I managed a 7.2 lb Loss despite giving myself a bit of a cheat day (Saturday) though I did more or less stick to my calorie limit food wise (unfortunately not so much drink wise if you get my meaning lol) so I believe I would have lost more if I'd stuck to my calorie limit better. It was only my first week so I do plan on trying to regulate my weekend diet, it's harder since I'm not at work burning major calories, I'm mostly home spending time with my husband and son on the weekends. I'll just need a weekend meal plan or something. It was only week one, hopefully week two will yield better results, though I'm pretty happy with this weeks results as well! :D
  • knp519
    knp519 Posts: 62 Member
    4 lbs down last week
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