Anyone got any tips for constipation, natural remedies??



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    I've been having issues with this lately myself. I was wondering why I literally gained 2 lbs overnight a few days ago, and then came to the realization.. ohright..
    Thanks for the tips!
  • jorinya
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    That's why I posted it in case anyone else needed it. Great to hear it helps!
  • arditarose
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    So, do this:

    And eat some fat.

    The other day I literally did the massage the same way and drank a black coffee with olive oil in it. Problem solved.
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    how much fiber you getting a day?

    Aim for 30g
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    I've had a constipation problem recently too so have looked this up already. Knew about fibre already so weetabix, apples (not juiced). Also beans, blueberries, dried fruit (not just prunes, raisins, sultanas, peach etc). Make sure you're drinking enough water as being dehydrated can slow things down.

    Coffee isn't great for me. Yes, it makes things move but tiny rabbit drops and bad cramps. None of which is any good for my farmer Giles. Poo blood is never good.

    Post birth I was "bunged up" both times and no amount of fruit and fibre was helping so I had something from the doctor. Was on the verge of hunting some laxatives out last week (crying on the toilet stage) but then was scared of actually pooping myself in public (or private to be honest).

    Sorry - waaaay too much information.
    Love a bit of poo talk.
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    AlciaMode wrote: »
    An apple works wonders for me.
    Me too.
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    For me, super hydrating, and then having hot coffee. That will take care of the problem 9/10 times.
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    Anytime I'm consistently eating at a deficit, I am plagued by this. If I eat carelessly, then no problems. I have tried to analyze what it is exactly that I eat differently that might explain this, but I'm stumped. The only differences in my food intake while deficit eating are less calories due to less sweet treats and less alcohol. So apparently donuts and beer are what keep me regular.

    Ditto, i feel like i keep metemucal in business.

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    A pound of broccoli at dinner and a triple shot of espresso first in the morning, low in calories and you'll run for the door. :) Depending on your caffeine tolerance.
  • JoJoTheModern
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    Celery! Just eat one stalk a couple times a day, and chase each one with a pint or more of water. The celery will absorb the water and do excellent work.
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    Everyone's bowel habits are differen, only you know what's normal for you, but generally constipation isn't actually an issue until 3 days without a stool. So off the top of my head in order or least invasive to most here it is.
    1. Movement- walk more
    2. Hydrate- much of our fluid is absorbed in the large intestines and the longer the stool sites there the more water is sucked out...leaving behind a rather hard stool.
    3. Try taking a warm bath to relax the muscles
    4. Increase fiber I early stage, along with increased water. Fiber fills the intestinal track and acts like a sponge traveling down and cleaning everything below it. (Fiber without water can be very dangerous and potentially cause an obstruction) Consult an MD if unsure.
    5. Drinking something warm, maybe coffee or herbal tea.
    6. You can ask a doctor about stool softeners be cause they focus on drawing fluid back into the bowels and don't have the laxitive effect all of us seem to fear.
    I always recommend checking with your doctor before trying more invasive things like enemas. I'm sure there are even more I've forgotten, but this is off the top of my head.
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    There is an herbal tea called smooth move it works for me :smiley:
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    senaca is supposed ot help.
    fiber1 makes some good snack bars.
    dandelion tea
  • kshama2001
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    Powdered Vitamin C. You are supposed to take this to "bowel tolerance" - which means if you start to get gassy, you have had a smidgen too much. Take more, and there will be a laxative effect.

    But also what others said about getting enough water, fiber, fat, and movement.
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    Do wind removing pose 2 sets (do it twice with a 20-30 second rest in between) every day. It's miraculous, but you need to really pull with all your arm strength and make sure your hip joint pinches. My constipation was genetic but with this pose, I never ever have problems whatever I eat.
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    This is going to sound nuts, but are you taking a multivitamin with Iron added to it? I had serious issues with constipation and that ended up being one of the main problems. I kept taking the extra iron because I was anemic when I was pregnant. Since my eating was better, I no longer needed the iron and it was binding me up. Extra fiber and all that did nothing but make my situation worse. Tons and tons of water are helpful as well. Some people swear by mirilax, I could take an entire bottle with no effect. Horrible. My worst case scenario is to use Milk of Magnesia or the magnesium citrate (clear drink in a bottle). Good luck!
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    Hi guys, just a heads up for you:

    I felt a bit bunged up and decided to try the massage kindly linked by @arditarose and next morning the problem resolved itself. I don't normally get constipated but I will definitely do this again if I feel like its gonna happen. A real eye opener. I tried it because I am always willing to try new things regardless about if I thing they are good or not.
    I'm one happy bunny now.
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    I had this problem yesterday and used Senekot max strength. Took it at 5pm yesterday, lots of water, relief this morning. Recommend!
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    Don't let anyone tell you that you need to poop every day. Not everybody does. For some of us, twice or three times a week is the norm. When I slow down more than that, I take action.
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    More fiber (fruit and veg), lower the salt in your diet a bit, and take a magnesium supplement.