Fat balls/marbles under skin after weight loss



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    I discovered these lumps in my forearms and thighs and went looking for an answer and found this blog. After I discovered the bumps I felt all over and they are evenly dispersed. I know what lypomas are, I've got one on my chest and have seen numerous dogs with them. These seem to be just little collections of fat, maybe two mm across. It's hard to tell through the skin. I figured they are harmless but I was more wondering if others who've experienced them have had them go away? I've just passed my 25 pound loss mark and have about 40 to go. Woohoot!
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    I thought that was some kind of bean dish at first. EW.

    Nope. Those are egg sacks. The toads burst out of and also between the sacks as their being birthed. It's horrifying to watch. The YouTube video when you google the frog shows it happening. Absolutely traumatized me as a kid. I still get hives when i see this frog.

    That sounds AWFUL. Barf. I can see why you were traumatized. Nature is horrible.

    (I don't know why the trauma had to be spread to us, though, to be honest.)

    lol because I couldn't find any images representing the descriptions provided on Google Image. That's all. Sorry for the gross out.

    Oh, I could....


    I'm going to burn in hell, aren't I?

    Personally, I think this is fascinating.

    I hate you.

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    I've returned to this thread several times since I started my weight loss journey (30 lbs down!) hoping someone had posted something a bit more concrete answering what this is and if it's normal. Happy to share the following video which is really useful for illustrating that yes - this is normal adipose tissue resulting from evacuation of fat from the cells, which are then left "empty". Mature human fat cells are supposed to feel this way once they've been emptied of their contents. Really interesting to see inside what is happening in the body during fat loss!
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    You may have Lipedema. I am a massage therapist and when one of my clients lost a good deal of weight, I noticed her adipose tissue felt different than others especially when she lost weight. Then I felt my own. We had Lipedema- a genetic underknown disorder that worsens.

    Best not to settle for unknowing doctors. Find a doctor who is trained in diagnosing it. It is best to know so you can drain your lymph as it gets backed up more easily if you have lipedema. It is not well known in the states...probably not a big money maker in medicine.
    Dry brush to help your lymph drain, exercise daily ( even if it is a bunch of leg lifts while your on the phone, get a food inflammation test MRT testing) to keep the lymph production down as well as inflammation, wear light compession( Columbia C9 collection works for me.
    I have finally accepted my beautiful body. What a champion it was to take all my rejection and kept on being my friend.
    Check it out for yourself.
    Laura Sides
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    I have them behind both knees. Initially I thought it was really bad varicose veins. It feels like really lumpy rope.
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    I had a lot of them on my flanks. They are fat. I asked my plastic surgeon about them and this is what I found out: fat cell shinkage is dictated by our body's (why we can't spot reduce). This shrinkage happens in clusters (miniature cluster effect - is known as cellulite). When the body has a lot of excess fat, and then loses it ,the fat loss clusters are larger in size. What we end up with is weird ball-like lumps of fat (usually the size of regular size marbles and smaller, usually 1-5mm in diameter is normal - anything larger than that needs the attention of a specialist). The good news is that they do go mostly away with continued fat loss, to the point that they aren't noticable. Fat is an oil, our bodies are mainly water....it's basically a water vs oil curdled cheese effect (I know, beautiful picture!).